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Why 30 somethings Women quit jobs?

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Women enjoy working as much as males do.  But, why do they leave their jobs once they get married or are expecting? Here are some reasons why women quit jobs. Taking care of these points may just help you retain some of your best female talent!

  • Family Time

When women get married or are about to become mothers, they want to spend more and more time back home with their family. They prefer the traditional way of staying home and taking care of their children.  According to new mothers, the normal six to eight week maternal leave is just not enough to take care of the new born baby, so they opt out to have an extended leave of up-to three years or take retirement. While it becomes easy to leave a toddler in a day care, about 80% of new mothers don’t want to leave someone in-charge of their infants.

  • Lack of Flexible Timings

When women return after a long holiday e.g. maternal leave, they find it difficult to focus on their work. Their mind is diverted towards the responsibilities of home and children. They often want to work from home or look for a job with flexible timings, which is not a facility provided by every organization.

  • Office Equality

The matter of office equality is not only for women in their 30s but also for new comers. According to several reports, one of the major reasons behind women leaving their jobs is not being treated equally to their male counterparts. Surveys say that women performing the same jobs as men are often paid less.

It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to achieve professional success. Most women, if given a choice, would not give up on it. Also, women have been found to be more loyal, sincere and better multitaskers as compared to their male counterparts.  Having women friendly policies in place can help organizations retain and nurture their female talent in a great way, rather than losing them to circumstances.
“There is no job a woman can’t do!” She can be a good mother and still handle a hectic job, provided she is supported by her family, colleagues and her organization.

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