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6 habits of millenials that you’d totally love at work!

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Recently the internet has been flooded with articles around managing millennials – the ‘tough’ employees. Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, form a substantial part of the present day work force. Labelled as “demanding” and “difficult” – this generation has been under a lot of speculation.Here are some quick facts about millennials that would give you a fresh perspective about them:

Expert Multitaskers: Millennials can handle a lot more than what you can imagine. They can juggle many responsibilities in a go and yet do justice to all.  This also means that they can be easily distracted by a tweet or a text. The best way to utilize their potential at work is to keep them engaged with variety and timelines.

Tech Savvy & Aware: From social media to latest technology, millennials are geeks of sorts. Don’t be surprised if they shun you for your lack of social awareness. In whatever role they are, millennials can contribute well in defining a communication strategy, especially digitally.

Love Appreciation: They are hardworking, no doubt, but they need quick recognition and appreciation.  A quick email or a small announcement on floor can do wonders to their motivation and keep them upbeat, even for some of the most daunting tasks at work.

Don’t live to Work: Work is important for them, but work-life balance is even more important. You would rarely see a millennial spending long hours at work unnecessarily. They admire flexibility at wok as this helps them maintain a balanced lifestyle. In return, you get an extremely sincere and dedicated millennial.

They Believe in Team Work: Millennials are great team players and leaders. They totally love collaborating with others and brainstorming.

Transparency: You can’t fool them by pushing things under the rug. Millennials demand clear and transparent communication. They follow the same principal with their team and expect the management to be transparent with them too.

With new set of millennials ready to throng workplaces, it’s important for organizations to know how they can leverage unique skills of millennials. How do you plan to handle them?

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