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Use Technology to Empower Your Talent Management Strategy

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The main focus of Human Resource (HR) management is the basic talent management – acquiring, hiring, and retaining talented employees. To have a strong workforce, it becomes necessary to align your talent management strategy with organization’s strategy, which covers specific competencies, such as analytical, technical, education, and experience for the productive growth.

Use cases

  • Performance management can be a daunting task for both the employee as well as the manger. There are apps that have made this work easier for both the parties. These apps provide two different views, one for manager and the other for employee, which provides a transparent and continuous performance management process.
  • Internal careers portal helps people move to roles of their choice
  • Platforms that allow employees to collaborate and use their skills and knowledge to help out others and get recognition for it
  • Centralized interview process software
  • Providing online tools for employees to share value creation ideas or leads creates value / revenue for the organization as well as helps keep employees with such talents motivated as well as an outlet for them to utilize their skills and get rewarded
  • Centralized training process software that allows employees to conduct online trainings all across the geography

Following are the tips to improve the talent management strategy using technology:

  • Consolidate all the scattered apps into an integrated solution

Most of the organizations are using multiple isolated apps that are not integrated. This type of disconnect in the data of talent management tools can increase effort in understanding and connecting the dots. The complexity of using apps will increase negatively impacting the reporting and analysis.

  • Involve experts while framing a strategy of what tools to have for your talent management

It is advisable to hire dedicated technology experts who can collaborate with you in the definition of an integrated strategy for the talent management processes. This will definitely help in solving the problem of identifying and retaining talent.

  • Focus on using human resources for strategy and decision making

Organizations should consider automating day-to-day tasks enabling HR teams to focus on creating and honing the right strategies for talent management as well as looking at the analysis to take decisions. Try to reduce the manual effort by using tools to automate the repeatable tasks. This will ensure that they have the desired team to meet the wider objectives.

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