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July 13, 2016

While grapevine gossip is a great source of informal information and keeps the employees entertained, it also creates a lot of confusion and uncertainty at the workplace. Here are some tips to control office grapevine and kill controversies.

  1. Don’t ignore it
    ‘Grapevine’ in an office is a weed. They can reduce productivity, tarnish an employee’s image and can also interfere in organizational communications. Ignoring rumors and staying quiet can prove to be costly in a long run. Leaders shall keep a check on the communication that is travelling throughout the company.
  2. Don't ignore it

  3. Communicate and Communicate some more
    Improper communication or no communication can lead to unwanted controversies thus understand the need of communication and keep updating your employees about every detail they deserve to know, because that is going to stop them from assuming things and then grapevine!
  4. Communicate and Communicate

  5. Lose that image
    If your employees are hesitant to tell their problems to the management, then it can actually lead to a larger problem of gossips building. An open culture where the employees are heard and valued is very important to fight the grapevine.
  6. Lose that image

  7. Delegate their responsibilities
    Employees are more likely to engage in gossips when they have plenty of time to spare. This might happen at the coffee machine, during the lunch breaks and smoking hours. But you cannot take their rest hours away! Keep them busy, delegate their responsibilities and engage them in the gossips of work.
  8. Delegate their responsibilities

Trying to crush a rumor completely or finding its source is both impossible and counterproductive.  But keeping a check on the informal communication is not very difficult. Encourage open conversations and build a transparent environment to keep the gossip at bay!

4 Sure Shot Ways to Curb The Gossip Grapevine At Work?


By HR-One Team
June 21, 2016

Stiff neck, a sore upper back and pain in the shoulders- sounds familiar? This is the story of all the people who sit for long hours glued to their computers and laptops. Here are five yoga asanas you can do right sitting in your office chair and keep that nagging back ache at bay.

  1. Meditation –
  • Take a break in every two hours and close your eyes for 5 minutes.
  • Think of a thing or incident which makes you calm and happy.

This will not only relax your eyes but your whole body. And, once you open your eyes, you’ll feel all relaxed and can now start with a fresh mind.


  1. Neck Stretch-
  • Put your right hand on the head and pull your head down towards the right shoulder.
  • Take a deep breath and come back to center.
  • Repeat for the left side.

This will help you minimize your sore neck and shoulder experience and will help you work without much muscle pain.

Neck Strech

  1. Temple Rub-
  • Keep your elbows on the desk and put your hands on the forehead.
  • Rub slowly in clock-wise and anti-clockwise directions.
  • Do it for 5-10 deep breaths.

This will help you release tension and soothe your eyes and forehead muscles. This will also keep you boosted for long.

Temple Rub

  1. Chair Twist-
  • Sit sideways, keep your feet flat on the floor; keep your hands on the seat (not chair arms).
  • Move your torso towards left and then towards right.
  • Repeat it for 5-8 times.

This will help you release tension from your upper and lower back, and will protect you from severe back pains.

Arm Strech

  1. Arm Stretch-
  • Sit straight with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Bring your arms behind your back, and clasp.
  • Lift your arms as high as you can and hold for 30-35 seconds.
  • Take a deep breath, relax and repeat.

This will again help you loosen your tight muscles and will help you stay energetic for the long day. 

Arm Strech

Doing yoga in office can be fun, relaxing and also benefits in a longer run. Practicing these poses at your desk will minimize your discomfort throughout the day, also making it easier for you to focus on the work. And who knows, you might become an inspiration for your colleagues who are also suffering with work fatigue!

5 Easy to do Yoga Asanas to do at Your Office Desk!


By HR-One Team
June 15, 2016

It’s not the food- transport perks. It’s not even swank office decors. It’s Technology that makes Indians totally love their jobs!

A recent research* has found that Indians love their jobs, are more “positive” and flexible towards their work and put work satisfaction before pay. And guess what? Technology makes their world go round! So here is our take on how technology makes us happy workers:

Better Collaboration: Technology has brought the world closer, and how! The ease of being able to communicate to our colleagues at different locations makes us more efficient and fast. Clear and transparent communication driven by technology takes away the traditional blame games and fosters better employee-organization relationships.

Better Work Life Balance: Technology helps us work quickly and more efficiently. There is less redundancy and errors. Which means, people are able to complete all allocated work in the given time frame and do not have to log long hours. Also, technology gives anytime anywhere access to work information and this flexibility enables a better work -life integration.

Better Days at work: Technology takes care of a lot of manual, menial tasks. This enables people have more time at hand and focus on more critical factors at work. Automation of redundant tasks has made life simpler and work quality better.

Better Productivity:  This is a simple doing more with less logic. When our work gets done faster, productivity naturally increases. Equipped with technology, people feel more confident of handling work pressures and the outcome is far better in quality.

When people put work satisfaction ahead of the pay scale, this surely is a big thing. Technology is enabling this change in mind set and is making people happy at work. Technology is “Enabling Better Workplaces,” and we love it, don’t we?

* Adobe report titled ‘Work in Progress’

Technology Makes Indians “Love” Their Jobs!


By HR-One Team
April 15, 2016

Recently the internet has been flooded with articles around managing millennials – the ‘tough’ employees. Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, form a substantial part of the present day work force. Labelled as “demanding” and “difficult” – this generation has been under a lot of speculation.Here are some quick facts about millennials that would give you a fresh perspective about them:

Expert Multitaskers: Millennials can handle a lot more than what you can imagine. They can juggle many responsibilities in a go and yet do justice to all.  This also means that they can be easily distracted by a tweet or a text. The best way to utilize their potential at work is to keep them engaged with variety and timelines.

Tech Savvy & Aware: From social media to latest technology, millennials are geeks of sorts. Don’t be surprised if they shun you for your lack of social awareness. In whatever role they are, millennials can contribute well in defining a communication strategy, especially digitally.

Love Appreciation: They are hardworking, no doubt, but they need quick recognition and appreciation.  A quick email or a small announcement on floor can do wonders to their motivation and keep them upbeat, even for some of the most daunting tasks at work.

Don’t live to Work: Work is important for them, but work-life balance is even more important. You would rarely see a millennial spending long hours at work unnecessarily. They admire flexibility at wok as this helps them maintain a balanced lifestyle. In return, you get an extremely sincere and dedicated millennial.

They Believe in Team Work: Millennials are great team players and leaders. They totally love collaborating with others and brainstorming.

Transparency: You can’t fool them by pushing things under the rug. Millennials demand clear and transparent communication. They follow the same principal with their team and expect the management to be transparent with them too.

With new set of millennials ready to throng workplaces, it’s important for organizations to know how they can leverage unique skills of millennials. How do you plan to handle them?

6 habits of millenials that you’d totally love at work!


By HR-One Team
February 18, 2016

The Brand Guys
These are the self-appointed brand ambassadors of the company (even if the marketing hates it!) From clothes to pen to tissues, they carry everything with an..err..logo. They carry a sense of pride about their company and work. While, all of them may not be great performers, yet they are likely to nurture strong bond with the company and its people.

The Grumpies
From washrooms to the colour of the walls, they are always on a complaint mode. This type is an HR nightmare as they keep thronging their cabins with complaints. They have a very pragmatic association with the company, are not very social types and just keep themselves to their work, until they find the next thing to complain about. Their attitude is contagious and they can take people down with them in no time!

The Networkers
The most commonly found lot around. Right from day one, they get on to their network building spree. Work can ofcourse wait! They are the types who believe that intra- company connections are essential for survival. Sadly, the KRA misses that point!

The Snackies
They are the most frequent visitors to the cafeteria or the coffee machines. From meetings to calls to ideation, everything happens over a snack. Even during a super packed day, they always find time to snack up!

The Crushers
Oh you meet them everywhere! They are strong personas and do everything to make their presence felt. The attitude runs super high and they are ready to crush the competition and you (if you don’t agree with them) anywhere, anytime. Their strong will to succeed may take them to the top ranks (mostly), however they are not the most popular managers.

The Toughies
Yeah, these are the tough rocks, mostly found in senior positions. They know how to work with the system and in the system. Extremely calculative and cautious, this breed does not believe in taking risks and jump stone to stone very cautiously.

And of-course there are many more. Managing such a variety of people can be quite a task for the HRs. What do you do to synchronize your workforce in the right direction?

6 Most Popular Employee types


By HR-One Team