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How to Make Employees Feel Valued?

For the new-age workplace money isn’t only the driver of job satisfaction. And in that spirit, many organizations have realized that employees value other things more than just the monetary benefits. There are various studies and statistics that indicate while salary remains the important drive to attract job candidates – it isn’t the only thing to keep an employee inspired. So, what keeps an employee engaged and happy?

And, as Dale Carnegie says “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”. Here are some ideas to think about.

Flexibility for Balancing Work and Life

Technology is making things easier by which employees are available around the clock. As an employer, one should put the thinking hat and imagine what is the best thing that can be done to maintain a successful balance between personal and professional life. Flexibility at work is another key feature today’s employees consider over salary. It helps build a positive ambiance, energizes the workplace, keeps the workforce motivated, fosters positive vibes and team bonding.

Make Your Workplace Smart

Employees are intrinsically motivated to share their ideas, thoughts and collaborate freely when they have the platform where they can contribute and speak freely. The forum or an intranet communication platform. By using the right platform, you can improve communication, foster trust and productivity.

Enable Employees to Access Their Information Online

Employees are generally satisfied if they can extract information on need basis using the intuitive and secure self-service system.  Equip them with the software to diminish the manual efforts of keeping tabs on online attendance marking, employee self-service, payroll, or financial related queries. This in turn mitigates any confusion and improves engagement and experience with the organization. In addition to this, they seek the software where they can update their own personal details, apply leaves, manage leaves, track their assets, and is available 24/7 whenever they need it.

Recognize and Celebrate

It’s on the behavioural side that people want positive feedback, recognition they put forth in extra efforts, acknowledgment of great work.  Make them understand their inputs and efforts are valued. Prioritize employee recognition and you can ensure a positive and productive workplace. Recognition should not be confined to the team only, one should use a proper channel to help spread the word to peers and colleagues. People who feel appreciated are more positive about their organization and their ability to contribute. People with positive self-esteem are potentially your highly-motivated employees with greater efficiency and indeed best working professionals.

There is a consistent effort required to foster a culture of reward, engagement and recognition. However, the investment is worth it. Happier employees are more motivated and higher employee engagement is often linked with significant productivity gains along with employer branding. If you wish to foster a great culture in your organization too, you can pursue all the above steps and give us a call to give you a demo of our HRMS which will make your workplace smart.

10 Top HR Mistakes Companies Make

If people at work look happy, we often presume that everything is fine. But that may not be the case always. Businesses tend to overlook small HR gaps that can eventually snowball into major headaches! Here are 10 HR mistakes that all companies MUST avoid!

  1. Sticking to Traditional methods of HRM
    The biggest mistake many HR people make is sticking to the old ways of paper pushing. HR is not only about keeping work records, form filing and evaluating performance of an employee, but also understanding the needs of the people of the organization and helping them find their potential areas and grow.
  2. Rushing/ Waiting too long
    There is always a haste to fill the vacant spaces, and in this hurry HR people often forget to have a complete info check of the candidate. The warm body may fill the empty space, and might have some very unique skills, but fully meeting the job requirements shall be the priority. Patience is a virtue while hiring, but leaving a position open for too long can show your company to be disorganized to the potential candidates, eventually, deterring them from applying.
  3. Micro Managing
    Supervision is necessary to evaluate the performance of each employee, but continuous hovering over the subordinates can actually de-motivate your employees, and will also make them underperform.
  4. Legal Lapses
    Harassment not only means a co-worker making an unwanted move, but having a magazine that others find unsuitable at the desk, listening to music which is disturbing your colleague or sending a derogatory email about a co-worker is also harassment. To protect the company from law-suits, it is necessary to train the employees about each possible harassment scenario.
  5. Ignoring Social Media
    Even though Social media has become an integral part of the businesses, HR people often ignore the social checks of their current and potential employees. Social media profile of a person not only tells about his history, but also reveals a lot about his personality. Companies should take care that employees may use the social media to say bad things about the company or even disclose the confidential information.
  6. Over- Socializing with employees
    While there is always a need of proper communication and interaction between the employees and the HR department, over-socializing can create complications in the work process. The HR people can lose their authority, and can also project the idea of not being serious about the tasks and employee performance.
  7. Neglecting the High Performers
    For any employee, recognition and being valued by the managers can prove to be the biggest morale booster. Companies who neglect the high performers or don’t give proper rewards (because verbal appreciation cannot work every time) often risk losing their future leaders.
  8. Playing Favorites
    To stay out of the conflicts, it is necessary to stay out of the favoritism bars. It not only demoralizes other employees and helps in giving opportunities to non deserving people, but eventually decreases the quality of performance.
  9. Inadequate HR policies
    No HR policy is perfect, they all have glitches. But, it is important to take out time and revise your policies according to the needs of your employees once a year. Because having adequate policies for current and future scenarios will help reduce stress between management and employees, liabilities and costs to your business.
  10. Performance Management threats
    Having a culture of continuous feedback is needed for continuous improvement, it cannot be a once-a-year tradition. HR department shall make sure that a person doing wrong now, shall be corrected now. The practice of continuous feedback helps the employees perform to their highest potential and boosts the business success.

Though these are small things, yet they can have a huge impact on business. The best approach is to be proactive and keep things in order, before they get out of control.