Time Sheet

The Time Sheet software in HR-One gives you the facility to create multiple projects and tasks for your team. It helps you organize work allocation, track team productivity and project efforts. Using the Time Sheet HRMS software in HR-One, you can easily track how much time has each member spent on which project, are the projects running per the planned effort and the variation between planned and actual effort.

Manage Projects

From project planning to team allocation, you can manage all your projects from a single dashboard. Track project progress, bugs, milestones and more.

Timesheet Management Software
Employee Time Tracking & Timesheet Management Software

Manage Team

See what project is allocated to which team member. Track their work progress, milestones and bugs.

Track Effort

Track whether the project is under defined efforts or if it will go overboard. Plan and reset work allocation to manage allocated timelines and budgets.

Time Sheet Management Software