The travel management software in HR-One automates the complete process of travel bookings and approvals. From defining travel plans, to listing preferences and submitting booking requests, you can do all this and more in this powerful module. The travel management software in HR-One enables your employees to submit and approve all requests related to a business trip, along with estimated costs from a single window. When approved, these requests get pulled in the expense management software.

Travel Planner

Your employees can create a detailed travel itinerary and plan the trip as per approved policies. Employee can specific travel more, stay preferences etc. in this plan.

Travel Management Software Demo
Employee Travel Management Software

Travel Desk

There is a centralized travel desk in this module. All travel plans, on approval come to the travel desk for bookings. Once bookings are confirmed, a notification is sent to the respective team members and managers.

Claim Processing

You can issue cash in advance to employees upto 5 days before the travel dates. In case there is an exception case, the system tracks and lists the exception.

Travel Management Software Solution