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Automation: The Key to easy Payroll processes

Handling and maintaining the payroll of an organization is a complex procedure. It is certainly not an easy one as it involves a lot of processes and tasks which have to be carried out efficiently and in a timely manner.  Some of these task include executing manual data entry, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions.  Such tasks take up too much time and become tedious to execute.

For a company with a good employee strength, manual handling of payroll becomes a major concern and leads to various complexities. So, is it possible to make your payroll process smoother, accurate, and easier?  With automation, you can  systematize such chores that involve a lot of mundane work and increase probability of errors and risks.

Let’s find out how automation can ease the roll of payroll process and can be a valuable asset to your organization.

Safety of the employee records

A key benefit of automating the payroll process is that most of the automation software systems provide the option to back up your data as well. They offer the  flexibility to keep the employee information safe either with their cloud-based solution or an off-site backup solution. This is in contrast with the manual payroll where the data is stored physically or in the form of different files in an unorganized manner.

Improved recordkeeping with less clutter

Automation software systems make it easy for HR professionals to feed data to the system about new recruits or update data about older ones without creating any fuss. The process is significantly streamlined and since the data has to be fed to the system just once, the task of repetitive data input is eliminated.

Minimal human interaction and mistakes

In contrast to a manual payroll processing, the automated software system needs minimal human interaction . This greatly reduces the risk of miscalculations. Human interaction is needed just to feed data about various aspects once in a while.

Helps in Time Management

A major advantage of the automated system is the ease with which it calculates the working periods, leaves, etc. If an employee uses swipe cards or badges which are scanned, the data can be directly transferred to these systems and they can automatically calculate the total number of hours worked and accordingly generate the payslip. The important part is the accuracy with which these systems can calculate and manage all of these.

Managing statutory compliances needs

Another pain point for the HR professionals is the calculation of the payment amount for each employee and taking care of various deductions and statutory compliances at the same time. This is the process which has no scope of errors or else employees can raise a complaint or there can be other repercussions. Also, since it involves a lot of calculations various aspects has to be kept into mind. Automated software systems do this job with and take the minimal amount of time in doing so.

Hence, in conclusion, automation can drastically improve this aspect of the HR work in a company which is typically a very time-consuming process. If you’re interested, HR-One offers a payroll  management software which takes care of all of these aspects discussed and reduce the workload of HR professionals.

How to Make Employees Feel Valued?

For the new-age workplace money isn’t only the driver of job satisfaction. And in that spirit, many organizations have realized that employees value other things more than just the monetary benefits. There are various studies and statistics that indicate while salary remains the important drive to attract job candidates – it isn’t the only thing to keep an employee inspired. So, what keeps an employee engaged and happy?

And, as Dale Carnegie says “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”. Here are some ideas to think about.

Flexibility for Balancing Work and Life

Technology is making things easier by which employees are available around the clock. As an employer, one should put the thinking hat and imagine what is the best thing that can be done to maintain a successful balance between personal and professional life. Flexibility at work is another key feature today’s employees consider over salary. It helps build a positive ambiance, energizes the workplace, keeps the workforce motivated, fosters positive vibes and team bonding.

Make Your Workplace Smart

Employees are intrinsically motivated to share their ideas, thoughts and collaborate freely when they have the platform where they can contribute and speak freely. The forum or an intranet communication platform. By using the right platform, you can improve communication, foster trust and productivity.

Enable Employees to Access Their Information Online

Employees are generally satisfied if they can extract information on need basis using the intuitive and secure self-service system.  Equip them with the software to diminish the manual efforts of keeping tabs on online attendance marking, employee self-service, payroll, or financial related queries. This in turn mitigates any confusion and improves engagement and experience with the organization. In addition to this, they seek the software where they can update their own personal details, apply leaves, manage leaves, track their assets, and is available 24/7 whenever they need it.

Recognize and Celebrate

It’s on the behavioural side that people want positive feedback, recognition they put forth in extra efforts, acknowledgment of great work.  Make them understand their inputs and efforts are valued. Prioritize employee recognition and you can ensure a positive and productive workplace. Recognition should not be confined to the team only, one should use a proper channel to help spread the word to peers and colleagues. People who feel appreciated are more positive about their organization and their ability to contribute. People with positive self-esteem are potentially your highly-motivated employees with greater efficiency and indeed best working professionals.

There is a consistent effort required to foster a culture of reward, engagement and recognition. However, the investment is worth it. Happier employees are more motivated and higher employee engagement is often linked with significant productivity gains along with employer branding. If you wish to foster a great culture in your organization too, you can pursue all the above steps and give us a call to give you a demo of our HRMS which will make your workplace smart.

Money or Memories: What Are The Best Ways to Motivate Employees

If there’re two things that’re both too important and too scarce in supply at workplaces, they’re motivation and productivity. Checkout the Gallup Employee Engagement Report and you’ll get the picture. Per that report, only 13% of employees around the globe say that they’re engaged at work. And since motivation directly affects productivity, this kind of disengagement and un-motivation among employees hurts businesses in a big way.

Now, this is not some hidden wisdom. Most managers understand the importance and scarcity of employee engagement. Yet most of them don’t put up a strategy to maintain motivation among their employees. This is still something limited only to Google-s, Intel-s and Apple-s of the world.

So, the question is how to keep employees motivated? Or it’ll be more apt to put it this way:

 Which motivators should be used to motivate employees?

Well, one motivator is very common: money. It makes sense because most people work to earn money for a living. It’s also the most easily available one (specially in case of large businesses). But what if you’re a small business owner? Moreover, is it the best motivator anymore in this complex world? Let’s figure out.

Is money the best motivator?

According to HR magazine’s survey conducted on 1,000 employees in UK, a mere 13% of employees said that they felt motivated from performance based cash bonuses. A research published in Harvard Business Review paints even more striking picture: it says that there’s little-to-no relation between pay and job satisfaction, and this is true for a wide variety of cultures and economies.

Is there a better way?

Certainly. According to a McKinsey Quarterly study, in contrast to monetary rewards praise and attention from management motivate 67% and 63% of employees respectively. Same applies for future leadership opportunities – they motivate 62% of employees.

What does this mean?

Based on these findings, one thing is clear. When it comes to motivation, memories trump money. Almost all the top motivating factors – whether they’re attention of management, gifts or leadership opportunities – end up lasting for a long time in the memories of employees.

So if you want to motivate your workforce, after hiring the right kind of people the next thing you should do is continuing to provide them memorable events or things in their work lives. You’ll certainly see a positive change in the motivation and engagement levels of your employees.

3 Smart Steps for HRs to Simplify Payroll

Payroll, or employee compensation management, is a multi-layered process. It is not just about disbursing salaries on time, but also includes a whole lot of tax management and statutory compliances. Come the last week of a month and you would see HRs deep down in files to process the payroll on time, and error free. Here are our three suggested steps that will help you to ease the workload and simplify payroll management.

  1. Get the Policies Right: Indian payroll system is complex as it comprises of multiple benefits and reimbursement sections. However, it is important that you define your policies clearly. Segregating employees into different groups and then aligning compensations for each group can help ease the load. The basic frame work needs to be clear and scalable. You can also use an excel sheet based payroll calculator to compound your data. Here is a template that you can refer.
  1. Automate Attendance: If your employees are still signing the registers, then there is no way that you can track attendance accurately. Attendance is the basis of payroll calculation, so if you need your payroll done right, attendance needs to be captured without any errors. Automating attendance using an attendance management software can handle this for you. There are systems that even allow people travelling for business meetings to key in their attendance in time. Moreover, you get quick reports on leave and attendance of all your employees.
  1. Efficiency is the key: If your policies are clear and your attendance is automated, the next best thing to do is integrate these two with your payroll. You can use a payroll software to integrate different input channels and then run the payroll per the processes defined. Using a system makes the whole process a lot of efficient and reduces error rate.

Payroll requirements may change as your business grows. The best is to have a plan that is scalable and accommodates changing laws and employee size easily. In one of our next posts we will talk about how to choose the right payroll software for your business. Till then, happy pay-rolling!

Wake up…It’s time to work! 6 Caffeine Free Ways to Stay Awake at Work

Staying awake at work can be a real challenge when you are bored, sleep deprived or exhausted. Here are some caffeine-free tips to get that morning freshness back while being at work.

  1. Chew some ice-
    Walk to the Canteen/Pantry; ask for an ice-cube and without much thinking-put it in your mouth. If you can’t find ice, then washing your face with ice-cold water will also help. Believe us; it will keep your brain set.
  2. Get some sunlight-
    If you think that opening your eyes with the adhesive tape or toothpicks is not helping then put on some comfy shoes and go for a walk in the sun. Sweat and thirst after a 10 minute walk in the hot sun will definitely not let you sleep.
  3. Talk to a random stranger at work-
    We all know, that our senses work at their best when we are involved in a conversation of utter awkwardness. It’s time to use your body’s reactions to your advantage.
  4. Find a distraction-
    Distraction is a good way to wake up your sleeping cells. Search anything of your interest on the internet or engage in some activity that gains your focus without much attention. Who knows, your distraction might wake people in your surroundings too!
  5. Watch a horror movie trailer-
    Ghosts? Well, they can wake anybody up! Plug in your earphones and watch the scariest movie trailer or short horror films you find online. Freaking your brain with those goose-bumps is indeed the best idea!
  6. Exercise!
    Stand up from your desk, and start some physical work. Bending down to the floor and trying to look what’s behind you from between the legs sounds amazing! Please take care that you don’t hurt someone around you or break something when you rise back.

Before you run to grab a can of red-bull or a cup of coffee, try these! Unlike caffeine these will not only fill you with ample amount of energy but will also prevent the afternoon slumps without triggering any chances of health risks.

Monday is back again and how! But don’t you dread. Remember we told you last week that well begun is half done? So take control and start your week on a high note. Here are 4 little things that you can do to make your Monday mornings rock !

  1.  Remember the early to bed rhyme?: You must have recited it a hundred times in kindergarten, but this child hood learning is a key secret to a happy Monday! Hit the bed early on a Sunday, and wake up all fresh and charged up for an awesome Monday.
  2. Coffee and Contemplation: Pick a hot cuppa and spend 10 minutes with your self, thinking about the day ahead and planning. Trust us, giving yourself these 10 minutes would help you plan your day better and take away a lot of stress.
  3. Clear the Obstacles: From what to wear, to what’s there in lunch, even the most mundane things could divert your focus on a Monday morning. The best way is to hash it out a day before. Do a quick check on the Sunday night to ensure that all your stuff is in place and whoa!, you are ready for a great Monday!
  4. Happy tummy, happy you!: There can’t be a better start of the day, than having your favorite breakfast. So cook up your most loved meal for breakfast on Monday,  and savour the flavour for the rest of the day!

Little things can make a huge difference to how you perceive your Mondays. So un-hinge, refresh and make your Mondays totally awesome.

4 Fool-Proof Ways to Beat Appraisal Anxiety

Annual reviews are quite a stressful exercise for everyone. From HR to the employees and the managers, everyone goes through the same grind. Here are some tips on how you can take a chill pill and beat out the appraisal blues…

It’s the time of the year again! After the annual accountings and planning, it’s time to do a performance review and give out appraisals. Exciting as it may sound, this activity brings jitters to all. Be it the HR, employees or the managers, anxiety pangs visit all!

Well, there is no fool-proof remedy to take all your anxiety away, here are some quick ways that would help you stay calm and cool during the appraisal roller-coaster.

Be Prepared: Do not walk into the room having no clue about anything. Appraisals are calendar events and you know beforehand when yours is happening. It is always good to ask your boss or the HR about what appraisal format would be followed and what you need to prepare for the same. And then you go prepared!

Do not fear feedback: We’d all love appraisal when we just talk about good points and next year’s plan. But wait, what about your personal growth? If not given, ask for feedback. There is just no need to panic when you hear “feedback”. It doesn’t mean that you did everything wrong. We all know that no one is perfect. It is always good to take advice from your seniors on your improvement areas and work on them.

You know what you did best: Unless have spent the whole year deleting emails and searching for friends on Facebook, you know it’s now going to be bad. One year is a long time for anyone to do a lot of great stuff. List out all your achievements, big or small. Be proud and confident about what you did right.

No room for surprises: Do not wait for the whole year to hear the feedback that your boss has. Keep asking them about your performance and what you can do better on a regular basis. If you do this, a lot of things that you’d hear in the meeting room would sound familiar!

Appraisal times are an exciting phase in any company. Everyone gets pumped up and there is loads of anticipation and anxiety about what the numbers are going to be like. All you need is – just be prepared well. If you know what to expect., if you know what you achieved, the whole process would be a lot more productive, and less stressful

Performance reviews may never be your favorite meeting of the year—they certainly won’t ever be mine. But if you know what to expect, go in with the right mindset, and try to eliminate surprises, you’ll find that they’re more productive—and enjoyable—than you ever thought possible.

How to Boost up the Morale of Employees?

HR department is not just responsible for hiring the best of the best, but they also have to undertake the responsibility of ensuring their morale is kept high. Paint a picture where you the go to the market, spend hours to find the perfect couch for your home but once you bring it home you cover it up, put it in a corner and let it rot. At this point you would wonder why on earth would anyone ever do that.

Apply the same analogy in an HR set-up and it might just hold true, with the couch referring to employees.Companies spend a lot of resources sifting through hundreds of candidates, analyzing desirable traits and qualities in potential employees and making sure that they hire the very best of the lot. However as time passes, if the HR team doesn’t focus on keeping the morale of the same employees up, their work would slowly start showing hints of decay. At that stage, employees just exist within the organizational set-up without doing measurable work and ‘rot’ their skills and talents in a way. With the help of HRMS software in India, this can be prevented. How? Read on to find out.

–          By empowering the employees

There was a time when employees had to go personally to the HR professionals or their managers for every small task, like filing necessary papers, updating information, applying for leaves, filing taxes, logging in attendance etc. Constant interruptions for such tasks can affect their work, performance and eventually hits the morale as well. HR software system simplifies these tasks by giving the power to the employees themselves. They can communicate better and directly with the required departments, get the tasks done themselves on a timely basis. Moreover, it reduces errors and speed up the processes. Empowering employees would automatically lift their morale and enhance their performance.

–          By increasing the accountability

Even superheroes take the quote ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ quite seriously. Imagine, how seriously your employees would take it! Making someone accountable for their responsibilities and tasks gives them more control in their hands. Web based HRMS software provides a platform where responsibilities can be assigned, managed, scheduled and supervised. Once this becomes transparent, the ones who don’t take their responsibility can be picked out, and appreciation can be sent to those who work upto the required standards. It leaves little room for errors and lax work. With these factors eliminated, morale of employees will shoot up significantly and they will be happier doing their work.

–          By reducing the ‘waiting’ time

A lot of information and data is passed across an organization on a daily basis. Waiting for some critical information through manual processes will waste crucial time. Searching for data, or trying to retrieve/recreate lost data will cause further delays. Other tasks including checking tax-filing status, information regarding pay scale or bonuses can also be achieved through HRMS software in India. If small trips to HR department can be avoided, it will add up and save employees their time which can be utilized into doing other productive work. This will boost their performance, thus improving their morale resulting in better results overall.

Companies should make conscious effort to make lives a little easier for their employees, in whichever area it’s possible. Even the HR department is freed up of mundane tasks, thus boosting the functionality of an entire department. It is as simple as introducing web based HRMS software into the organization. Increasing the morale helps in reducing turnover as well. If a software solution impacts so many levels of an organization at once, there should be no second-guessing on its value.

Every one faces “Frenemies” at work. Here are tips to handle them

Among the biggest example of consequences people bear when failing to identify their frenemies is Shakespeare’s tragic hero Julius Caesar. He failed to recognize his frenemies and never expected that Brutus would kill him. When he was assaulted by the conspirators, Caesar approached Brutus for help since he considered him as his incredible companion. Sadly, Brutus stabbed him and Caesar dies with his last words, ‘Et tu Brute?‘

People frequently neglect to recognize their enemies who are in guise of friends. We frequently come across frenemies in our personal, work and social lives. They are risky buddies who cause more harm to us than good. Spotting them early and keeping up a safe distance from them puts us safe rationally and physically. We regularly don’t perceive who our enemies are as we don’t have any magical stick to identify them. Here are a few gears to recognize frenemies:

On the off-chance, if you find that there is any conflict between their body and oral dialect, they could be frenemies. Uneecops, the best HRMS software company in India identify the following characteristics of a frenemy –

  • They commonly censure and betray your trust;
  • They often contrast you with others to de-motivate you;
  • They may not turn up when you are in pressing need of assistance;
  • They regularly castigate you and defame;
  • They regularly restrict what you say without substantial reasons;
  • They think of harmful conversations that intoxicate your thoughts;
  • They are in constant rivalry with you to stay updated about your advancement.

In today’s cut-throat competition where an employee attempts to subdue the other keeping in mind the end goal to lead the other, it is obvious to come across a ton of frenemies (friend + enemies) at professional arena. There might be numerous explanations behind the same, extending from conceit to fear of being marked as uncouth. For instance – two friends working on a same task can likely be transformed into enemies once the task becomes unsuccessful as they start accusing one another for the failure. One ought to be vigilant while managing frenemies:

  • Don’t talk about your individual matters with them;
  • Don’t condemn your boss before them. You never know when they use that data to get into their good books;
  • Maintain professionalism in your behavior with others.

Having said this, you can in any case discover great friends as well, who won’t just help you in your expert and individual matters, but additionally take stand for you when required. There is an old colloquial that your foe’s foe is your companion. Yet in today’s relentlessly competitive world you might not need to go too far to search for enemies. On the other hand, this foe is diverse in light of the fact that he/she is a part of your team and works on the same assignments as those of yours. To make matters more impulsive, he/she is also in the same race for that promotion or appraisal at the end of the year as you are.

Things are different now and so are the ways we carry on at the professional environment. The workplace environment during this modern time is a great deal more casual and open. Gone are the times of nine to five employments. The inborn human need to socialize and discover familial bonds in the workplace drives individuals to verge on one another. On one hand, it has prompted an upsurge in chances of office sentiments; on the other hand, it likewise implies that we create contenders around us who are camouflaged in the cover of friends. Such guised friends are known as frenemies.

As long as you view your frenemy as your rival and play the sport inside the tenets, it ought to enhance your performance hence, improved benefit. The minute line between a companion and a frenemy is drawn by trust. In any case, not believing somebody doesn’t provide you the permit to backstab them. Play the game according to the principles, face individuals focused around your aptitudes and dominate them focused around your execution.

Playing blindly to the inevitable danger doesn’t deflect the danger. The alternatives we have are to fight or flight. The latter occasionally lives up to expectations. It is additionally impossible in light of the reliance you have created with your frenemy, having cooperating for so long. Face it, work for the similar objectives that both of you impart and attempt and comprehend why the relationship created the way it did. The developers of HR One, the human resource management software for small business think that tolerance is the key. The reason could be that you don’t believe your frenemy in light of the fact that he/she doesn’t believe you and that is the reason. Regardless, correspondence is imperative. Act genuinely on your part and recall, there is no divider which cannot be destructed.