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Employee Self Service Software

Self Service

A completely self-service driven approach that enables you and your team to do a lot more. All users can access and share information through well-defined workflows. This means that there is clear communication across all levels.

  • Dashboards: Three dashboards for employees to stay updated on latest company announcements, track their personal details like attendance & salary, and a planner to plan their tasks.

  • Requests & Approvals: Single click access to raise requests and approve – leaves, attendance, new hiring, helpdesk, travel requests, assets and expense.

  • Team: Manage your teams more efficiently. Managers can view all of their team and can also raise requests on behalf of their team.

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Recruitment Management Software


Enable a transparent, paperless and faster hiring process. Right from hiring request to offer, there is a systematic workflow that helps you keep a track of all open positions and closures with stage wise statistics.

  • Create and manage positions: Hiring Managers can raise new requests and track the progress on their requisition. Recruitment team can keep a track of TAT, progress and status of vacancies.

  • Resume sourcing: You can source and upload resumes from internal and external referrals, consultant portals, candidate portals or an existing database.

  • Interview feedback and joining: Maintain a clear and transparent interview feedback record for all positions. Complete workflow to track progress of a candidate from application to joining.

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Workforce Management Software


Centralized and accurate employee data management. Easy maintenance of all employee records from different locations and departments.

  • Manage Policies: Define policies for probation, confirmation and separation for different employee types.

  • Manage work flow: Define workflows for various user requests and approvals based on organizational structure.

  • Manage roles and permissions: Create different groups and roles to define data access rights. Each employee can view information that is relevant to them.

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Payroll Management Software


Simplify and expedite paid day calculation while meeting all statutory compliances. Manage and maintain all financial records right from hire to FnF.

  • Create Salary structures: Define multiple salary structures as per pay policies. Auto salary breakup on basis of assigned salary structure.

  • Salary calculation and pay slip: Single process to calculate and disburse salary, bonus, arrears over time and reimbursements.

  • Statutory & Compliances: Generate all statutory compliances reports for different industries. Be assured of error free statutory calculations.

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Time Office Management Software

Time Office

Centralized management and tracking of work timings, leave, and holiday of employees at multiple locations.

  • Set attendance and leave policies: Create multiple policies related to work timings, leave, attendance and holidays for different employee groups and locations.

  • Track attendance and leaves: Collate attendance data for both in-office and out of office employees in a single space. Integrate any third party attendance device with the system.

  • Holiday Calendar: Define fixed and floating holiday calendar for different employee groups and locations

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Expense Management Software


Track all local conveyance and other expenses as per defined policies.

Simple, automated module to manage expenses – from policies to reimbursements. With HR-One you can define expense policies for travel and other heads. Your team can easily fill expense reports and claims whenever needed and reimbursements can be processed quickly through the same dashboard.

  • Expense policy: Define multiple all expense policies for different locations and employee groups.

  • Claims: File your claims per the defined policies. Track requests and approvals as per defined workflows.

  • Payments: Monitor status of all payments. Track and record exception scenarios.

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Travel Management Software


Centralized management and tracking of all travel requests, approvals and expenses as per defined policies.

  • Travel policy: Set travel policies for different user groups and locations.

  • Travel plan: Create and get workflow based approval on travel plans as per defined polices.

  • Travel Desk: Centralized desk to process all travel booking requests.

  • Travel Claim: Take travel advance or claim reimbursement on approved travel plans.

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Helpdesk Management Software


A complete support system to record and resolve internal queries and requests

  • Request workflow: Define workflows for raising requests to internal teams. You can also set TAT for different request types and departments.

  • Raise and Track Ticket Progress: Raise tickets and see the progress of all queries/ requests.

  • Auto Escalation: In case the defined TAT is not met, the ticket gets escalated to the next level in hierarchy and all concerned users are notified.

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Performance Management Software


Align employee goals and competencies in sync with organizational objectives. Transparent system with 360-degree feedback that ensures that all users have clarity on role, goals and progress.

  • Set Review Cycles: Define multiple cycles for objective setting, review and appraisals as per company policies.

  • Review and appraisals: Provide ratings for review and appraisal as per defined cycles.

  • 360 Feedback: Take un-biased feedback from peers and subordinates.

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Training Management Software


Allows you to do a training need analysis and set training plans, reminders, check effectiveness and manage feedback for all trainings.

  • Training Management: Create multiple courses and set trainings for each course. Get approval on training calendar, set agenda and invite attendees.

  • Evaluation and Effectiveness: Pre and post evaluation, measure training effectiveness and get overall training feedback.

  • Training Attendees: Get training attendees through training need analysis, manager nominations, self-nominations and organizer.

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Assets Management Software


Centralized management and maintenance of all organizational assets. Keep a track of assets issued to employees at different locations, asset inventory and maintenance schedules.

  • Asset creation: Record and manage asset details like value, purchase date, and warranty expiry.

  • Issuance and tracking: Track issued devices, return dates, and pending allotments.

  • Maintenance: Get alerts for device maintenance checks.

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Time Sheet Management Software

Time Sheet

Track all your projects timelines and status. Collaborate project wise team activities.

  • Track project/ task timelines: Define and assign project milestones/ tasks and track progress.

  • Project Team: Create and manage project teams. Set permissions for project team members.

  • Timesheet and Effort: Keep a record of time spent on different project/ tasks and monitor planned versus actual effort project wise.

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Report Management Software


A clean, simple, interactive module to give you in-depth analysis of all your data.

  • Dashboard: Easy to read charts and tables that give your instant, accurate insights.

  • Dynamic Reports: You and your team can create custom, dynamic reports to analyze relevant data. Users can share and view reports on basis of given access rights.

  • Statutory reports: Pre defined templates to cover all necessary Government of India compliances.

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