Time Office

Time and attendance rules vary from organization to organization and tend to be industry specific. HR-One time office management software is designed to automate the entire process of attendance. The solution allows improvising of employee time tracking, shift scheduling & reporting. HR-One time office software manages attendance function, easily manages your employees’ attendance and keeps a record of their in-time, out-time and the total number of hours worked. It also captures every entry and exit data of your employees and automatically calculates the total number of hours worked.

Define Policies

You can define leave, attendance and working hour policies on basis of roles, departments, grades and locations. You can also create multiple shifts for the same department or location as needed.

Leave Management Software
Attendance Management Software

Mobile Check in

On the go access through mobile app. Employees travelling on-site for projects or meetings can mark their attendance from that location with real time geo tagging.

Holiday Calendars

The leave management function of this software gives you extensive possibilities of defining leave types, company holidays, applying for and assigning of leave for the employees of the company. It caters for all application and approval processes and displays information on leave entitlement, balance, history etc.

Time Office Management Software