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10 tips for your next Employee Engagement Activity!

Engaging employees at every stage is considered healthy for the growth of an organization. On one side, it makes employees realize that they are the important element of the organization. On the other side, it helps in retaining the best talent within the company.

Let us see at some cool ideas of how to engage employees that can help them feel motivated at work and improve their performance.

Build wall less organization

You should have a rapport of being approachable. Employees should feel that they can approach you with questions, suggestions, and problems.

This way, you can boost your employees’ morale and instead of treating you as an HR monster, they will start treating you as a part of the team with whom they can interact anytime!

Spend quality time

It will not harmful if you invest quality time with your employees. Getting involved in games like Pictionary, carom, and chess will help you build a positive relation with your teammates.

Regular brainstorming sessions

It doesn’t matter whether you hold these sessions weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Try to bring all your teammates together and have healthy brainstorming sessions with them.

Exchange roles

To make work interesting, allow employees to work in a different team or in a different role. It helps employees to understand the challenges of their colleagues and gives them a chance of pace from their daily routines.

Organize training wherever required

Work without training can sometimes be demoralizing for employees. Being HR personnel, you should try to organize trainings (both technical and personalized) to raise the morale of employees. This should be one of your tasks in your calendar. Ensure that the employees continue to get all the trainings they need to keep moving forward.

Internal hiring

Internal hiring is one of the best ways that helps you to keep your employees motivated and engaged. It gives an opportunity to everyone to move up within the organization. It also generates excitement that can benefit the business as a whole because and internal hiring will always be experienced about company operations.

Improve your leadership skills

It is very important to have strong leadership to achieve an engaged team. It makes your team confident as well as boosts their morale and enthusiasm levels as they realize that their leader is aware about the work being assigned to them. The best way to improve leadership quality is to become a good listener and express trust in your team. If you work on yourself, then you can go a long way to improve engagements of people around you.

Contribute in the form of blog writing

Become a sport and contribute towards blogs. It will help you bridge the gap between the senior and lower levels. Encourage your staff to read and comment on blogs. It will help employees to feel that they are part of the organization.

Organize office outings

Work is important but taking breaks from work is equally important! Try to organize and outings with your team and just chill. It helps in building a strong relationship with your team and among themselves. This way you all can burn some of your office stress.

Do something different

For example, throw some challenges in front of your team, which will help them to come out of their comfort zone. You can ask them to lead a team or conduct team meetings.


If you follow the above-mentioned ideas, then you will definitely achieve the good results and be able to have a highly engaged team that is focused on overcoming all challenges.

Sparkling Ideas for Diwali Celebrations at Work

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! There is festivity and excitement all around, so why leave your work place out? Here are some sparkling Diwali celebration ideas to light up your office mood!

Deck it up: Diwali is all about lights and brightness, so deck up your office space with all things red and yellow. Traditional diyas, sparkling lights, and a grand rangoli would be a great facelift for otherwise, dull office corners.

If you want to do things differently, consider decorating workspaces with bright dupattas and Rajasthani hangings to give it a traditional feel. If your folks love spunk, add jazzy party gears like super-size goggles, party poppers, and some cut outs of crackers and sweets.

Place colorful candles and small danglers at each workstation to give them a bright, festive look.

colorful candles

Diwali Delicacies:  No Indian festival is complete without food. So how about a week long Diwali Special Food Fiesta at work? Provide traditional food from different regions in the cafeteria all through the week and see how the excitement soars up! To make it even more interactive, you can ask employees to volunteer and set up food stalls for their peers. Award the “best-selling” dish and voila, you would have all happy smiles and (tummies) at your workplace. To do the team building bit, you can also ask different teams to come up with a Diwali special menu every day and then award the best team.

 On the gala day, add some touch of tradition to the food. From menu to serving, make sure that everything celebrates the spirit of Diwali. From using ethnic table covers in cafeteria to adding meetha paan, you can play on with the menu to make the Diwali gala at your office a memorable one!

Meetha Paan

Team Activities:  The main purpose behind office celebrations is to break ice and being people together. You can organize different activities on Diwali to make people interact with each other. Traditional attire is a must on Diwali. Make sure your employees dress their best. Make them do an impromptu ramp walk and give out exciting prizes to some of the best dressed ones.

Set up a “Family wali Diwali” board and ask your employees to stick pictures of Diwali celebrations with their family on it. Award the best pics.  You can also conduct quick 10 min rangoli and bay decoration competitions for your teams. Bring on some great music and your Diwali gala would be a super hit!

Team Activities

Bright decore, good food and some interesting games make up for a perfect Diwali celebration recipe. You can mix and match these three per your office rules and make the best of this occasion. Do share with us your Diwali celebration ideas and pics. Here’s wishing all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali!