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Technology and HR: What is changing and why?

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2015 was the year when HR said hello to technology and how! From suave tech platforms to smart dashboards, we saw a rapid adaption of technology in the day to day HR operations. As the calendar folds to a new year, let’s take a look at what will change between HR and Tech in 2016.

The Rise of SaaS:For a long time businesses lived with legacy HR applications only because they were integrated well the ERP systems. However, the rise of SaaS based HR management systems has totally disrupted this equation and is likely to go strong in 2016 too. Experts predict that the SaaS based HR applications are likely to double up in 2016 as more and more businesses would opt for simple, scalable solutions that fit perfectly into their existing systems.

HR On the Cloud: Cloud based HR solutions have begun to pick up. With a majority of HR management system vendors launching a cloud version of their product, this trend is likely to gain momentum in 2016. Cloud based HRMS solutions would mean greater functions and flexibilities at lesser cost.

From ‘I’ to “We”: Technology would play a vital role in breaking the silos and pushing integration into the HR operations. HR departments can expect to see a lot more collaboration and team work across the board. This would help in infusing transparency and a culture of mutual trust between employees and the employer.

Technology for the consumer: The next gen HR system are focusing a lot more on the end user. These employee enabling systems would again reinforce greater collaboration. Through employee self service programs employees would be empowered to set goals, share feedback and stay updated on all major updates. This would also reduce their dependency on the HR for day to day query resolution on things like leaves, attendance, polices etc.

Anytime, Anywhere: Mobile enables HR management systems mean greater flexibility to the users. Already the 3rd largest smartphone market in the world, India is likely to reach 314 million mobile internet users by 2017. In this scenario, it is a smart move for the HR management systems to think mobile!

2015 set the stage for HR and technology integration. In 2016, this would only get stronger and better. This alliance is likely to play a vital role in transforming the current HR landscape and make HR a more integrated and collaborative function.

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