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February 9, 2018

Human Resources faces the challenge of keeping up with a constantly evolving business landscape. Gone are the days when HR leaders were responsible for heavy paperwork, resume sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, and other legal issues. Today, with a millenial workforce, HR managers are called upon to perform strategically and to move from administration to making strategic decisions. With a dynamic workplace and high expectations, the HR department is aspired to do more with less. The question is, how?

If you are still carrying out your major task and relying heavily on spreadsheets and manual inputs, it might be that your company may need to move fast in this progressive world. Below are some of the clues that your legacy practice is getting dysfunctional.

  • You feel that you are always packed with herculean tasks
  • You need more hands to ease out your HR work
  • You’re not sure of your employee’s confidential information
  • You think you are not gaining insights from spreadsheets and excel sheets
  • You are not able to set a position budget with legacy system
  • You’re reimbursing more because your system doesn’t indicate duplicates.

If you’re facing above symptoms, you”ll probably want to know the way out to tackle the situation.  Well, this is where automation and digitization comes to your rescue. Here are 5 best HR tasks you can look forward to automate to ease out HR herculean tasks.

Automate Time Tracking with Timesheet Management Software

Manual time tracking can be one of the most tedious jobs for a manager, and one of the most essential parts of a manager to accomplish. Imagine managers have to spend so much time tracking their employees’ work time that they can’t focus on the big picture. An automated tool such as HR-One can easily create multiple projects and tasks for your team.  Using the Time Sheet HRMS software in HR-One, you can easily save time, money, and resources and get a more accurate picture of critical time spent.

Organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing with Payroll software

Now it’s easy to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes in a simple way. With HR-One HRMS, you can effortlessly keep track of hours, calculate wages, withhold taxes and deductions. Precisely, HR-One payroll software helps you to process payroll which is a very typical and time consuming activity for any business.

Manage the complete recruitment function with the Recruitment management software

HR-One Recruitment Management Software helps you manage the complete recruitment function. It makes recruitment faster and more effective, while reducing costs and the impact of employee turnover. The comprehensive web based recruitment software helps in making the hiring process transparent, faster and paperless. The recruitment management software comes with custom dashboards for hiring managers, recruitment managers and recruiters that makes this module extremely simple to use for each user.

Automate the complete process of travel booking with Travel management software

Travel can involve all kind of hassles from defining travel plans, to listing preference, to approvals and reimbursements. Inaccuracies and inconsistencies often aggravate issues and conflicts. Automated travel and expense requests create hassle-free communication and tracking. The travel management software in HR-One automates the complete process of travel bookings and approvals. From defining travel plans, to listing preferences and submitting booking requests, you can do all this and more in this powerful module.

To summarize, what value do we get by automating the above HR tasks. Here are the 5 important benefits of HR automation.

  • Helps HR manager focus on strategic tasks
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce human errors and security issues
  • Keep cost down by boosting productivity with automated system
  • Keep a good track of your HR tasks
  • Increase HR managers’ efficiency and productivity

HR teams need an enterprise-ready software that works well with their workflows and expectations. With the right software solution, you can ensure you’re making work and lives of your HR people easier; supporting existing work-culture, and  moving forward into the digital world.  

Automate your Herculean HR tasks with HRMS Software


By HR-One Team
December 5, 2017

In such a digitally linked world, when the whole world is transforming at an unbelievable pace, it becomes more important to adapt to changes. It won’t be far before 2018 sweeps in with its own list of emerging trends and technologies Let’s have a look at how the change is knocking at HR’s end.

  •   New-Age Recruiting

One of the most important tasks in an HRs profile is recruiting employees, what if you have to scan through every file manually and interview all of them? In a digitally advanced world, the use of mobiles, social networks and other tools has increased, recruiters have been using these modules to  streamline profiling of candidates for a while now. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are a few potential examples.

  • Time Keeping Made Easier

As an HR manager, you are basically the person who has to maintain records of every employee leave and timings. You can use HR-One’s modules designed to help you define leave policies and types, company holidays etc. You can also track your employees work progress,  review it and evaluate their performances for more competent environment in your organization.

  • Compensations and Programs

 To simplify the hectic and monotonous task of preparing pay slips, taking care of travel incentives and defining expense policies you can try HRMS . It not only make things easier but is extremely efficient, reliable and streamlined.

  • Say adieu to all Employee Concerns

From handling intra office disputes to answering their queries regarding payments and leaves, it all falls on the HR manager. You can actually set up a HELPDESK with the help of  HRMS and take care of the employee concerns without having to go through the trouble of doing it all in person. One can always leave a query or concern at the helpdesk and you can take care of it without going through it manually.

Cutting short the work pressure without compromising with the quality of work done sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? It can’t get any easier and affordable.  So, the time is now to invest in a robust, scalable, and high-performing HRMS software. You will probably land up to the world of efficiency, agility, high performance, productivity and a great working environment.

Change is beckoning at HR’s end


By HR-One Team
May 24, 2017

Identifying the relevant metrics from the HR analytics is critical to driving success from the analytic information! The metrics offer valuable input for strategic decision-making. While HR managers may attribute success or failure of their decision making directly to the HR analytics tool they utilize, it is also dependent on what metrics they choose to track.

So, how can the HR department contribute its two cents towards the success of the organization? Well, the answer is, by measuring the right pieces of information.

Following is a list of crucial metrics you should measure to help the business move forward in its strategic direction.


  • Average time per hire shows the efficiency of the hiring process. It also provides an insight of the troubles to fill up certain types of job openings.
  • Cost incurred per hire that helps in measuring the cost that the company has incurred in hiring new employees.
  • Early turnover is considered as a very important metric that helps in determining hiring success in a company. It is an expensive metric that takes 6-12 months before employees have properly been settled and reach their optimum productivity level.
  • Time till promotion helps you determine why your high potential leaves the organization.


  • Revenue per employee helps in determining the efficiency of the organization. It helps to calculate the quality of hired employees.
  • Performance and potential metric determines the potential and performance of each employee.

Employee engagement:

  • Determine the number of employees who are keen to come to work.
  • Calculate the number of employees who are fully content with the management. It can be surveyed based on the following topics.
    1. Engagement and learning arranged by supervisors
    2. Recognition and rewards awarded by supervisors or senior management
    3. Knowing the fact that the work they are doing makes a lot of difference

Compensation and benefits:

  • Determine the effects of compensation on employee’s performance.
  • Calculate employee’s satisfaction from compensation. Thereafter, determine the percentage of employees who are satisfied with their compensation.
  • Calculate the association between satisfaction from compensation and job productivity.
  • Determine the percentage of top-performing employees who quit the organization because of compensation.


The above-mentioned metrics provide you a deeper picture on how productive is your organization and what are the factors that contribute towards the productivity. You can identify the factors that contribute to high productivity levels, adjust recruitment or employee engagement strategies to incorporate them and maximize the productivity of the organization. By determining all these metrics, the organization can move on the success path!

HR Analytics: Are you measuring these key HR metrics?


By HR-One Team
December 14, 2016

Mobile has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. With rise of smartphones it’s not just a communications tool anymore – it’s helping in improving almost every part of our lives, including our careers. Nowadays mobile devices don’t just help people in working, but also in applying for new jobs. This has led to the rise of mobile recruiting, a trend that’s quickly gaining momentum among employers and employees both.

What is Mobile Recruiting?

When there was little-to-no technology in business, HR departments used to recruit using letters written on company’s letterheads. As technology started playing a part in businesses, the letters were replaced by phone calls and emails. Now in smartphone era this is changing to mobile recruiting as companies are utilizing new technologies built for today’s popular mobile platforms to recruit their desired candidates. From mobile career sites to social recruiting, there’re a whole lot of new technologies to make this trend wildly successful among companies and candidates. Let’s learn about how each of them works.

Mobile Apps

First of all there’re mobile apps of all popular job portals in Play Store and App Store. With help of such apps candidates can apply to any job posting easily without the need of a laptop.

Mobile Career Sites

These are ideal solutions for those who may not want to install the apps of job portals on their smartphones for any reason. Many popular job portals have come out with mobile versions of their sites, which can be used by candidates to look up job postings and apply for them from the mobile device itself. Such websites usually bypass the requirements of Resume and other attachments with help of social media sites and some other means to make application process easier.

Text Based Recruiting

HR departments are also using texting as a way to attract talent. Nowadays candidates often receive text messages from companies regarding opportunities relevant to their career as they become available.

Social Recruiting

With their growing popularity social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have also emerged as major recruitment tools for companies. And since these platforms are used on mobile devices more often than on laptops or desktops, here again mobile comes in the picture.


With smartphone penetration destined to increase even more in next few years, mobile recruiting will turn out to be a major game changer for HR industry. It’ll allow quick communication and access to a very wide pool of talent, so companies and candidates both must prepare themselves for it.

Mobile Recruiting: What It Is and How It Works?


By HR-One Team
December 12, 2016

The technology is changing every face of life very quickly. After man and machine now this is the age of automation. Anything that can be automated is being automated with help of technology, and HR processes are not untouched from it. Every business person knows that recruitment is a tedious process. Fortunately, today a wide range of new software solutions, online services and systems are available to help HR professionals recruit their staff more easily. In this article we’re going to look at those solutions and how they work.

How Recruitment Can be Automated?

Software and online solutions available for automating recruitment provide many interesting features that can be utilized by HR professionals. For example, they can receive applications of candidates online and store them in an organized manner automatically. When it’s time to review them, the software can assign those applications to reviewers as well. The emails to desired candidates can also be sent by the software. In fact, this is just a glimpse of how many recruitment related tasks can be automated with technology nowadays.

Benefits of Automating Recruitment

There’re many benefits of this approach towards recruitment. By automating its processes you can:

  • Increase productivity of your HR staff, which can be utilized to achieve other critical things for your company’s culture;
  • Achieve precision in recruitment, which can save you money and time that would otherwise have been wasted in taxes, penalties or re-sending of documents due to some HR related errors during recruiting;
  • Bring security to your HR department by backing up your data online. In case of any mishaps, that data then can be recovered easily.

Needless to say that all of these benefits will result in more success for your business.


Automation of recruitment is no more a choice – it has become a necessity. You should implement it as soon as possible to maximize the profits of your business, otherwise you may get left behind in this competitive era.

Automating Recruitment With HR Technology: How it Works? A Complete Guide


By HR-One Team
September 14, 2016

We all have been through the tough times of sitting in front of the hiring managers and being judged for our behavior and charisma. Grilling interview sessions can be nerve-wrecking and panicking, but does that justify brining in pets for an interview? Sounds bizarre no?

Here is our collection of some of the most bizarre things that candidates have done during the interviews, which almost costed them the job!   Have you had any such experience too?

  1. A candidate brought his pet bird in his shirt.
    His bird wanted the job, maybe.
  2. A candidate opened her brief-case, took out a large bag and started to re-apply her make-up; that too in the interview room in front of the managers.
    Maybe, she wanted all the attention, but didn’t she already have it all?
  3. A candidate applied lotion to her feet during the interview.
    What was it? Some sort of cracked feet emergency!
  4. When asked about his current employer, the candidate started using cuss words; “My manager is a jerk. All managers are jerks.”
    Wasn’t the interviewer a manager? Fingers crossed…
  5. When being complimented on the choice of college and the GPA achieved, the candidate replied “I am glad it received your attention, I didn’t really go there.”
    That is not lying; It’s called seeking attention.
  6. A candidate took a telephonic interview in the toilet­‑ and flushed, in between.
    Very well done, but, asking to call in a few minutes wouldn’t have hurt much.
  7. A company employee went to receive a prospective candidate on the airport, where the candidate said “it is way too cold to live and work in this city” and took a flight way back home without even meting the hiring manager.
    Priorities. Priorities.
  8. When asked about their current salary, the candidate replied “I really don’t see, how this is your business.”
    He was clearly uncomfortable with the manager, after-all all managers are jerks.
  9. A candidate started to Google an answer to a question.
    Now, that is called a smart move.
  10. A candidate started feeling the heartbeat of the interviewer so that they could have a heart-to-heart connection.
    That shouldn’t have been weird; at least they tried to have a good start.

Appearing for a job interview is more than preparing answers to some questions but also putting a good impression of your innate personality. Maybe, these candidates literally took it to another level, but having a solid understanding of the role and the company and knowing the exact way of delivering your thoughts is the key to crack any job interview.



10 Bizarre Things Candidates Did in Job Interviews!


By HR-One Team
March 31, 2015

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent times. Its contribution to the business world has proven to be unparalleled. One of the latest avenues that is enjoying the fruits of technology is the HR department. Rewind a few years and you could see the HR professionals behind a piles of papers, putting in their best efforts to ensure smooth functioning of the HR processes. Communication was done in person, through memos. Slowly internet came into place, tasks and communication got leaner, faster and smoother. Then came the age of social media and everything changed overnight.

The term ‘Love it or hate it but you definitely can’t ignore it’ can’t be more accurate when it comes to social media. It has become the pivotal cog in the wheel, without which the ride could be quite bumpy. And of course, no one likes a rough ride. Human Resources has gained significantly with the boom of social media and it has transpired into HRMS as well. The best payroll management software has embraced social media and the results are nothing but favourable. Let us see some of them.

What does Social HRMS Bring to the Table?

A major transformation has been experienced in the field of communication. Social HRMS has brought in a layer of the much needed transparency as well. Recruitment has received a major transformation. Read on to know more.

–          Social HRMS has encouraged one to explored unknown avenues for recruiting: There was a time when job posting were advertised in newspapers or the existing employees intimated the news to their friends and family. The aspirants would walk in with paper resumes and the succeeding processes were dependent on paper too. HR-One’s social HRMS has changed this greatly. Today, employers can post recruiting details not just on their website but on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It is not only faster but doesn’t cost a thing. A larger pool of people can be reached through these platforms and the chances of hiring the right person increases. Since the interaction starts through social platforms, you can be assured the candidate is familiar with the world of social media which is a must these days. You get exposed to great candidates and the hiring process becomes a breeze.

–          It has empowered the employees and given a voice: Companies are making their presence felt globally. Effective communication plays a major role in bridging the gaps that can be caused by global barriers. However, communication should not be limited to just the managerial positions. Through social HRMS, the employees get an opportunity to voice their opinions, queries and suggestions. It is possible to brainstorm, gather suggestions and put out questions on social platforms and forums and everybody can contribute to it. There is no limit to the number of people who can participate in such social interactions. When you empower the employees, you increase their morale and encourage them to collaborate with each other and produce great results every single time.

–          Information can be shared in real time: A couple of years back sharing information was not a fast process. Either the information was sent personally to the concerned people or the notification would be put out where people could come and read. There was a significant time gap between the information being put out and reaching people. Then slowly the information got shared through mails, thus increasing the pace. However, the best payroll management software brought an entirely different pace through social HRMS.

All the necessary information can be shared through multiple social platforms, thus reaching a large group of people at once. The notification alerts would ensure that the information in real time. If you want to share the experience of an event you are attending with your colleagues, you can put real time updates on platforms such as Twitter and numerous people can benefit from the real time information without being present in the event.

What are benefits of Social HRMS?


By HR-One Team
May 23, 2014

The HR department of an organization is in command of recruiting new workforce. It is not an easy job to draw and pick the most competent aspirant to fill an open position. Often the employee offered in the resume is not precisely the one required in tangible situations. There are situations in which endless applicants post their resumes for the position and it becomes unmanageable for the recruiters to handle bulk applications. The process of recruitment begins with the selection of matching profiles, sorting applications, scheduling interviews, lining them effectively and recruiting the right candidate. Thus, recruitment effectiveness is highly required off the HR practitioners.There is no explicit method of determining recruitment effectiveness. However, the key parameter to judge recruitment effectiveness is time. There is an inverse proportionality between time and effective recruitment, i.e. shorter the time span taken for recruiting a candidate higher is the Recruitment Efficiency of the HR. Another important parameter of efficient recruitment is the kind of applicants attracted for the interviews. If the majority of contenders are sufficiently qualified, it shows that the HR is efficient enough in recruitment processes.The use of HRMS solution to manage recruitment process can prove to be an intelligent move for increasing the recruitment efficiency of an organization. HRMS solutions offer the tools for recruitment management. These help in interlinking HR professionals with candidate and consultation portals thereby, managing resumes online. Recruitment budgets and status reports can be easily generated through HRMS Software. Thus, recruitment efficiency multiplies drastically contributing to smart talent acquisition and financial gains.

5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Recruitment More Effective


By HR-One Team