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Are your employees happy? 10 Signs HRs should always look for

As an HR person, it’s important to know if your employees are happy. Here are 10 tell-a-tale signs that you can look out for inconspicuously to ensure that your folks are doing well!

  1. Smiling

A real smile always gets reflected in your eyes. While talking to your employees, observe their smiles. Is the smile natural or fake? With the smile and eyes, you would be able to measure the happiness of a person.

  1. Vacation Pattern

Employees, who have planned vacations are generally happier than those who have unplanned frequent vacations. If the employee’s availability is predictable and balanced with planned vacations, it is generally a sign of a happy employee, who knows when a break is needed and also eager to be back at work.

  1. Reaching To Work On Time

A satisfied employee would love to come to work on time. If a person reaches office in time with a genuine smile, you can easily make out that they are motivated towards their work assignments.

  1. Building Friendly Relationship With Colleagues

Studies have shown, when co-workers spend more time together it can be good for business. Good working relationships and camaraderie help organizations create higher performance in the workplace.

  1. Contributing Towards Voluntary Work Events

If your company is organizing voluntary work events over and above the normal working hours, employees, who participate, are reflecting happiness with their jobs.

  1. Preserving Company Resources

A happy employee would never like to misuse or see wastage of their company’s resources. Consider how often an employee is asking for office supplies, such as stationary. Other examples can be wastage of electricity and coffee.

  1. Behaving Passionately

An unhappy person can never work with passion or energy. Passionate employees strive to do their best, are quick to alert if things are not going well and always ready with suggestions on how to make things better. Look out for employees, who exhibit high energy and passion levels.

  1. Proposing Solutions

A satisfied employee will always like to contribute in discussions and can invest time towards the growth of the organization. If your employees voluntarily take the time to think about the company’s future, take it positively.

  1. Showing Optimistic Attitude

To determine the number of employees that are optimistic and happy with the company, conduct a meeting. Take their feedback. People providing positive feedback are happier and vice-versa.

  1. Good Working Relationship With Manager or Boss

It is not necessary for employees to be friends with their boss but they need to have a good rapport. Employees, who have a good rapport, generally tend to get recognition and support from their manager and perform better.

A happy employee can help in creating a productive and vibrant work atmosphere. Employees, who do not display any of the above signs, need support and action from the HR to bring them into the happy zone.  

10 HR qualities to die for

Building up others and enhancing their lives, blooming up creativity, productivity, and profits makes good Human Resource (HR) personnel. An HR is considered as the core of human capital management.

Following are the 10 qualities and characteristics of successful Human Resource managers.

  1. Patience

Patience is a virtue! You need to understand that to achieve an expected output, one has to go through tough competition, which sometimes consumes time and energy.

  1. Willpower

HR managers with strong determination towards their goal will always stay focused to achieve desired results and be consistent in their efforts.

  1. Proactive

Foreseeing problems and seeking appropriate solutions are expected from HR managers. Good HR manager will never wait for things to happen. Instead, they will proactively take corrective actions.

  1. Communicator

HR managers need to communicate across the vertical as well as the horizontal of an organization, i.e., from top management down to all level of employees. An effective HR manager must be a strong communicator and influencer. It should be a two-way communication, where you listen to your fellow mates and try to hear what isn’t being said.

  1. Ethical

Human Resource profession comes with a great deal of moral, ethical, and legal responsibilities. Recruiting, compensating, training, and managing performance require a great deal of ethical ramifications. In a maze of all these complicated factors, everyone in a workplace look to an HR for guidance. Therefore, HR is always advised to stick to the defined ethical codes of conduct to guide their behaviors.

  1. Approachable

Efficient and effective HR managers would like to sit with the team so that they are easily approachable by their employees. They love to follow “open door policy”.

  1. Passionate

Great HR managers are always passionate about their work and their mission is to achieve desired results. They are passionate about talent – finding it, training it, involving it, and building it.

  1. Innovative

Extraordinary HR managers believe in designing creative and unique approaches to attract, manage, and develop talent so that they can stand out from others in the crowd. They are supporters, representatives, and inventers of world-class talent initiatives.

  1. Strategic

Outstanding HR managers strengthen the employer-employee relationship in a strategic way. However, there is more to achieve such as, formulating workforce strategy and determining functional processes required to meet organization goals. This means, that this profile requires expertise in every human resource discipline.

  1. Learner

Last, but not the least, extraordinary HR managers would never stop learning and building new skills-sets. They always try to find new ways to improve their own efficiency, and thereby, their organization’s success.

These are few of the many qualities that can make an HR manager successful. To be successful in this field, you must learn other traits, such as being humble, self-confident, optimistic, etc., and plan living out them every day.

Want to be a “Bold” HR? Here are 6 things you need!

An HR that dares to change. An HR that is Bold. An HR that is transformational. Any discussion in the HR fraternity is not complete without these statements. If you are ready to take the plunge and be that all new bold HR, here are 6 things that you need, like NOW!

  1. A LOT of “people” focus: When HRs talk to people, they can guide them about career growth and improvement opportunities, not just at work, but outside as well. Better interaction also leads to higher trust and regard for the HR. Moreover, when the HRs are deeply involved with people, it becomes easy for them to analyze behavioral changes, attrition etc. If you want to be that bold HR, leave your desk, and mingle with people.
  1. Set the culture: HRs need to become the brand ambassadors for their organizations, know the mission and vision by heart, and re-iterate them enough. Communicating organizational vision and aspirations helps in reinforcing cultural and behavioral standards that you wish the HRs to follow. If you want to be that bold HR, know what your organization means by heart and shout it out, enough.
  1. Get rid of the boring reviews: The “one size fits all” sort of flat review processes does not work anymore. Break the annual review cycle in to smaller chunks, make it more interactive and “cool” for the employees. Let go of the never ending paper work and build avenues for real time performance feedback. If you want to be that bold HR, encourage genuine conversations around performance improvement and growth.
  1. Train and nurture: Your organization will stop growing if your employees do not upgrade to the new. Drive training programs that help your people learn new things and implement them at work. Ask your people about what new they want to learn and do, facilitate it, and see the change! If you want to be that bold HR, help your people identify the right career progression, supported by training and learning opportunities.
  1. Start your search at home: At times you will find the best of talents, right under your nose, only if you looked there! Putting systems in place that actually help you know your employees better will help you know who can contribute where. If you want to be that bold HR, know the strengths of your employees, beyond their defined KRAs.
  1. Let your employees talk: Strong and clear internal networking goes a long way in building happy employee-employer relationships. Interaction between people from different departments helps in knowledge sharing. When people know about strengths and challenges of other departments, you may get best practices and solutions coming in, right from your own teams! If you want to be that bold HR, get your people talking over food, and see the new ideas buzz around.

5 Things Only Smart HR People Do

Are you one of these?

HR walks a tight rope balancing employees and the management. From operational challenges to strategies, all sits on their desk alike.  And in this scenario, all they need is a bit of smart management to keep things going. Here are five things only smart HRs do to juggle all the balls smoothly!

  1. Get to the bottom: Smart HRs are not afraid of getting to the bottom of any issue. Nipping the problem in the bud helps them avoid repeat scenarios and bring in a long lasting solution. Many a times a lot of problems at office get snowballed just because no one tried to find the cause. Once you know the root cause, you can treat it permanently.
  1. Build Relationships:  Smart HRs connect with their people well. A quick chat over the coffee or catching up with people at lunch helps them understand the general sentiment. Also, when you have strong relationships with your employees they are more likely to become your allies in spreading the right message and controlling the gossip grapevine.
  1. Ready for the next:  Smart HRs are always ready for the next. Be it technology, health policies, statutory updates and more. A far cry from the traditional HR mindset, the Smarts HRs are ready to embrace newer communication technologies and platforms like social. They believe in enabling their people through different mediums.
  1. H for Humanity:  Human resources are all about nurturing people. Smart HRs know the value of imbibing humanity into daily operations. They support their people in tough situations and lend patience ear to their woes, because sometimes just listening to people can solve a lot of problems!
  1. They Know What to Do: No more dependent on just ‘talks’ and ‘common sense’. They run with statistics and compliances. Whether it’s a global workforce or a niche market, they know the rules well. They know what works in global and local scenarios. Always well informed, the Smart HRs know their stuff inside out.