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Top 5 HR Technology Trends Adopted by HR in 2016

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There once was a time when technology in HR meant nothing instead of sending too many emails on a daily basis. Today things are very different – many new technologies are now coming to HR, and they’re literally changing the face of this human-centric department. HR technology continued to improve in 2016 and many trends were observed throughout the year. Let’s see top 5 of those trends at a glance:

#1. Employee Centric Apps

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees can easily keep in touch with your company even if they’re on leave? Think how much of a difference it can bring. Thanks to technology, It’s no longer a difficult thing to do. By utilizing some employee centric apps for business purposes HR managers are managing employees more effectively. This led to development and increased utilization of such apps in 2016 by HR departments.

#2. Predictive Analytics

Analytics are the talk of history – the future is about predictive analytics. And the good thing is that businesses have already realized it. In 2016 many businesses of all sizes tried to involve predictive analytics in as many operations as possible, including HR.

#3. Social Media

The use of social media to recruit and stay in touch with employees also continued to increase in 2016. LinkedIn remained a major resource among HR mangers to find and recruit talent, and Facebook also made its official foray into offices by launching its “Workplaces by FB” platform. All these tools and technologies have made social media an even more crucial tool for HR departments and employees both.

#4. Gamification

Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re playing with it. And same can be said about learning as well, because gamification techniques are helping HR managers train employees in a faster and more economic manner. Yes – this year some of the biggest corporate names in the world like Cognizant, Deloitte, Marriott, Aetna and many others utilized gamification techniques to train their employees.

#5. Real-Time Performance Management

It’s era of real-time – whatever can be tracked in real-time, is being tracked in real-time. Employee performance tracking and management has also followed this trend, and adoption of real-time employee monitoring solutions is increasing from a rapid pace in HR departments around the globe. Solutions like ActivTrack, Activity Monitor and Teramind grew considerably in 2016.


Though HR technology is improving, it’s still in a nascent stage. Majority of businesses have still not even heard about these technologies, let alone utilizing them. But the way their adoption is increasing we can say with certainty that in 2017 many more businesses will be using them. Therefore, you too should give them a try – who knows if they can serve any (or even many) of your purposes!

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