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Want to be a “Bold” HR? Here are 6 things you need!

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An HR that dares to change. An HR that is Bold. An HR that is transformational. Any discussion in the HR fraternity is not complete without these statements. If you are ready to take the plunge and be that all new bold HR, here are 6 things that you need, like NOW!

  1. A LOT of “people” focus: When HRs talk to people, they can guide them about career growth and improvement opportunities, not just at work, but outside as well. Better interaction also leads to higher trust and regard for the HR. Moreover, when the HRs are deeply involved with people, it becomes easy for them to analyze behavioral changes, attrition etc. If you want to be that bold HR, leave your desk, and mingle with people.
  1. Set the culture: HRs need to become the brand ambassadors for their organizations, know the mission and vision by heart, and re-iterate them enough. Communicating organizational vision and aspirations helps in reinforcing cultural and behavioral standards that you wish the HRs to follow. If you want to be that bold HR, know what your organization means by heart and shout it out, enough.
  1. Get rid of the boring reviews: The “one size fits all” sort of flat review processes does not work anymore. Break the annual review cycle in to smaller chunks, make it more interactive and “cool” for the employees. Let go of the never ending paper work and build avenues for real time performance feedback. If you want to be that bold HR, encourage genuine conversations around performance improvement and growth.
  1. Train and nurture: Your organization will stop growing if your employees do not upgrade to the new. Drive training programs that help your people learn new things and implement them at work. Ask your people about what new they want to learn and do, facilitate it, and see the change! If you want to be that bold HR, help your people identify the right career progression, supported by training and learning opportunities.
  1. Start your search at home: At times you will find the best of talents, right under your nose, only if you looked there! Putting systems in place that actually help you know your employees better will help you know who can contribute where. If you want to be that bold HR, know the strengths of your employees, beyond their defined KRAs.
  1. Let your employees talk: Strong and clear internal networking goes a long way in building happy employee-employer relationships. Interaction between people from different departments helps in knowledge sharing. When people know about strengths and challenges of other departments, you may get best practices and solutions coming in, right from your own teams! If you want to be that bold HR, get your people talking over food, and see the new ideas buzz around.

3 thoughts on “Want to be a “Bold” HR? Here are 6 things you need!

  1. Bhavesh chauhan

    Thoughtfull and nicely written article. Surely it conveys the right message. I sincerely hope that every HR professional should read this and gets inspired.
    These are small habits which can easily be adapted and followed to bring the right change in the working culture of any Organization.

    Well done.


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