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Retain your Gen Z workforce with these tips

Gen Z! What is it? Well, the ideal answer to this question will be – Gen Z or Generation Z, sometimes, also known as ‘iGeneration’ or ‘iGen’ refers to the generation that is familiar with devices like iPads. This generation lies in the era of 1996 and 2016.

When you talk about work, what are the expectations of Gen Z?

Gen Z wants their managers to be good listeners as well as value their ideas. They are the ones who strongly believe that the workplace should highlight the advantages of ideas rather than for the number of years an employee has stayed in the organization.

This generation gives high importance to in-person communication rather any type of social interaction taking place in the form of All Hands Meet. They are the true believers of soft skills and interpersonal relationships.

The iGeneration comes with a mindset of commencing their own business sometime in the lifetime. In other words, people with this mentality are the ones you would like to have in your team because they believe in implementing ideas to make the business flourishing. You should think about how you might integrate that attitude into your process.

Is Gen Z committed towards a long-term?

Mostly, Generation Z has a belief that three years or less is the reasonable amount of time they should spend at their first job.

Now, the real question is how one should retain Gen Z?

When it comes to retaining Gen Z, it is you who need to be trained a bit differently than what you’re used to! Let us share some tips that should help you in retaining this generation as well as keep your business running in a healthy way once they enter the workforce.

  • There should be a freedom in the workplace. One of the core values that Gen Z believes in is freedom! To achieve this goal, what are the steps that you should take? Well, you can start seeking help from your staff in preparing training courses that follow the rule of ‘train whenever or train wherever’ functionality.
  • This generation is tech savvy and is grown-up using iPads and smartphones. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to leverage these technologies in the office, wherever it is possible.
  • Take help of Millennials to train Generation Z! The Millennials are the closest group to Gen Z and hence, would be more comfortable to communicate with them. The former can easily play the role of the mentor for the later and can have better in-person communication. For this, make sure that you organize proper management and training skills to the Millennials.
  • The iGen wants to learn entrepreneurship, so you can make them feel that they are entrepreneurs. You can achieve this by offering options, like taking online professional development courses, attending conferences, and getting proper knowledge of your niche. If you make them feel that they are moving forward, then they will definitely help you to move forward.


To achieve the best results, you should make sure that you are few steps ahead of this generation in terms of what all steps are required to be taken to keep them happy. Once you start thinking this way, it is for sure that the iGeneration will be there to help you out in achieving the desired results for the best of the business!

10 tips for your next Employee Engagement Activity!

Engaging employees at every stage is considered healthy for the growth of an organization. On one side, it makes employees realize that they are the important element of the organization. On the other side, it helps in retaining the best talent within the company.

Let us see at some cool ideas of how to engage employees that can help them feel motivated at work and improve their performance.

Build wall less organization

You should have a rapport of being approachable. Employees should feel that they can approach you with questions, suggestions, and problems.

This way, you can boost your employees’ morale and instead of treating you as an HR monster, they will start treating you as a part of the team with whom they can interact anytime!

Spend quality time

It will not harmful if you invest quality time with your employees. Getting involved in games like Pictionary, carom, and chess will help you build a positive relation with your teammates.

Regular brainstorming sessions

It doesn’t matter whether you hold these sessions weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Try to bring all your teammates together and have healthy brainstorming sessions with them.

Exchange roles

To make work interesting, allow employees to work in a different team or in a different role. It helps employees to understand the challenges of their colleagues and gives them a chance of pace from their daily routines.

Organize training wherever required

Work without training can sometimes be demoralizing for employees. Being HR personnel, you should try to organize trainings (both technical and personalized) to raise the morale of employees. This should be one of your tasks in your calendar. Ensure that the employees continue to get all the trainings they need to keep moving forward.

Internal hiring

Internal hiring is one of the best ways that helps you to keep your employees motivated and engaged. It gives an opportunity to everyone to move up within the organization. It also generates excitement that can benefit the business as a whole because and internal hiring will always be experienced about company operations.

Improve your leadership skills

It is very important to have strong leadership to achieve an engaged team. It makes your team confident as well as boosts their morale and enthusiasm levels as they realize that their leader is aware about the work being assigned to them. The best way to improve leadership quality is to become a good listener and express trust in your team. If you work on yourself, then you can go a long way to improve engagements of people around you.

Contribute in the form of blog writing

Become a sport and contribute towards blogs. It will help you bridge the gap between the senior and lower levels. Encourage your staff to read and comment on blogs. It will help employees to feel that they are part of the organization.

Organize office outings

Work is important but taking breaks from work is equally important! Try to organize and outings with your team and just chill. It helps in building a strong relationship with your team and among themselves. This way you all can burn some of your office stress.

Do something different

For example, throw some challenges in front of your team, which will help them to come out of their comfort zone. You can ask them to lead a team or conduct team meetings.


If you follow the above-mentioned ideas, then you will definitely achieve the good results and be able to have a highly engaged team that is focused on overcoming all challenges.

How to Build An Impressive Resume: 4 Tips You Should Keep in Mind

Applying for a job position is also a selling process – and your resume, the sales pitch. Just as a salesman can’t woo his customers with poorly crafted sales pitch, you can’t expect to be hired with a poorly written resume. Here are four quick tips to build killer resumes!

  1. Highlight Accomplishments in Job Descriptions: Use your job descriptions in resume to their best by highlighting your accomplishments in them. This will make your descriptions much more likely to be read by the HR people.
  2. Quantify your accomplishments: As you fill up your job descriptions with achievements, rather than using general statements be specific and quantify your achievements. For example, if you’re applying for a sales related job, saying that you increased the sales of your past company will sound generic. On the other hand, saying that you increased the sales by 20% or 30% will sound much more real and convincing.
  3. Format wisely: No matter how nicely a resume is written, it’s still a fact that at first sight the HR manager isn’t going to read it. The first thing they do after getting a resume in hand is scanning it from their eyes. If it feels read-worthy from that quick glance, they may read some information from it. Otherwise not. So you should keep that in mind and format your resume for easy scanning. Follow the following steps to do that:
    • Avoid fonts that’re hard to read from distance or have too much styling embedded into them. The font you use should present words in a clear, clean and highly visible manner even when seen from a hand’s distance.
    • Highlight important events and information in your resume using bullet points.
    • Use a logical format with wide margins and concise headings.
    • Make it no longer than 2 pages at most.
  4. Check:Finally, don’t forget double-checking everything that you’ve put up in your resume. A grammatical or spelling mistake almost immediately irks many HR managers, who may associate it with your application even if they don’t tell you to go home straightaway. This thing, as you may expect, can hurt your chances of being hired.

Building Workplace Culture: Tips Every HR Should Follow

A great organization will always have a strong culture that unites and educates people. The organization’s culture and values are lifelines that play a tremendous role in its success.

It is important to recognize the importance of workplace culture for business success, performance, and sustainability.

A commendable HR would always like to have a wok culture in an organization that influences various factors, such as job satisfaction, trust, commitment, and overall relationship quality. But what kind of culture should the organization have to achieve all these factors and be successful in business as well? Let’s deep dive!

Culture of Learning

Do you have a true learning culture in your workplace? It does not mean sitting in a conference room and attending some 2 hours training, which you forget the moment you step out of the room. Instead, it relates to the training, where employees learn while working and contributing towards the success of the organization. You can achieve this mission by encouraging employees to increase their knowledge, develop their skills, and enhance their performance on regular basis.

Culture of Transparency

HR managers should motivate their employees to freely share their opinions, ideas, worries, or even criticism.

Culture of Integrity and Trust

For the success of the business, HR managers should believe in moral values, such as honesty, integrity, and trust and emphasize these values among the employees.

Culture of Supportiveness

HR managers should ensure that employees are treated as individuals and supported by the organization.

Culture of Innovation

The culture of innovation can be considered as one of the top-most agendas of any organization. Build an innovation culture, where employees are encouraged to think out of the box.

Culture of Sharing and Learning

Continuous learning and sharing process uplifts an individual as an employee and as a person. Further, it opens opportunities for an organization’s success in terms of increased efficiency, productivity, and profit. This further boosts employee’s satisfactions.

5 Tips to Manage Remote Employees

Work from home or hiring remote employees is becoming a popular trend. It is convenient for people and cost effective for businesses. However, you need to pay “extra” attention to your remote workforce to ensure that they are in sync with your objectives and expectations. Here are quick 5 tips to keep your remote employees engaged.

  1. Gain Trust
    Though you are dealing with a remote employee, it is necessary to have meetings in person too. Arranging a meet at least once a year for all employees can help you gain trust and build a stronger relationship with all the employees who are not always present in the office.
  2. Keep regular checks
    Having regular interaction with the employee keeps the productivity of the remote employees in the positive line. Don’t do it very often, because you obviously don’t want to be the micro-managing boss, but a proper conversation in a week or fifteen days will do well.
  3. Use videos to communicate
    Video chatting is yet another possible and effective medium of communication. Most of the human communication is non-verbal and via facial emotions and gestures, so why not to communicate using the free video chatting options and have a deeper insight in the remote employee’s thoughts, plans, processes and challenges.
  4. Regular One-on-One s’
    Keeping well defined and longer one on one meetings with the remote employees every week or month ensures you to cover a variety of topics and really dive into issues that aren’t covered because they’re not in the office for ad hoc discussions.
  5. Connect on Social media
    Connecting with the remote employees on social media can help you know their status even when you’re not talking to them. Sending them emoticons and gifs can also [prove to be very useful while conveying your emotions.

What else do you do to manage your remote employees? Share your tips with us!

4 Secrets to a Perfect Work-Life Balance

If you’re finding it more challenging than ever to balance the demands of your job and family, trust us, you are not alone! Here are 4 little secrets to help you attain some balance in your daily grind.

Set Boundaries- Setting boundaries between work and life is not the easiest task to do, but certainly is the most important one. Removing work distractions from life can help you enjoy more of your life when you are not at work. There is a difference between making sacrifices for work or life and compromising your joy. Set real time expectations for the day and try finishing your job before you head home, because home is to rest.

Prioritize me-time- Giving your 110% to the job is good, but you cannot spend every minute of your day working with your colleagues. Read a book, take a nap, cook, go for a walk or watch your favorite show, because spending some time alone allows you to separate yourself from work and feel more at home. Set some goals for each day, explore your hobbies and enjoy!

Appreciate the weekends- Working five to six days a week can leave you all exhausted, and weekends are the time to get everything back on track. Party with friends and spend some quality time with your family, because you already have weekdays reserved for work!

Focus on a Routine- “Early to bed and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This may not hold true in its literal meaning, but having a proper routine surely leaves you more satisfied with your day. A good routine works as a magic and brings all your day’s activities on a right line from sleeping hours to hunger times, creating an appreciable work-life balance.

Even during a frantic day, try recharging your battery for 10 to 15 minutes every two hours. Snatching some time for you, from your schedule won’t do any harm to your work.

Top 10 Resume tips to win a job!

The maximum time an interviewer takes to read a resume is not more than 30 seconds. And the only chance of connecting to the recruiter and convincing him/her to call you for the interview is through your resume.

Here are 10 points to ensure that your resume catches the eye, always

1. Minimum is the new Maximum-
Gone are the days of four to five page detailed resumes. Try keeping it precise and avoid putting irrelevant information, because interviewer only wants to know your skills and abilities, not your lifetime achievements or personal information.

2. Don’t let it grow too long, or cut it too short-
In order to get a single page resume, people often cut the meat out of their resume. A two page resume with required details will do no harm, but don’t add any if only one page can work.

3. Avoid Typos and Grammatical errors-
If the interviewer finds an error in your resume, besides all the enticing skills and qualifications you must have mentioned in your resume, he’s right away going to reach the conclusion.
“This person can’t even write properly!” or “This person doesn’t even care!”

4. Too congested to breathe-
Your resume needs to look very attractive to the eyes. But it doesn’t mean that five different types of fonts are required on a single page, it will only repel the interviewer. Keep it clean and consistent. Check with friends and family and take their feedback. If you do not hear some wows, then something is wrong!

5. Ditch the Objective Statement-
The old statement of objective is now out of fashion. Try using a summary statement instead, which is actually a summary of your skills/ qualifications to give an idea of the value you can add, to the interviewer.

6. Forget ‘one-size fits all’-
Before sending your resume to any company, try modifying it according to the job profile and company requirements. Using proper headings and keywords makes it easier for your resume to reach to the desk of the interviewer from the large resume database.

7. Be organized and logical-
Other than showing off your skill-set, your resume is also going to tell a lot about your personality and your way of thinking. Try avoiding extra spaces, keep it balanced and neat with clearly separate sections, proper bullet points and suitable headings. Use chronological ordering and explain the year gaps, because gaps left unexplained are going to make the interviewer assume.

8. Put the best stuff first-
We often put our educational qualifications at first and our accomplishments later. This is totally wrong! Interviewers are least concerned about your qualifications, what they only care is how much you really know to implement!

9. Always send a PDF-
All your hard work of formatting and arranging the document can get messed up, once, the recruiter opens the .doc document in his/her PC. Better convert it to PDF and then click on ‘send’.

10. Don’t forget to stay updated-
There is no perfect format for a resume, it always keeps on changing. People keep on coming up with different visually attractive resumes. Stay updated with the latest trends, and design your resume accordingly.

Write and Proofread. Avoid the common pitfalls and create a hero resume! Good Luck!

What are the on-boarding tips that companies should apply?

Companies go through several stages to finally hire the candidates they deem best. During the hiring stage, HR not only looks for qualifications and capabilities but also for those who would want to grow with the company. Candidates who quit within a few weeks of joining are the biggest hiring nightmare. Most candidates make an impulsive decision to take up the joining offer without considering the scope of the opportunity for them.

The reasons why employees quit can be different. Some may not be satisfied with the job description, some do not fit in well with the existing work culture and some may not receive the training they needed to perform the job well. All such factors contribute to low morale and low job satisfaction. With the help of web based HRMS software, these issues can be tackled. Let us see how.

  • Put out a realistic job profile

In the past, companies would put an ad in a newspaper listing out the vacancies. Due to space constraints and limited funds, the description of roles and responsibilities would be ambiguously discussed. Without understanding the actual scope of job position, candidates turned up in high numbers. Eventually they would fall short in capabilities or learn that they got hired for a position they did not want, resulting in low performance. HRMS eliminates this issue by providing a platform where accurate, well-detailed job description could be provided. Once candidates get a clear picture of the job profile, they would apply accordingly and the attrition rate would slide. It is important for candidates to make an informed decision and this solution contributes for the same.

  • Giving a proper orientation

Once the new hires join, the proceeding events should be smooth for them as well as the company. An apt and well-designed orientation program would help in doing the same. The tasks maybe as simple as submitting necessary documents, assigning a work-station to the new employee or understanding the goals and mission of a project they are assigned to. Manually performing either one of the tasks would slow down the pace of the entire process. Taking help of web based HRMS software would speed it up significantly, eliminate any cause of confusion and manual errors. Moreover, it would send reminders to candidates if any orientation steps have been skipped, if submissions of documents are overdue or send important notifications immediately. Once orientation happens smoothly, the succeeding steps become much simpler.

  • Planning and organization training plan

HR department has always maintained that they would prefer enthusiastic and positive people with less experience rather than having qualified individuals lacking interpersonal skills, poor attitude and lackluster personalities. If proper training is provided to the former, they have the potential to work extremely well, whereas nothing much can be done to make changes to the personalities and attitude of the latter which could eventually harm the overall performance. Since proper training can make a drastic difference, adequate time should be spent on planning and organizing training plans. A good HR software in India assists with creating training plans that would enrich the new hires and address the skill-gaps to perform better. Communicating these plans also become very easy through HRMS solution.

  • Constant evaluation of performance

Evaluation involves monitoring the performance, giving suggestions and listening to queries and concerns of new employees. Manually keeping a check can get tedious and mundane, resulting in managers to push this task to ‘some other day’, delaying it indefinitely. With HRMS in place, all the above mentioned tasks become much simpler and can be done on the same platform. With constant evaluation, the performance graph of new hires’ can be examined and appropriate steps can be taken to address any limitations.

Taking small steps go a long way in helping candidates quickly adapt to a new working environment. Managers should take personal interest and put in efforts to welcome the new hires. Software solution would assist in the same but if concerned team-members do not put in the additional effort, then no HR software in India would be able to do justice to the hiring system, in spite of being the best in the market. Companies should understand the solution well and milk its advantages and maximize its functionalities.