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6 Most Popular Employee types

The Brand Guys
These are the self-appointed brand ambassadors of the company (even if the marketing hates it!) From clothes to pen to tissues, they carry everything with an..err..logo. They carry a sense of pride about their company and work. While, all of them may not be great performers, yet they are likely to nurture strong bond with the company and its people.

The Grumpies
From washrooms to the colour of the walls, they are always on a complaint mode. This type is an HR nightmare as they keep thronging their cabins with complaints. They have a very pragmatic association with the company, are not very social types and just keep themselves to their work, until they find the next thing to complain about. Their attitude is contagious and they can take people down with them in no time!

The Networkers
The most commonly found lot around. Right from day one, they get on to their network building spree. Work can ofcourse wait! They are the types who believe that intra- company connections are essential for survival. Sadly, the KRA misses that point!

The Snackies
They are the most frequent visitors to the cafeteria or the coffee machines. From meetings to calls to ideation, everything happens over a snack. Even during a super packed day, they always find time to snack up!

The Crushers
Oh you meet them everywhere! They are strong personas and do everything to make their presence felt. The attitude runs super high and they are ready to crush the competition and you (if you don’t agree with them) anywhere, anytime. Their strong will to succeed may take them to the top ranks (mostly), however they are not the most popular managers.

The Toughies
Yeah, these are the tough rocks, mostly found in senior positions. They know how to work with the system and in the system. Extremely calculative and cautious, this breed does not believe in taking risks and jump stone to stone very cautiously.

And of-course there are many more. Managing such a variety of people can be quite a task for the HRs. What do you do to synchronize your workforce in the right direction?

Types of bosses we’d love to have

Bosses are often the most common reason for us to either love or leave our job. Have a good boss or not can make or break one’s career. In simpler terms, bosses are the threads that connect us to our workplace and help us weave our professional growth. This Boss Day, let’s take a look at the most lovable types of bosses that everyone would like to have.

Mentor Boss: Bosses that guide the team and help them grow as an individual. This type of a boss is a boon to have, especially in the early years of one’s career. They do not feel insecure about the growth of their team and believe in enabling their employees.

Team First: A boss who puts his team first and knows how to strike a balance between the needs of his employees and clients/ company. These bosses are always willing to communicate clearly about any issues regarding an employee or the company because they understand that a happy employee is a more productive employee.

Leads by example: This boss has no qualms about getting their hands dirty with the day to day work. They join their team with full force and work with them to complete tasks. They know every aspect of their functional area and set examples that their employees would love to follow!

Realistic risk taker: Great bosses understand the reality and are ready take an unpopular stand if it is in favor of their employees. They do not get carried away in the wake and think realistically about their team and organizational goals. They not only help their team set, but also achieves goals that are beneficial for both, employees, as well as the company.

Look beyond excel sheets: Anyone can meet the target numbers given in excel sheets. What distinguishes a great boss is that they look at the larger picture. They work with the team to help them achieve their personal goals in sync with the larger organizational objectives. They help the employees bond well with the company and look at things from a wider perspective.