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Workplace trends to watch out for in 2017

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Every year comes with a new promise, new hopes and some changes! The workplace trends indicate changes that are based on surveys, having conversations with human resource executives and employees, involving consultant companies, etc.

Looking ahead to 2017, following are the top workplace trends that will impact how companies involve their candidates and try to structure their workforce.

Improved candidate experience

Companies are conducting interviews of several thousand candidates every year.  Bad candidate experience can also lower the brand image of the company affecting sales. If nothing else, bad word of mouth reduces the talent pool. In 2017, HR departments need to work on improving transparency and communication on the selection process.

Increased ratio of Freelancers

In today’s world, the turnaround time to start and finish a project of any kind has reduced over the years. Add the rapidly changing and evolving technologies to this mix and you will realize why companies are increasingly hiring freelancers who fulfill immediate specialist needs. Yes, in 2017, HR will need to focus on how to handle a larger chunk of their workforce as freelancers and how to manage the blend and harmony between them and the employees.

Improved employee retention

Employee experience and healthy retention programs are also important factors for any organization’s success. These are HR’s top issues, which affects the productivity of the company. In order to enhance experience and retain its employees, companies should invest in trainings, improving workspace, and introducing more reward programs.

Performance Reviews that are far more frequent

As an employee, you always want to get a feedback about what you are doing good and what you can do better. Getting it frequently means you can actually work on improving rather than waiting a whole year and just have it used as a measure for deciding revisions to compensation packages. Millennials and Gen Z don’t have the patience to wait for a year. They might just switch over to an organization that is more responsive. HR, across organizations need to establish and initiate the process of sharing employee feedback continuously.

Attract top talent through creative benefits packages

Currently, fair compensation is the most important for all employees. Besides, regular pay the other important employee benefits are healthcare coverage and work flexibility. To lower these costs and avoid flexible working hours where employees start job hunting, companies are introducing some new benefits, such as education and student loans, wellness programs, discounted gym membership, etc.

Introducing casual office attire and workplace culture

The year 2017 is going to be more the year of casual dressing as compare to the year 2016. When employers think about their employees’ well-being, the comfort level gets the priority.


2017 is going to be an important year when Gen Z starts creating an impact on the workplace with their feedback. They will also shape the workplace culture as did the millennials when they started. Above trends should be on any HR’s top list of priorities in 2017.

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