The Role of HR To Undergo a Fundamental Change by 2020
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The Role of HR To Undergo a Fundamental Change by 2020

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We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we communicate, work and collaborate. Automation and thinking machines are transforming human tasks and jobs. These momentous changes give a rise to huge organizational challenges at a time where the stakes are high and business leaders are juggling with unprecedented risks and a number of challenges. The digital revolution has ushered in a new world where competition is fierce for everyone. So, how can a HR leaders prepare for a future and and adapt to new realities of the world? To be prepared for the future, here are a few pointers where we can expect HR leaders to lead a change by 2020.

Careful monitoring of policies and processes

Technology has taken a giant leap with mobility. Communication is much faster than we can even think and react. Virtualization of work will become a norm and HR leaders must be proactive in managing this change. As a result, the people policy framework needs a careful review. So, by the time we reach 2020 policies and programs need to correspond to the ground reality of the dynamic environment.

Managing the people

Managing people takes a strategic importance as people being the most valuable assets that an organization holds. HR leaders play a great role as they are the front line leaders. They can better manage the people and shall have a huge impact on the success of the organization. This will bring down the ratio of attrition.

Change in perception, attitude and practices

HR managers will change their perception and attitudes to reach their ultimate goals. They will see from a different perspective and help bring the robust HRMS in place to streamline all business policies and practices.

Focus on creating a compelling employee experience

Companies are making deliberate attempts to create a compelling employee experience and foster a culture of wellness to health and well-being. So, making the workforce happier and improving their health goes a long way.

Critical thinking

According to the survey, critical thinker will still be the most valued skill set in the next few years. But what does critical thinking comprise? The answer is logic and reasoning to interrogate an issue or problem. This also means considering various solutions to the challenges and weighing up the pros and cons of each approach.

Plan For A Blended Workforce

The workforce of the future won’t be all full time employees. It will be a blend of full time employees as well as consultants, freelancers, part time employees, and other specialized talent, Forward-looking HR leaders should take action now to plan for a dynamic workforce and address issues such as; how do you on-board and manage their time or what types of training will they require to?

We can see new opportunities to prevail in the HR department. What are you doing to prepare for this? What new thing your organization has created to prepare for this transformation? Our HRMS software can help you transform your HR department in a better way and will help you stay clear of the path till the time you reach 2020.

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