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Your first day at job? Here are some Dos and Don’ts for a good start

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“First impression is the last impression.”
This may or not be true, but you only get one chance for that impression, and it obviously stays in someone’s mind for long. You may not know much about a company culture however; it is very important for you to make people feel positive about you.

To make sure you kick off your new job the right way, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

  1. Do: Be on time (always)!
    Reaching the office on time not only on your first day but everyday leaves a sincere and punctual effect of you on your boss and co-workers.

    Don’t:Don’t be late (Never)!
    Your boss understands that you would have struggled to reach on time and if wasn’t able to make it then you must have some real reasons. But this will happen only when you are always on time except for some real occasions. And getting late on your first day? That can never be an option.

  2. Do: Dress Appropriately
    Most of the companies have dress codes for their full time employees but in case they don’t, dressing yourself in casual formals is the best option for your first day.

    Don’t: Don’t dress too loud
    Refrain yourself from dressing like Govinda or Mithun from the 90’s Bollywood films.
    Overdressing is not a problem but under dressing is.

  3. Do: Socialize
    Relax, ask questions and stay friendly with everyone. Figure out the office environment and try to understand the work-culture.

    Don’t: Don’t over-do it
    Don’t jump to conclusions and join a group and indulge in gossips. Staying funny is good but don’t crack your lame jokes, because you surely don’t want people to judge you on your first day.

  4. Do: Pay attention to your body language
    You are new and everyone is silently observing you. Body language makes up majority of your communications at work. So make sure you don’t give any unacceptable vibes and adjust if you need to.

    Don’t: Don’t be too much of yourself
    Socializing and talking to peers and also keeping your body language in check is good, but don’t let your innerself kill your good halo-effect.

  5. Do: Be a self starter and take initiave
    On your first day and throughout your first week, you will be given small doses of work which will later turn into projects. Once you’ve finished a job, ask for more. It shows that you are ambitious and are there to work.

    Don’t: Don’t spare time
    Even when you know the job very well and can do it in no time, don’t sit idle and spare your time on social media.

Being a newbie can be very exciting as well as challenging. Your first days can be full of challenges, but always remember to keep your mind open and convert them into opportunities. No one expects a new employee to be perfect, but sticking to these guidelines you can go far in making lasting impression.

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