What about having a central view of all employees and HR data?
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What about having a central view of all employees and HR data?

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How do you react to a system that can offer you the complete employee lifecycle starting from recruitment to exit management? Furthermore, this software solution is simple to use and secure cloud-based platform? It will be like an icing on the cake!

The cloud based HRMS software solutions helps HR personnel tracking who’s who, where they’re based, what they do, and how they do their assigned tasks. It means that all these tasks can be handled by a single software solution negating the need for separate spreadsheets for different operations taking place in the organization.

Areas where Cloud based HRMS software can help transform your business

  • It allows you to have a centralized location of all employee data via HR database, which is the considered as the hub for all other vital functionality.
  • Employees can extract information on need basis using the intuitive and secure self-service system. The best part is that it is available 24/7. In addition to this, they are free to use the solution to update their own personal details, apply leaves, request training, and much more. A complete cloud-based employee interface is available at your service whenever you need it!
  • To take a good decision, it is important that you have the right information. Especially, when the decisions are people related. To make a better decision, your HR system should provide the data you need. A cloud-based HRMS software is always up-to-date and offers quick and easy access to the required data at the click of a button. Based on your requirement you can easily extract the data – whether you want to use pre-defined reports and chart templates or you are interested in customizing your own reports. The choice is all yours!
  • A good cloud-based HRMS software will always have a module that can easily handle leaves of all employees. A leave management system should have the capability of directly sending a leave request to the particular manager for the approval.
  • A streamlined process in the software solution should allow the HR executives to post requisitions, accept online applications and manage the entire recruitment process.
  • You can smoothly handle the performance management via using different tools ranging from traditional reviews through competencies, 360-degree feedback, quarterly feedback or much more. It should have the feature of customizing performance management forms giving you the flexibility of capturing whatever information you need.


A good cloud HRMS means that with a single solution, you are able to manage all your workforce efficiently. And the best part is that the information is stored at a centralized server, which makes it easy to share information with employees where ever they are.

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