Why you should encourage your employees to say No
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Why you should encourage your employees to say No?

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 “No, I will not be able to do this assignment.” Some employees think that if they say No to their boss or colleague, it will ruin their rapport. Others are unwilling to say No because of fear of losing jobs or losing professional status in the workplace.

But employees must understand that saying No is not at all bad. The only thing is to learn how to cultivate the art of saying NO.

Consequences of creating a Yes culture

Managers always want to allocate crucial assignments to the most talented employees. But, the managers should try to put themselves in these brilliant employees’ shoes, who are already overloaded with work. These valued employees find themselves overburdened with the piles of work leading them to hunt for a less stressful work environment. Unrealistic expectations can result in poor quality work, unexpected delays and dissatisfied customer and eventually lost resources.

How one should avoid these types of potential problems?

It is very important to inculcate a culture in the workplace where employees can say NO. Employees should be encouraged to be transparent about their work pressure before taking a new work assignment.

Tony Blair (former prime minister of the UK) says – “The art of leadership is saying No, not saying Yes. It is very easy to say YES.”

It is crucial to convey a message across the vertical – do not look at the effects of saying No but look at the consequences of creating a “Yes” culture across the organization, which might result to poor performance, low job satisfaction, and even effect health.

Benefits of saying No

Saying No has also got benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  • Help employees to focus on their current assignment to complete it effectively and efficiently than juggling with multiple projects and not giving quality output.
  • Let employees feel that the organization respect their decisions because employees are at the position to inform whether they are capable of handling new assignments.
  • Encourage employees to set boundaries so that they can enjoy their personal lives without any obligations.
  • Help employees to be happier and most satisfied, which they can learn by saying No to the new work if they are unable to handle the current work pressure. Training employees to say No to work assignments is a way to release stress and make them positive towards their work as well as workplace.


Encouraging your employees to say No when they cannot meet an expectation will help them to overcome their fear of rejection and they will not feel trapped or guilty anymore. This will result in higher quality work, on-time delivery (with realistic deadlines) and a higher customer satisfaction rate.

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