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Benefits of Making Employee On-Boarding Paperless

This is the first day of a new hire and is all excited to be assigned to a new project and meeting new colleagues. But, instead of getting a new project or an introduction with the team, the HR hands a pile of papers (legal and company onboarding forms) that needs to be completed prior to join a team. All his excitement goes out of the window.

It is very important to have a quality onboarding when you join the company and one should not undervalue the onboarding process. It is also essential for the companies to realize that how they can implement a paperless onboarding process to save time of all the stakeholders.

If a company adopts a paperless new hire and onboarding system, they can enjoy the following benefits.

Faster and more efficient way to handle data

Mostly new hires are eager to meet the team at the earliest and focus on their work. They are not keen in spending the time in filling up the endless pile of papers that often requires filling the same information over and over. Online filling of information takes much lesser time than manual filling.

If HR can handle all this paperwork in the cloud or in the HRMS software, then the new hires can complete the paperwork at their own convenient time. This way their initial days can be spent doing what they have been hired to do.

Thoroughly compatible with the HR data

When a new hire joins a team, the HR department needs to keep track of so many details. If a company is using a good paperless onboarding system, then there is no need to send reminders to the new hire. The system will provide alerts and reminders to both the new hire and the hiring manager to ensure that all the required information has been checked in to the system.

With advanced techniques, like digital signatures and secured cloud-based data storage, all the employee information will be stored in the secured location and will be in full compliance of the HR policies.


The days when the HR manager has to personally sit with the new hire to get all the documentation work done is over! On the other hand, now the new hires can complete all necessary paperwork remotely, as per their convenience, and can enjoy the new work fully.

What are the on-boarding tips that companies should apply?

Companies go through several stages to finally hire the candidates they deem best. During the hiring stage, HR not only looks for qualifications and capabilities but also for those who would want to grow with the company. Candidates who quit within a few weeks of joining are the biggest hiring nightmare. Most candidates make an impulsive decision to take up the joining offer without considering the scope of the opportunity for them.

The reasons why employees quit can be different. Some may not be satisfied with the job description, some do not fit in well with the existing work culture and some may not receive the training they needed to perform the job well. All such factors contribute to low morale and low job satisfaction. With the help of web based HRMS software, these issues can be tackled. Let us see how.

  • Put out a realistic job profile

In the past, companies would put an ad in a newspaper listing out the vacancies. Due to space constraints and limited funds, the description of roles and responsibilities would be ambiguously discussed. Without understanding the actual scope of job position, candidates turned up in high numbers. Eventually they would fall short in capabilities or learn that they got hired for a position they did not want, resulting in low performance. HRMS eliminates this issue by providing a platform where accurate, well-detailed job description could be provided. Once candidates get a clear picture of the job profile, they would apply accordingly and the attrition rate would slide. It is important for candidates to make an informed decision and this solution contributes for the same.

  • Giving a proper orientation

Once the new hires join, the proceeding events should be smooth for them as well as the company. An apt and well-designed orientation program would help in doing the same. The tasks maybe as simple as submitting necessary documents, assigning a work-station to the new employee or understanding the goals and mission of a project they are assigned to. Manually performing either one of the tasks would slow down the pace of the entire process. Taking help of web based HRMS software would speed it up significantly, eliminate any cause of confusion and manual errors. Moreover, it would send reminders to candidates if any orientation steps have been skipped, if submissions of documents are overdue or send important notifications immediately. Once orientation happens smoothly, the succeeding steps become much simpler.

  • Planning and organization training plan

HR department has always maintained that they would prefer enthusiastic and positive people with less experience rather than having qualified individuals lacking interpersonal skills, poor attitude and lackluster personalities. If proper training is provided to the former, they have the potential to work extremely well, whereas nothing much can be done to make changes to the personalities and attitude of the latter which could eventually harm the overall performance. Since proper training can make a drastic difference, adequate time should be spent on planning and organizing training plans. A good HR software in India assists with creating training plans that would enrich the new hires and address the skill-gaps to perform better. Communicating these plans also become very easy through HRMS solution.

  • Constant evaluation of performance

Evaluation involves monitoring the performance, giving suggestions and listening to queries and concerns of new employees. Manually keeping a check can get tedious and mundane, resulting in managers to push this task to ‘some other day’, delaying it indefinitely. With HRMS in place, all the above mentioned tasks become much simpler and can be done on the same platform. With constant evaluation, the performance graph of new hires’ can be examined and appropriate steps can be taken to address any limitations.

Taking small steps go a long way in helping candidates quickly adapt to a new working environment. Managers should take personal interest and put in efforts to welcome the new hires. Software solution would assist in the same but if concerned team-members do not put in the additional effort, then no HR software in India would be able to do justice to the hiring system, in spite of being the best in the market. Companies should understand the solution well and milk its advantages and maximize its functionalities.