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How to Foster a Great Working Culture

An organization that lacks a culture is like a tree without roots, it can neither sustain itself nor grow. Culture creates great workplaces, reinforces the company’s vision and goals, and also makes leadership transitions seamless. When a great working culture is in place, employees are less likely to leave. They love showing up for work and speak highly of their organization.

Here are a few pointers on how you can start working towards an enduring and rewarding working culture.

Start from the Top
A great working culture starts with the leader or group of leaders’ approach to managing group dynamics. The first, and perhaps most important step, is a deliberate effort at managing work-life balance. It is also imperative for leaders to set the tone for corporate culture through their conduct. Employees are more likely to conduct themselves professionally at all times if your interactions with them are formal and serious.

Look Beyond External Motivations and Rewards
Any efforts to foster a great working culture must remain cognizant of the difference between company culture and fringe benefits. While perks and rewards are a great way to boost morale and productivity, company culture starts when the leader becomes intimately aware of talents, personalities, and motivations of employees with a view to getting them in sync with the organization’s vision. The trick lies in finding the perfect mix, wherein employees love their work and enjoy being part of the team.

Encourage Communication
A working culture can’t take root or thrive when employees have little to no communication among themselves, except about work. A good leader deploys deliberate efforts to get their team talking. You must encourage teamwork and never spare a chance to elicit recommendations from employees on how to best cultivate communication and teamwork.

Employ Positive Distractions
Informal settings offer a great opportunity to build and strengthen relationships. That is why it makes perfect sense to employ positive distractions such as casual Fridays, organizing sporting activities, holding parties every now and then, bringing outside speakers into the office, and a host of other activities.

Hire the Right People
Corporate culture will not survive if new employees are not deliberately selected to fit into and complement it. That is why it is important to look not only into the competency and values of prospective employees but their personalities as well.

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5 Effective Ways to Fuse Fun with Work

Tired of the daily monotonous work regime? Here are five ideas that the HRs can use to fuse some fun into your daily operations and make the day joyful!

  • Off the Wall Ideas-
    Host a holiday party, arrange a ‘Bring your dog to work day’ or sponsor a charity event.
    What about having a costume party or a simple pizza party on Fridays? How about make the weirdest noise competition?
    Everyone has different ideas of fun, try making the employees interact with each other and have fun together.
  • Respect ‘Being You’-
    Everyone loves their work place if they don’t have to pretend to fit in. Try celebrating the success one achieves outside the organization. If not a surprise party, a decorated desk on birthday and anniversary can help in keeping the mood light and unite people.
  • Explore your humor-
    Not all people love pranks but, certainly there are some ways to make everyone laugh. Cracking light jokes or pulling safe pranks won’t do any harm to your office environment but will make the workplace more fun to work. Make sure that you don’t force it or offend someone. (Go safe with this one!)
  • Work on the interiors-
    The workplace interiors can have a direct effect on an employee’s mood. While colorful walls, some green plants, fun work posters makes the office look more attractive, installing a foosball table or simply a video game helps the employees stay light and fatigue free.
  • Take help from HR Tools-
    HR tools helps in bringing all the employees of a company to a single platform. Create your own social platform with personalized profiles for the employees; get information regarding their hobbies or interests and try using it for the office culture. What they love is what they’ll do with passion.

The secret to happy work environment is only ‘Effective Employee Engagement’. Having fun at work doesn’t mean being unprofessional, but promoting each other to find unique ways to work hard while enjoying at the same time.

Thank God it’s Monday!

Well, if you are wondering what’s there in a Monday to thank for, you are at the right place!

For long we have heard tales of Monday blues, of Mondays being a damper. Let’s change the trend, let’s make Monday’s happening, let’s make Happy Monday!

You’d Wonder Why?

Monday is very important because it sets the tone for your week. Skip your morning walks on Monday, it’s even easier to skip it on Tuesday. This resonates to office work too! Skip planning or prospecting on Monday, and the odds are high that you will miss it for the whole week. This is no superstition, but simple science that if you let things go easy in the beginning, just because its “blue or boring’, by the time you are back in control, you would have already lost good amount of time!

SO…Jazz Up!

Monday traffic jams. Monday morning stand up meetings. Sky high list of to-dos. Yes, Monday has all of this, and still can be totally rocking. Here’s a list of simple things that you can do to make your Mondays happy:

  • Take your favorite food to work, after all, some lip smacking food can cheer anyone up.
  • Dress well, wear your favorite color. Feel good about yourself.
  • Do you listen to music at work or while driving? Open the Pandora box and create a Monday special playlist of your all-time favorite numbers.
  • Don’t panic at the number of emails. Take a deep breath and plan your work for the week, allocate and re-assign. Sorting stuff out on Monday, gives a great sense of achievement.

Small things can make a lot of difference to how we look at things. It’s all in the mind after all. On Friday’s everyone if gung-ho about the two days off. You spend 5 days of the week at office, why not make the first one a special one? As we just did by sharing this post with you.  Happy Monday!

Why work culture is critical to your business success?

Happy employees, mean happy customers. Period. Here’s why a vibrant work culture is essential for your bottom line.

A company is much more than the products and services that it sells. It is also the hard work, dreams, and emotions of all the people who work to make these products and services customer worthy. Employees are the soul of any organization, they are the ones who make it and yet a lot of businesses overlook the need of creating a vibrant work culture.

While many see this as an “intangible” investment, the fact is that an organization that truly invests into building healthy employee relations and atmosphere, also reaps the long term benefits in many ways.

Happy People, Work Better, Stay Longer

A business thrives when its people are happy and excited about what they do. A team that syncs well always performs well. If your team feels connected to the workplace, they will do a lot more (than expected) to meet all milestones and realize dreams that you may have held for long.

People who feel great about their offices, always stay for longer. This is one of the most critical ROI that you can expect from your work culture investment. People who stay longer, understand the business well and play an important role in its growth. Therefore it is essential for a business to ensure that their teams discover happiness in whatever roles they play at work. A business must create opportunities for employees to boost their morale and keep up the excitement in different ways.

The First Impression Matters

The first impact that your company’s culture has on an employee, lasts for long. The process of a good work culture should begin right at the hiring stage. Apart from standard procedures, let the new employees know what values the company drives. Make them feel welcomed and encouraged. Causal chat sessions with oldies, a sneak peak into all the fun activities you do, can make a new joinee feel all the more excited about your organization. Educate them about the importance of the culture that you follow and encourage them to chime in.

The Real Fruit

If you have the right culture in place, a lot of other things naturally fall in the line. People feel motivated about what they do, which means they learn a lot more and grow as professionals. This infuses a sense of achievement all across the board. The experience, the learning, and the happiness, all reflects in the quality of the products and services that you deliver. Which naturally means a happy lineup of clients and happy bottom lines!

With new age technology and work norms coming into place, a lot has changed between the employee and the employer. A far cry from the traditional top down, bureaucratic approach, modern day offices need mechanisms to find the right people and keep them for longer. Investing in building the right work culture is essential for your business growth at large.

Remember that your employees are the best brand ambassadors that you could ever have. If they endorse you well, it is more than half the battle won for your business