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Recruitment Management Software

Automate and speed up your recruitment with our end-to-end recruitment module. Source, shortlist and hire candidates efficiently all from one place. Improve your hiring process with HR-One and never miss a good hire again.

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End to End Recruitment Solution

Source, screen and shortlist talent more efficiently like never before with HR-One

Recruitment Add-On

Empower your recruitment process and do more with powerful add-ons

Candidate Portal

Quick and easy to integrate HR-One with career page. Facilitates candidates to create their log-in and share their resumes. Allows them to apply for jobs directly & enable HR-team to share job description and manage candidate job applications database. Empowers candidates to track the status of their applications easily.

Consultant Portal

Broaden your search and get a one step closer to a good hire with HR-One. Freely share open vacancies with recruitment consultants & allows them to share or upload resumes directly. Enable them to login and allow them to view the status of shortlisting, approval, rejection or waitlisted in HR-One.

Take Control! Attract & Acquire Better Talent

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