The expense management software in HR-One lets you manage all your expenses in a simple and integrated way. You can define all Expense Policies and the types of Expenses that can be claimed by different employee groups, roles or locations. The expense management software is well integrated with the payroll module and all approved expenses are automatically sent to Payroll for reimbursement.

Manage Payments

When an employee applies for any travel/ other claims his immediate superiors  get real time alert to Approve. Once the expense request gets approved you can reimburse the amount to the employee.

Expense Management Software Solution
Expense Management Software Demo

Set up policies

You can define expense policies at employee, employee group, department, or business unit level. You can also set maximum claim limits for each role. The system also tracks and reports exception scenarios.


Employees can submit their claims on the go. The system maintains complete record of all submitted, approved, pending and rejected claims. Local conveyance claims are calculated on basis of actual distance calculation with Google API.

Expense Management Software