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Have you asked these critical questions to your HRMS Vendor?

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There are several aspects when the decision to move to HRMS is taken. While you may be excited about the prospects of the new technological change in your organization, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Before you start groaning and complaining that life was easier before technology entered your life (surprisingly there are some who do that!), it is important to understand the key questions that can make the transition easier.

There are many who feel that just deciding whether or not some software, such as HR-One’s HRMS solution, is needed or not is the toughest decision to come to. To be honest, while taking the plunge is scary in itself, what follows once you step off the cliff can be equally arduous if you are not prepared for what comes next. Imagine jumping off the airplane minus your parachute. You would think that only a person who has gone bonkers can even imagine such a situation. Likewise, being unprepared after a new software is implemented can result in its quick demise in an organization. Then why some companies spend less time during the pre-installation stage is beyond anyone’s imagination.

There are numerous vendors who would promise to offer you the very best in the HRMS world. Now that you have decided to incorporate HRMS into your company, the next step would be shortlist the vendors and contact them. Asking them the right questions can save you a lot of time, trouble and effort. The best payroll management software companies in India suggest that the following analytical questions that need to be asked to any HRMS vendor. Asking questions is good, but asking the right ones makes all the difference. Read on to know more.

The Right Analytical Questions to Ask Your HRMS Vendor

– Can it perform this particular task?

Here ‘this particular task’ can refer to any specific functionality that you and your company may need. HRMS can perform any number of functions pertaining to the human resources department, but not every company is looking for the same functionalities. Identify the tasks and functions that you are looking to cater through HRMS and ask your vendor if they provide that functionality through the HRMS that they provide.

– What amount of data can it handle?

Understandably you would want to hear ‘big data’ as the answer to this question. However, you need to look beyond that. It would be beneficial for you to opt for HRMS solution that can take data from multiple sources through different routes. The data usually is structured as well as unstructured. While you may have structured data already in place; it is the unstructured data such as analytical reports, interview data, social media data etc that can make a huge difference. Ask your vendor if their HRMS solution can assist you with different kinds of data and how much of it can handle.

– What skills does my team require to maximize the potential of the software?

If you do not have an in-house team to understand the analytical aspect of the solution, then it may limit the benefits for you. The best payroll management software companies in India advise you to understand that skills required for using any software before installing it. Get in touch with your vendor to understand the same.

– What kind of analytical expertise do you as a vendor have to offer us?

The vendors’ role does not end by just installing the software. They need to offer analytical expertise post the installation too. Check with your vendor what kind of assistance do they offer post the installation and confirm if they have the expertise to offer better decision making methods so that you can have measurable results.

Taking the Plunge

Once you are satisfied with all the answers, you know what the next step is. Yes, you can finally take that technological plunge. With butterflies in your tummy and a nervous smile upon your face, you can now dream of having a wave of reformation in the way your HR department functions. HR-One’s HRMS solution promises to make significant contributions and positive changes to your organization.

So, when the question of ‘Do you want to make HRMS a part of your organization’ arises, all you have to do is say ‘I Do’ for a happily ever after story of your own.

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