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What Makes HR-Technology as Lovable as Cupcakes?

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It is probably the most desirous thing amongst the HRs these days. A simple, lean, easy to use human resource management system (HRMS) is the new hottie in the HR circles. Here’s why.

Like any other industry, disruptive technology has changed the way organizations managed their employees. Manual registers gave way to sleek punch in systems long back, and written applications for almost everything, is now a thing of the past. Despite being around for almost seven years, HR technology continues to remain a heartthrob and sees a strong increase in demand, year on year.

Here are some reasons that drive this strong growth of HR technology:

Old is not gold: Legacy systems (read initial systems that came into market 7-10 years ago), are losing their charm. With new generation employees coming in, HRs need systems that are as smart and fast. This keeps the hunt for a good web based HRMS always on!

Cloud is SO reachable: Well, almost everything is on cloud these days and so are most of the HRMS tools. Being on cloud, makes these web based HRMS tools a lot more simple, scalable and less frustrating for the HR!

Simple is the new bold: To keep up the interaction and employee engagement, it is important for HRs to keep updating the interface of their HRMS. Clean dashboards, bright colours, engaging graphs are some of the elements of a web based HRMS tool that help in keeping employees hooked. There is a lot of emphasis on user interface and usability in the new age systems.

Go Mobile, Tab and more! With the world getting even closer, what do you do when more than 50% of your workforce keeps travelling? Take your HRMs to mobile, simple! The anytime, anywhere access freedom that comes with web based systems is one of the key factors behind higher HRMS adoption and usage amongst employees.

Smart, quick analytics: Creating accurate reports has been a pain area for HR departments. HRMS tools make their life easy by generating custom reports for everything (hire to retire). Be it employee movement, department level analytics or organizational data, HR managers can now create quick reports for complex operations like performance, talent management, reimbursements, payroll and more.

So stop thinking and go take a bite of the pie now!

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