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February 13, 2018

There’s a reason why paperwork, excel sheets and spreadsheets are no longer a part of the corporate setting to track the entire travel expense submission, approval, and reimbursement process. The convenience that digital platform bring in has been one of the main drivers for the widespread usage of expense management software today. Not only are HRMS platforms more flexible, scalable and user-friendly, but they also reduce the hassle of carrying out and managing heaps of paper cash and expense related vouches with easy-to-use interface and seamless transactions.

Such convenience is particularly helpful when you have hundreds of thousands of employees for whom you need to manage all their expenses in a simple and integrated fashion. Moreover, with the flexibility of marking expenses on the go you need not have to rely on the heavy software or manual paperwork to claim your expense and wait for days to make it happen. This blog illustrates the importance of investing in an expense management software.

Ease the administrative burden with process-driven expense submission

Speed adoption with an easy-to-use interface and mobile-enabled features. Configure the approval process and assign approvers with dynamic and multi-level workflow.

Eliminate paper storage costs and hassle

Easy to capture receipts via a mobile device and attach them seamlessly to the expense report. Use the expense report submission features that work across any mobile or desktop device for a consistent user experience and real-time status tracking.

Easy to define policies at the individual level

It’s easy to define expense policies at employee, employee group, department, or business unit level. You can also set maximum claim limits for each role. The system also tracks and reports exception scenarios. This helps employers to keep a constant check on expense policies and give a clear picture of all their expenses.

Real time visibility  

Real time visibility for your business save critical hours for your finance team. With HR-One expense module, you can automate expense policy and never lose track of expenses and reimburse faster.

Manage Payments

With HR-One expense management module, you can effortlessly manage payments. When an employee applies for any travel claims his immediate superior gets notified and receive real time alerts for approval. Once the expense request gets approved, you can reimburse the amount to the employee. So, this means the entire process is streamlined and you can manage payments   hassle-free.

Keeps a record of all claims

Employees can submit their claims on the fly. The software maintains a complete record of all submitted, approved, pending and rejected claims. Local conveyance claims are calculated on the basis of actual distance calculation with Google API.

With these benefits in hands, it’s not difficult to gauge the importance of expense management software in your organization. So, whether you want to automate the entire travel expense submission, approval, and reimbursement process or need to submit expenses and receipts from any mobile device for faster reimbursement, expense management software is the one you would like to focus on.

Expense Management – The New Way With Zero Manual & Paper Work‎


By HR-One Team
September 8, 2017

HRMS software can help all departments in an organization including the finance, accounting, sales, customer care and other departments. But, it  is equally empowering the human resource department too. HR-One HRMS automates the activities of the HR and increase the productivity of HR department, reducing the probability of errors in the functioning of managing people and HR department at the same time. Let’s quickly glance as how HRMS empowers HR department in myriad ways.

Automate Processes

If there’s one common thing that most HR departments generally have is heaps of paperwork. From recruitment process to interview notes to performance reviews to government-mandated reporting, most human resources are flooded with forms, papers, and reports.  Today’s managers need real-time access to reports and they want to have it on the go on their Smartphone’s, tablets or other mobile devices. People today are used to automated process where one swipe, or a touch of button generate dynamic reports and manage data.

HR software digitizes nearly all paperwork your HR department creates. It also empowers users and decision-makers to access reports instantly and remotely. Further, there is no risk of any paper loss, miscalculations, errors. Best of all, these processes can be done instantly irrespective of location. It helps create consistent records of all employees, such as personal as well as professional details.

With the automated software in place, the entire HR process becomes more transparent, paperless and swift. With one system, you can easily glance what all are the upcoming requirements within the time and then the software also helps in the recruitment process by filtering out the details of the candidate. Right from hiring request to offer, there is a systematic workflow that keeps track of all open positions and closures with stage wise statistics.

Further, you can filter out relevant information of any employee, such as birthday date, anniversary date, leave expenses, attendance, travel expenses or any other related information.  Together with this, do you want to create a record of in-house expenses incurred, tracking employees’ attendance, etc. Without any worry, you can generate reports of different levels.

Here are a few reports that you can easily generate using an advanced HRMS.

Module reports

Create graphical reports for all your data – be it for workforce or payroll. The best part is that it gives you in-depth analysis of all your data at the organization level, department level, as well as employee level.


Are you looking for customized dashboards? Well, HR-One HRMS renders this feature. It gives you instant, accurate insights in the form of graphs and charts.

Statutory Reports

This module helps in generating important statutory reports. You can just pick up the template matching your business requirements and start generating reports.

With HR-One HRMS, you not only access and share information through well-defined workflows, but also gain a critical insight about your HR department, conquer HR management challenges and improve the effectiveness of HR in your company and make better decisions.

Gain In-Depth HR-Critical Metrics with HROne


By HR-One Team
July 6, 2017

If you get the right tool, your life will become easier! It is true in every field, be it constructing a house, building a road, or managing your office expense claims. If you get a right budgeting tool, you can easily manage expense claims of your organization in a more effective and efficient way.

Keeping this in mind, you can try using the expense module of HR-One. This module helps you in managing all your expenses in an easier way. You can define the various expense policies and types of expenses on your own, which further can be claimed by employees of your organization. This module is very well integrated with the payroll module. Once the manager approves the expense sheet submitted, it is automatically transferred to the payroll module for smooth reimbursement.

The HR-One Expense Module has got the following in-built features.

Managing Payments

When employees apply for various types of claims, such as travel expenditure incurred for any official trip, the immediate superior gets a notification of the same for approval or rejection. Once the expense request is approved or rejected, either the particular amount is reimbursed to the employee or a notification is sent to the employee with the reason why it has been rejected.

Setting-up Policies

You can define expense policies at various levels, such as employee level, department level, business unit level. Based on the role, you can easily set a maximum claim limit. There is an additional feature where the tool easily tracks and reports exception scenarios.


Employees have a right to submit their claims. The system maintains detailed record of all submitted, approved, pending and rejected claims. These details can be used at the time of detailing out the financials of the company during a particular tenure.


The HR-One Expense Software is highly intuitive and user-friendly tool. It helps tracking and managing all the expenditure claims raised by employees as well as the disbursements against them given by an organization. It allows you to easily manage all your petty expenses, like conveyance, ordering coffee for the client, etc. Not only this, you can easily manage all your travel itineraries in a more process oriented way and manage all the bookings through a centralized travel desk.

Manage and Track your Expenses with HR-One Expense Module


By HR-One Team
April 19, 2017

Are you looking for a web-based recruitment management system that can handle all recruitment functions (from raising a request-to-hire till the successful candidate is onboarded into the job) efficiently and effectively? Well, HR-One Recruitment module will help you in making recruitment faster and more effective with reduced costs and impact of employee turnover. This module helps in making the hiring process transparent, quicker, and paperless. You can tailor dashboards as per your needs and make them more flexible, robust, responsive, and user-friendly.

Features and Benefits

  • Raise a request to recruit: This module gives you the flexibility of raising a request to hire a new candidate. It allows you to track the progress of the requisition. There is a pre-defined workflow that helps you in assigning the recruiters to fill the gap of hiring a right candidate for the right positions.
  • Get resumes from different sources: An open job position can be filled either internally or externally. HR-One enables you to get repository of resumes internally from sources like internal references, intranet based job portals, etc. On the other hand, you can also hire employees from outside. The examples of external sources are job portals, social media websites, and consultant portals.
  • Provide interview feedback: No feedback after an interview is catastrophic to the hiring process. HR-One provides you a feature in the recruitment workflow that helps you to share the interview feedback with all the relevant stakeholders simultaneously. You can also store and maintain the feedback of all candidates for future reference.


  • The recruitment module automates and centralizes all applicant information with a user-friendly and searchable platform.
  • This module makes the entire recruitment process transparent and paperless.
  • The customized dashboards for hiring managers, recruitment managers and recruiters that makes this module extremely simple to use for each user.


If you believe in customization, transparency, storing information at the centralized location, then you should opt HR-One Recruitment module. This module is intuitive and provides the recruitment status to all the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, do not think twice and just go for it!

HR-One Recruitment Module: Key Features & Benefits!


By HR-One Team
April 5, 2017

What is analytics? How does it impact the various departments, such as HR in the organization? Can it help in optimizing organization performance, forecasting, and reporting? If yes, how?

These are the few questions that can come to your mind whenever anyone talks about Data Analytics or Big Data.

Let us see how the data is created and then analyzed for the betterment of the organization.

Create data

What if you get a system that can help you in creating a consistent record of each and every employee of your organization? And further, it can help you in creating Human Resource (HR) module defining and supporting your organization’s structures and policies.

Well, with the help of HR-One HRMS, you can do so! You can create data (such as personal details and professional details) of all your employees and provide access of this information within a well-defined workflow. It will help you in having data points about the organization, departments and employees across all levels – be it horizontally or vertically.

How will it help?

The analysis of these data points can be helpful for various scenarios. Some of them are described below.

  • The HR can get a transparent, paperless and a quicker hiring process. It is a known fact that HR can be flooded with applications for a position. Hiring managers can raise a request for the upcoming requirements in the team and can analyze candidate information and fitment with their requisition.
  • HR analytics, such can help you to gather information about all employees, such as attendance, leave, travel request, or any expense incurred on behalf of the company and study the pattern based on these parameters to modify or update any existing company policy.
  • HR analytics is helping companies to study and analyze their health data. For example, it helps in evaluating the effectiveness of their defined programs, determine the gaps in these programs or employee benefits, and improve these programs.


A good HRMS tool with in-built Analytics (like HR-One) not only deals in gathering data related to employees but also helps provide insight into various data points of the organization via analytics so that HR can take strategic decisions.

Create & Analyze: Bring your data to life with HR-One


By HR-One Team
January 23, 2017

There’s no doubt in the fact that financials matter a lot for any small business. And while large financial transactions often matter the most in any business, entrepreneurs and managers can’t ignore the importance of payroll as well. It’s a regular expenditure, and the motivation of your workforce depends on it. Therefore, you can’t afford to mess it up, especially if you’re a small business.

Proper management of payroll processing requires a good software solution. And while there’re separate payroll processing services and software products available in the market, having a dozen different software products/services managing your HR does nothing instead of making things complicated.

At this point you may be wondering, isn’t there a simplified yet expedited way of doing it? Well, there certainly is, and it’s called HR-One.

What is HR-One?

It’s a great HRMS software whose functionality can be extended with different modules. You need recruitment help? There’s a module. You need helpdesk? There’s a module. Similarly, they’ve a payroll processing module as well – so if you implement their software, you don’t need to rely on a separate HRMS payroll software.

So, now it’s clear that HR-One can act as your payroll processing software. Now let’s see what it can do for you.

Why HR-One: The Benefits

HR-One’s Payroll Management module can help you with virtually every task related to employee payments. Some of the tasks that it can help you perform efficiently and effectively include:

  • Tracking work hours,
  • Calculating compensation according to those hours, and;
  • Withholding all the taxes and deductions.

It has got many great features to help you do these things. For example, it allows you to:

  • Define multiple salary structures according to policies of your company;
  • Calculate and disburse salary along with its various components;
  • Create error free statutory compliance reports according to your industry.

These features are presented to you on foundation of such a great HRMS software that you can utilize each of them effortlessly.


Mistakes in payroll processing may turn out to be too costly for any business, so you must have a great software managing it for you. And not just any software, because you don’t want a complicated maze of different HRMS solutions as well.

For these reasons, HR-One can certainly be the best choice for your HRMS payroll software because it has got features to save you from both these problems. You should try it today to simplify and expedite your company’s payroll processing.

Simplify and Expedite Your Payroll Processing With HR-One


By HR-One Team