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project-one a project management tool

An integrated project management software that helps you stay organized and in control, always.

Plan your project activities, assign tasks, manage resources, track issues, analyse results and much more with our comprehensive project management tool.

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Integrated, Intuitive & Powerful

Project Management tool that makes handling multiple projects as easy as a cake walk

set goals and deadlines from project-one

Set Goals & Deadlines

From project planning to team allocation, you can manage all your projects from a single dashboard. Track project progress, bugs, milestones and more.

allocate teams and resources

Allocate Teams & Resources

See which project is allocated to which team member. Track their work progress, milestones and bugs.

create project milestones

Create Project Milestones

Track whether the project is under defined efforts or if it will go overboard. Plan and reset work allocation to manage allocated timelines and budgets.

track project performance

Track & Resolve Issues

Easily track and resolve issues at the pace you’ve never imagined. Get instant insight on your timesheets anytime you want, or drill down to the specifics the time you need to know.

monitor project progress

Monitor & Control Progress

Monitor the performance of an employee regularly and keep yourself up to date on the progress of your employee. Drill down into the details of each task and track them conveniently from anywhere.

get project management reports

Get Reports & Analytics

Get easy, quick and accurate reports on timesheets and 360 degree view of projects for critical insights into your business.

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