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The Smog Trouble: How can HRs make their employees feel better?

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For the past one week Delhi NCR has been reeling under effect of heavy smog or polluted air cover that has made it extremely difficult to step outside. Not only is the smog harmful for the heart and lungs, but is also causing severe eye infections. Given these tough external conditions, what can HRs and corporates do to make their employees feel comfortable?

Work from Home: Allow your employees to work from home wherever possible. Most offices do have a work from home policy in place these days, however you can force implement a work from home practice for all roles where ever this is feasible.

Flexible Work Hours: The smog tends to dilute towards noon. So, encourage your employees to work in a later shift. Give them flexible working hours till the situation improves and lift the time and attendance restrictions for a while.

Protective Masks: There is a set of workforce who would still need to be in office. Facilitate these workers with smog protection masks and guide them about its usage. If employees are risking their health to make sure your projects get delivered, it is our responsibility to do the best we can to reduce their health hazard.

Provide Health Supplements and Foods: The internet is flooded with various food recipes and remedies to reduce the impact of smog. Procure and distribute these to your employees or include them in your cafeteria menu for the next 3-4 days.

Use Air Purifiers: Install air purifiers within the office premises to ensure clean air internally. While this is not a permanent solution, this will give your employees some respite from the smog around.

This is an exigency situation that all of us need to fight together. So, let’s find out the best ways to ensure that the show goes on without compromising on employee health.

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