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How to Keep away key employees from quitting?

Hiring best employees is just half the job done. Retaining them and keeping them from quitting is the other half of the job that keeps the HR department on toes. Over time some employees prove themselves to be very essential to the company. It would create quite a dent in the employee-pool and replacing those looks next to impossible.

Hiring with the help of any HRMS software isn’t an inexpensive process. Significant amount of time, money and resources have to be spent during the hiring phase to find the right people. On-boarding new employees have their own share of expenses. After the employees get well-settled in their jobs, some go beyond expectations and grow immensely forming crucial links in the enterprise. In a competitive world, companies are keeping a steady eye on their competitors’ key employees. They are not afraid to approach such key employees and try to make them a part of their organization instead. If you don’t have anything significant to offer for them to stay on, you just might lose you best employee to the next lucrative offer.

Once someone quits, the cycle of hiring starts again and it is usually considered as a wasted investment. The worst thing for you as an employer would be to see your most prized employee join forces with your competitors. So if there is someone you would like to keep hidden from the business world and want them all for yourself, the following suggestions may be helpful:

–          Offer the best tools for the employees to use: Employing web based HRMS software takes care of most HR functionalities and offers something for employees as well. When they have extremely efficient tools around them that take care of otherwise mundane, manual work they can strictly focus on doing what they do best – maximizing their skill-sets and contribute extensively to their projects.

–          Be grateful for their contribution: It is true that just one kind and grateful word would drive the most exhausted man to take the next step when he wants to give up. Understand that even the best employees are not cut out from some invincible substance; they do get worn down and might have moments where they start doubting themselves. Don’t be reluctant to shower an appreciative word and gratitude every once in a while. When employees feel appreciated and their work is recognized, they would display loyalty and the thought of quitting would be pushed back to the darkest corners of the mind.

–          Maintain a healthy communication channel with your employees: Expecting employees to respect rules and follow instructions is not wise. Communication is a two-way channel. If you want your employees to hear you, as an employer you should also put in efforts to hear them as well. Listen to what they are saying. Ask for suggestions, give them feedback, be easy to reach and offer a platform where all these are possible. HR-One’s HRMS software is amongst the best to turn to.

–          Take an initiative to fill their skill-gaps: Don’t wait for your employees to approach you and request for training of any kind. Keep their skill sets relevant and in sync with existing technology. This shows that you interested in their growth as much as they are. Any web based HRMS software would help you in addressing any gaps in skill-sets by tracking the existing skills of employees and the ones required to enhance their performance. It further helps in creating training plans to materialize the planned objectives.

–          Deal with stressful environment if there is any: Stress of any kind disrupts smooth functioning of the organization. Keep a check on the same and respond immediately when such situations crop up. Pushing it under the rug would make matters bad, the worst case scenario being employees quitting if they see no end to it. Maintaining a stress-free work culture, despite tight deadlines and other stress-inducing factors would invariably lead to happier employees and giving them another reason to stay with you.

Every single reason counts when it comes to keeping key employees from quitting.If you give them one more reason to stay, it means there is one less reason why they would want to consider opportunities elsewhere. Discuss their career progression within your organization and offer flexibility wherever you can.

Use HR Software to ensure a successful training program

Human Resource department is responsible for training its employees regularly. There are times when companies get tired about constantly hearing about the ‘importance of training programs’ and insist that they do not take the matter lightly. In fact, some will go a step further and show the frequency of training programs to put a rest to all the ‘you should offer excellent training programs to your employees’ statements. However, there is a difference between just offering lot of training programs and them actually being successful.

You can provide all the training in the world on every single day, but if it’s not designed to deliver successful results, then the purpose of training is lost instantly. Tapping the benefits of latest technology would also fail and can be costly if the end result of training is not successful. Companies should make an effort to combine the successful training technique with the capabilities of the best web based HRMS software to get the desired results. Let us see how to approach the training aspect to get the most out of it.

–          Analyzing the Problem

Training is usually a response to a problem area. Is there a new skill to be learnt to perform better in the project, do employees need extra training to get accustomed to a new technology, or do the employees have to be re-trained? Multiple questions on the same lines should be asked. Once the problem is analyzed and all possible training related questions are explored, accurate answers can be reached. One can figure out if training is actually required and what kind would be necessary. Unnecessarily providing training is as futile and damaging as offering no training at all. Spend substantial time on research as it will provide answers as well put across questions that you might have missed. Analyzing the problem fulfils the first step.

–          Designing an appropriate plan

Once the problem area is clearly analyzed, the next step is to develop a training plan that caters to solving the ‘problem’. The best payroll management software can assist in providing data that could help companies in this stage. This is where all the existing gaps are determined and experiences/requirements of trainees are considered. Based on the two, appropriate plan is designed. This is the stage where it is important to remember that not everyone requires the same plan in spite being on the same project team. The training plan should be developed around the varying degrees of expertise, qualifications and requirements of different employees. The training plans should stay away the ‘boring’ zone and focus on being fun, visual, interactive and engaging.

–          Implementing the Training Plan

Once the training plan is developed, one has to implement it. The schedule of training and further details can be intimated through web based HRMS software. Encourage employees to actively participate in the same. Identify the right time to implement your training plan. If the timing is wrong or if the concerned employees cannot make it for training, then even a well-designed plan will see immediate failure.

–          Evaluate the plan

Develop a feedback system or assessment methodology to evaluate the success of the implemented training plan. Ask trainees if they got any value through training, encourage suggestions for improvement that can be incorporated in future trainings and if they have any feedback for the trainer and his/her training techniques. On the other hand, take suggestions and feedback from the trainers too. Consider all points and incorporate those in future training plans.

Trainers and as well the team responsible for designing training plans should come up with creative ways to make training an interesting experience. Taking assistance of interesting visuals, anecdotes or stories would make greater impact and make the session more memorable. If the knowledge imparted in training is lost after trainees step out of the session due to incomprehensible concepts and explanation, then expect training sessions to fail. The best payroll management software is equipped with training management system that handles all aspects of training and development. Utilize them in the way that best suits your organization’s training needs.