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Wake up…It’s time to work! 6 Caffeine Free Ways to Stay Awake at Work

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Staying awake at work can be a real challenge when you are bored, sleep deprived or exhausted. Here are some caffeine-free tips to get that morning freshness back while being at work.

  1. Chew some ice-
    Walk to the Canteen/Pantry; ask for an ice-cube and without much thinking-put it in your mouth. If you can’t find ice, then washing your face with ice-cold water will also help. Believe us; it will keep your brain set.
  2. Get some sunlight-
    If you think that opening your eyes with the adhesive tape or toothpicks is not helping then put on some comfy shoes and go for a walk in the sun. Sweat and thirst after a 10 minute walk in the hot sun will definitely not let you sleep.
  3. Talk to a random stranger at work-
    We all know, that our senses work at their best when we are involved in a conversation of utter awkwardness. It’s time to use your body’s reactions to your advantage.
  4. Find a distraction-
    Distraction is a good way to wake up your sleeping cells. Search anything of your interest on the internet or engage in some activity that gains your focus without much attention. Who knows, your distraction might wake people in your surroundings too!
  5. Watch a horror movie trailer-
    Ghosts? Well, they can wake anybody up! Plug in your earphones and watch the scariest movie trailer or short horror films you find online. Freaking your brain with those goose-bumps is indeed the best idea!
  6. Exercise!
    Stand up from your desk, and start some physical work. Bending down to the floor and trying to look what’s behind you from between the legs sounds amazing! Please take care that you don’t hurt someone around you or break something when you rise back.

Before you run to grab a can of red-bull or a cup of coffee, try these! Unlike caffeine these will not only fill you with ample amount of energy but will also prevent the afternoon slumps without triggering any chances of health risks.

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