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Why My Business Needs Travel Management Software?

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The world is definitely going the automated way. Then, why should we still rely on costly, time-consuming manual processes to manage business travel. With integrated, seamless and automated methods, organizations can boost business travel efficiency and costs. In addition, business solutions such as travel management software can create a greater degree of control on travel spending.

Managing and processing travel expenses account for a significant chunk of operating costs for organizations. However, they are an integral part of business operations and critical to maintaining organizational excellence. Manual travel planning and processing is time-consuming, error prone and resource-intensive. Not to mention it can create huge compliance issues for the business.

Why Travel Management Software

  • Speed and efficiency – The best travel management software will help you improve speed and efficiency by eliminating slow, error prone ways such as using excel and spreadsheets for travel management.
  • Costeffective – If you consider the resource, time and cost involved in managing travel manually; not to mention the costs of errors and non-compliance, you should realize why an automated system is critical.
  • Compliance – Your frequent travelers will not always understand the rules and reporting requirements for travel expense claims and processing. It is one of the primary reasons why compliance with organizational policies and tax regulations is one of the biggest challenges for HR, payroll and finance.
  • Centralized Data: With an innovative, automated travel management system such as HR-One, you have the benefit of maintaining a centralized source of data to easily carry out recurring on-demand audits, spend analysis, review of spending and cost-saving measures.

These are just the few benefits of automating travel management. Your next step should be to find the best travel management software which is ideal for your organization. Irrespective of your organization’s size, compliance challenges and other factors, HR-One is the best choice for smart, fast and easy implementation, training and deployment.

Benefits of HR-One

HR-One includes an intelligent module for travel management, which covers all the aspects of business travel. The module is quite useful in helping HR plan a trip for company executives, book travel tickets and accommodation, as well as settle expenses by payroll or finance.

Features of HR-One Travel Management Module

From the automation of travel bookings, approvals through travel planning, settlement of travel expenses to expense reimbursement, HR-One does it all for you; faster and with more accuracy than a manual process.

Travel Planner

Create a detailed travel itinerary and plan the trip as per the approved policies of the organization. You can also specify mode of travel, accommodation and food preferences for the travel.

Travel Help Desk

Once the travel plans are approved, the centralized help desk facilitates bookings. Notifications are sent to managers or employees on the confirmation of the booking.

Claim Processing

Travel claim processing is easy and fast with HR-One. In fact, your employees can be issued cash in advance up to 5 days before the travel date.

Things to Look For in a Travel Management System

A smart travel management software must have all the benefits and be capable of providing a good return on investment. When you zero-in on the best travel management software for your organization, ensure that the software has the following features, functionalities or options:

  • Data integration
  • Integrated booking and claim submission
  • Easy integration with finance and accounts payable
  • Mobile and cloud compatibility
  • Travel planning capabilities
  • Automated document management
  • Good reporting capabilities
  • Snapshots of travel expenses by vendor, employee, department and nature
  • Automated compliance mechanisms

Organizations who use manual travel management and processing methods now should seriously think about making a switch to a more efficient, automated system. The question is not if, but when.

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