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How to Build An Impressive Resume: 4 Tips You Should Keep in Mind

Applying for a job position is also a selling process – and your resume, the sales pitch. Just as a salesman can’t woo his customers with poorly crafted sales pitch, you can’t expect to be hired with a poorly written resume. Here are four quick tips to build killer resumes!

  1. Highlight Accomplishments in Job Descriptions: Use your job descriptions in resume to their best by highlighting your accomplishments in them. This will make your descriptions much more likely to be read by the HR people.
  2. Quantify your accomplishments: As you fill up your job descriptions with achievements, rather than using general statements be specific and quantify your achievements. For example, if you’re applying for a sales related job, saying that you increased the sales of your past company will sound generic. On the other hand, saying that you increased the sales by 20% or 30% will sound much more real and convincing.
  3. Format wisely: No matter how nicely a resume is written, it’s still a fact that at first sight the HR manager isn’t going to read it. The first thing they do after getting a resume in hand is scanning it from their eyes. If it feels read-worthy from that quick glance, they may read some information from it. Otherwise not. So you should keep that in mind and format your resume for easy scanning. Follow the following steps to do that:
    • Avoid fonts that’re hard to read from distance or have too much styling embedded into them. The font you use should present words in a clear, clean and highly visible manner even when seen from a hand’s distance.
    • Highlight important events and information in your resume using bullet points.
    • Use a logical format with wide margins and concise headings.
    • Make it no longer than 2 pages at most.
  4. Check:Finally, don’t forget double-checking everything that you’ve put up in your resume. A grammatical or spelling mistake almost immediately irks many HR managers, who may associate it with your application even if they don’t tell you to go home straightaway. This thing, as you may expect, can hurt your chances of being hired.

Top 10 Resume tips to win a job!

The maximum time an interviewer takes to read a resume is not more than 30 seconds. And the only chance of connecting to the recruiter and convincing him/her to call you for the interview is through your resume.

Here are 10 points to ensure that your resume catches the eye, always

1. Minimum is the new Maximum-
Gone are the days of four to five page detailed resumes. Try keeping it precise and avoid putting irrelevant information, because interviewer only wants to know your skills and abilities, not your lifetime achievements or personal information.

2. Don’t let it grow too long, or cut it too short-
In order to get a single page resume, people often cut the meat out of their resume. A two page resume with required details will do no harm, but don’t add any if only one page can work.

3. Avoid Typos and Grammatical errors-
If the interviewer finds an error in your resume, besides all the enticing skills and qualifications you must have mentioned in your resume, he’s right away going to reach the conclusion.
“This person can’t even write properly!” or “This person doesn’t even care!”

4. Too congested to breathe-
Your resume needs to look very attractive to the eyes. But it doesn’t mean that five different types of fonts are required on a single page, it will only repel the interviewer. Keep it clean and consistent. Check with friends and family and take their feedback. If you do not hear some wows, then something is wrong!

5. Ditch the Objective Statement-
The old statement of objective is now out of fashion. Try using a summary statement instead, which is actually a summary of your skills/ qualifications to give an idea of the value you can add, to the interviewer.

6. Forget ‘one-size fits all’-
Before sending your resume to any company, try modifying it according to the job profile and company requirements. Using proper headings and keywords makes it easier for your resume to reach to the desk of the interviewer from the large resume database.

7. Be organized and logical-
Other than showing off your skill-set, your resume is also going to tell a lot about your personality and your way of thinking. Try avoiding extra spaces, keep it balanced and neat with clearly separate sections, proper bullet points and suitable headings. Use chronological ordering and explain the year gaps, because gaps left unexplained are going to make the interviewer assume.

8. Put the best stuff first-
We often put our educational qualifications at first and our accomplishments later. This is totally wrong! Interviewers are least concerned about your qualifications, what they only care is how much you really know to implement!

9. Always send a PDF-
All your hard work of formatting and arranging the document can get messed up, once, the recruiter opens the .doc document in his/her PC. Better convert it to PDF and then click on ‘send’.

10. Don’t forget to stay updated-
There is no perfect format for a resume, it always keeps on changing. People keep on coming up with different visually attractive resumes. Stay updated with the latest trends, and design your resume accordingly.

Write and Proofread. Avoid the common pitfalls and create a hero resume! Good Luck!