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Your Employees Want to Leave: New Study Reveals Concerning Findings About Workplace Stress

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Workplace stress has always remained a topic of debate. An uneasy topic of debate actually, because though most managers understand its downsides, they don’t do anything about it for another reason, which we’re going to discuss here shortly. As a result of this ignorance, the condition of workplace stress remains alarming in most corporations. Recently a study done by TimesJobs revealed some very concerning things about stress at workplaces, which are given below:

  1. 90% employees say that they want to take part in corporate stress management programs;
  2. However, 80% also said that no such programs are available in their corporations;
  3. And finally, due to lack of such programs, 60% are so fed up with their jobs that they want to quit.

In a nutshell, this study says that most employees are stressed out at workplaces, and at least 60% of them are so stressed out that they want to quit their jobs. They want to take part in stress management programs, but unfortunately, there’re none of them in most companies.

But there’s one more nugget of wisdom in this study: the situation is particularly bad in small organizations.  50% employees of small organizations said that they were stressed out in their work life, while 30% employees of large enterprises said so. In short, they’re small business who suffer the most from this situation.

Now, if you’re a small business, this study should be an eye opener to you. However, there’s a reason managers choose not to cure this thing. That is because stress can also help in boosting productivity. And this is true actually – limited stress can not only stimulate the focus, but also creativity and productivity. However, there’s a line between that limited and excessive stress that must be known by the managers. Not knowing that line can be very costly.

Now, all of this leaves us with these questions:

  • Where’s that line between limited and excessive stress, and:
  • How do we know when we’re crossing that line and our employees are becoming stressed out?

Well, the only way to know that is by working with your employees on stress management programs. The good news is that as this TimesJobs study revealed, most employees are willing to work with their employers on such programs so you won’t have much problem in implementing them. With employees in such a supporting mood, you should not waste this opportunity and implement stress management programs in your organization as soon as possible.

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