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Technology Makes Indians “Love” Their Jobs!

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It’s not the food- transport perks. It’s not even swank office decors. It’s Technology that makes Indians totally love their jobs!

A recent research* has found that Indians love their jobs, are more “positive” and flexible towards their work and put work satisfaction before pay. And guess what? Technology makes their world go round! So here is our take on how technology makes us happy workers:

Better Collaboration: Technology has brought the world closer, and how! The ease of being able to communicate to our colleagues at different locations makes us more efficient and fast. Clear and transparent communication driven by technology takes away the traditional blame games and fosters better employee-organization relationships.

Better Work Life Balance: Technology helps us work quickly and more efficiently. There is less redundancy and errors. Which means, people are able to complete all allocated work in the given time frame and do not have to log long hours. Also, technology gives anytime anywhere access to work information and this flexibility enables a better work -life integration.

Better Days at work: Technology takes care of a lot of manual, menial tasks. This enables people have more time at hand and focus on more critical factors at work. Automation of redundant tasks has made life simpler and work quality better.

Better Productivity:  This is a simple doing more with less logic. When our work gets done faster, productivity naturally increases. Equipped with technology, people feel more confident of handling work pressures and the outcome is far better in quality.

When people put work satisfaction ahead of the pay scale, this surely is a big thing. Technology is enabling this change in mind set and is making people happy at work. Technology is “Enabling Better Workplaces,” and we love it, don’t we?

* Adobe report titled ‘Work in Progress’

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