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Payroll Software
November 28, 2017

Handling and maintaining the payroll of an organization is a complex procedure. It is certainly not an easy one as it involves a lot of processes It is not just about disbursing salaries on time, but also includes a whole lot

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July 15, 2016

Staying awake at work can be a real challenge when you are bored, sleep deprived or exhausted. Here are some caffeine-free tips to get that

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June 20, 2016

Monday is back again and how! But don't you dread. Remember we told you last week that well begun is half done? So take control and start

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February 25, 2016

Annual reviews are quite a stressful exercise for everyone. From HR to the employees and the managers, everyone goes through the same grind. Here are

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June 30, 2015

HR department is not just responsible for hiring the best of the best, but they also have to undertake the responsibility of ensuring their morale is kept high.

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August 20, 2014

Among the biggest example of consequences people bear when failing to identify their frenemies is Shakespeare’s tragic hero Julius Caesar. He failed to recognize

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