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Simplify and Expedite Your Payroll Processing With HR-One

There’s no doubt in the fact that financials matter a lot for any small business. And while large financial transactions often matter the most in any business, entrepreneurs and managers can’t ignore the importance of payroll as well. It’s a regular expenditure, and the motivation of your workforce depends on it. Therefore, you can’t afford to mess it up, especially if you’re a small business.

Proper management of payroll processing requires a good software solution. And while there’re separate payroll processing services and software products available in the market, having a dozen different software products/services managing your HR does nothing instead of making things complicated.

At this point you may be wondering, isn’t there a simplified yet expedited way of doing it? Well, there certainly is, and it’s called HR-One.

What is HR-One?

It’s a great HRMS software whose functionality can be extended with different modules. You need recruitment help? There’s a module. You need helpdesk? There’s a module. Similarly, they’ve a payroll processing module as well – so if you implement their software, you don’t need to rely on a separate HRMS payroll software.

So, now it’s clear that HR-One can act as your payroll processing software. Now let’s see what it can do for you.

Why HR-One: The Benefits

HR-One’s Payroll Management module can help you with virtually every task related to employee payments. Some of the tasks that it can help you perform efficiently and effectively include:

  • Tracking work hours,
  • Calculating compensation according to those hours, and;
  • Withholding all the taxes and deductions.

It has got many great features to help you do these things. For example, it allows you to:

  • Define multiple salary structures according to policies of your company;
  • Calculate and disburse salary along with its various components;
  • Create error free statutory compliance reports according to your industry.

These features are presented to you on foundation of such a great HRMS software that you can utilize each of them effortlessly.


Mistakes in payroll processing may turn out to be too costly for any business, so you must have a great software managing it for you. And not just any software, because you don’t want a complicated maze of different HRMS solutions as well.

For these reasons, HR-One can certainly be the best choice for your HRMS payroll software because it has got features to save you from both these problems. You should try it today to simplify and expedite your company’s payroll processing.

3 Smart Steps for HRs to Simplify Payroll

Payroll, or employee compensation management, is a multi-layered process. It is not just about disbursing salaries on time, but also includes a whole lot of tax management and statutory compliances. Come the last week of a month and you would see HRs deep down in files to process the payroll on time, and error free. Here are our three suggested steps that will help you to ease the workload and simplify payroll management.

  1. Get the Policies Right: Indian payroll system is complex as it comprises of multiple benefits and reimbursement sections. However, it is important that you define your policies clearly. Segregating employees into different groups and then aligning compensations for each group can help ease the load. The basic frame work needs to be clear and scalable. You can also use an excel sheet based payroll calculator to compound your data. Here is a template that you can refer.
  1. Automate Attendance: If your employees are still signing the registers, then there is no way that you can track attendance accurately. Attendance is the basis of payroll calculation, so if you need your payroll done right, attendance needs to be captured without any errors. Automating attendance using an attendance management software can handle this for you. There are systems that even allow people travelling for business meetings to key in their attendance in time. Moreover, you get quick reports on leave and attendance of all your employees.
  1. Efficiency is the key: If your policies are clear and your attendance is automated, the next best thing to do is integrate these two with your payroll. You can use a payroll software to integrate different input channels and then run the payroll per the processes defined. Using a system makes the whole process a lot of efficient and reduces error rate.

Payroll requirements may change as your business grows. The best is to have a plan that is scalable and accommodates changing laws and employee size easily. In one of our next posts we will talk about how to choose the right payroll software for your business. Till then, happy pay-rolling!