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On-cloud HRMS is reshaping HR of Indian Mid-Size Businesses

The most powerful force of the Indian economy is small and medium size businesses. These businesses provide growth and generate a lot of jobs opportunities. Because of this, the demand for Human Resources will also increase.

If compared with large enterprises, then these enterprises belong to the millennial world and are more agile as well as tech savvy. They have advanced ways of working, always believes in adopting advanced and effective methods to manage their taskforce and try to build their own solutions.

For example, if we talk about digitalization, then small and mid-size organizations have realized the importance and need of using HR management software that provide right information at the right time. This information can be of any form, such as approving employee’s leaves or taking some strategic decisions in relation to the current workforce trends in the particular department.

To start a digital journey, the following points might come in your mind.

  • In small enterprises one has to wear different hats to keep an eye on all the essential activities that make an organization run smoothly. If the HR technology is up and running, you can get rid of transactional work. Now it has become a basic necessity for any HR department.
  • Investment should be made at the right place keeping in mind what is best suitable for the business. The HR technology market is evolving at a very high rate with numerous vendors coming to your doorstep on daily basis. It is very important that you take a rational decision and invest on the right product.
  • Now is time of smart generation! They believe in using Facebook and Uber that requires minimum transactions. They do not believe in spending their time in activities like, attendance management, reimbursements, etc., which as per them do not add any extra value in the profile. If SMBs come up with something extra ordinary where this workforce can use smart HR solutions, then there are high chances of getting higher returns.


SMB have become to active that they have started competing with large enterprises on the global stage and using all kind of technology to achieve the desired results. The only challenge is to get smart HR technology with better user experience at an economical price. The HR tech vendors should extend their helping hand to SMB so that they can easily survive and succeed in the competition.