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July 18, 2017

What is the most important key element that companies of all sizes seek in achieving and maintaining goodwill, high revenues, and growth? Well, it is – handling the workforce of your organization.

However, as per the recent studies, the Human Resources department spends most of its time in handling meager routine administrative work. Because of this, they are unable to focus on crucial and high-value work, such as charting down plans for the existing workforce, coming out with strategic ways of recruiting, jotting down plans for organizational development, and compensation.

One way of transforming the traditional work-culture is automation through an efficient Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution. There are so many HRMS vendors that offering tools for the HR department and helping it in strategic decision-making, which is very essential in today’s highly charged business environment.

What are you expecting from HRMS vendors?

HR’s mission critical is absorbing the talented candidates, training them, offering them best compensations, and coming out with best schemes to retain them. There are HRMS vendors that offer powerful tools helping you to understand your workforce’s main skills, talents, and experience.

Here are some special features that you can expect in your HRMS system.

Employee central

If you have employee central feature, then you can easily manage your workforce locally as well as globally. In addition to this, the tool should be able to handle core data simultaneously with talent and crucial business processes for better vision, strategic decision making, and, last but not the least, better business performance.

Expense handling

You will definitely be thankful, if you get a tool that can easily manage all your official expenses. For example, expenditure incurred for organizing a training or throwing a new year’s bash for the staff. Also, it allows you to create multiple reports to be submitted to the senior management.

Managing leaves

Are you spending lot of time in managing employees’ leaves? The tool should allow you to set automated leave requests and create multiple leave policies as per company’s rules.

Timesheet management

Managing timesheet was never considered an easy task! But if you get a tool that provides you various features to manage this task in a better way through web portal or mobile interface, then life will become very easy for you.

Managing and tracking assets

It is necessary that there is a proper track of all the assets being issued to each and every employee of the organization till the time they are in use. The HR department will be very relieved if they get the asset management feature to state and update the current status of all the existing assets.


When you start hunting HRMS tools in India, you will get so many of them that provide employee self-service feature allowing you to focus on critical activities like taking strategic decisions. While opting one, you should ensure that it has the capability of handling above-mentioned features effectively and efficiently enabling HR staff to serve employees in a better way.

HR-One Features that will Make Your Workplace Smart


By HR-One Team
April 21, 2017

Payroll teams spend most of their time manually updating all the payroll related tasks, which is the most time consuming, monotonous, and expensive process.

What if these teams get an opportunity to use a system that can perform all payroll related activities anytime and anywhere? Not only this, the payroll system is scalable as well as user friendly. A system that ensures managing the end-to-end spectrum of payroll system with better control, flexibility, and accuracy. A good Human Resource Management System (HRMS) payroll system may help to revolutionize a workplace!

The payroll system often requires very little input from the employer, such as employee wage information and number of hours worked. After this, it handles all calculations on its own and performs withholdings automatically. The best part is most of the HRMS payroll software are automatically updated based on a tax law changes. It also helps notifying employers when to file different types of tax forms.

Selecting a payroll system

It is important that you choose a payroll system that suits best to your business needs. But what are the parameters that you should keep in mind when making a selection? An effective payroll system should have the following features.

  • A payroll system should have details of all employees and other details like number of hours they have worked on different tasks.
  • A payroll system should not only record number of hours the employees have worked but must be handle difficult operations, like taking care of government taxation.
  • There should be a feature of keeping detailed and correct records. Record-keeping helps in monitoring trends, like how much overtime is being paid.
  • An automated payroll system helps in organizing other tasks, such as helping employees to independently print pay stubs.


In today’s era where technology ecosystem is growing at an exponential pace, it is a time for the HR department to embrace new systems and tools managing employee engagement and communication, workplace culture etc. No matter which services you choose, the features should be customized to suit your business needs. An effective payroll system should be able to offer advantages in terms of time, cost, and accuracy.

An Integrated Payroll Solution can provide a seamless end-to-end experience


By HR-One Team
April 19, 2017

Are you looking for a web-based recruitment management system that can handle all recruitment functions (from raising a request-to-hire till the successful candidate is onboarded into the job) efficiently and effectively? Well, HR-One Recruitment module will help you in making recruitment faster and more effective with reduced costs and impact of employee turnover. This module helps in making the hiring process transparent, quicker, and paperless. You can tailor dashboards as per your needs and make them more flexible, robust, responsive, and user-friendly.

Features and Benefits

  • Raise a request to recruit: This module gives you the flexibility of raising a request to hire a new candidate. It allows you to track the progress of the requisition. There is a pre-defined workflow that helps you in assigning the recruiters to fill the gap of hiring a right candidate for the right positions.
  • Get resumes from different sources: An open job position can be filled either internally or externally. HR-One enables you to get repository of resumes internally from sources like internal references, intranet based job portals, etc. On the other hand, you can also hire employees from outside. The examples of external sources are job portals, social media websites, and consultant portals.
  • Provide interview feedback: No feedback after an interview is catastrophic to the hiring process. HR-One provides you a feature in the recruitment workflow that helps you to share the interview feedback with all the relevant stakeholders simultaneously. You can also store and maintain the feedback of all candidates for future reference.


  • The recruitment module automates and centralizes all applicant information with a user-friendly and searchable platform.
  • This module makes the entire recruitment process transparent and paperless.
  • The customized dashboards for hiring managers, recruitment managers and recruiters that makes this module extremely simple to use for each user.


If you believe in customization, transparency, storing information at the centralized location, then you should opt HR-One Recruitment module. This module is intuitive and provides the recruitment status to all the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, do not think twice and just go for it!

HR-One Recruitment Module: Key Features & Benefits!


By HR-One Team
December 23, 2015

A human resource management system (HRMS) manages the most important asset of your organization, your people. Hence, you must ensure that you choose the right system, one that perfectly meets the need of your people!

If you are thinking about a human resource management system for your organization, here are some MUST have features that your HRMS should come with:

Employee Self Service: This is a key feature that is also the foundation of any good HRMS. The employee self service module enables people to see and do a lot things on their own. It reduces their general dependencies on the HR and also keeps them updated about all important announcements. This also saves a lot of time and effort for the HR and at the same time helps employees to interact with the organization in an interactive way.

Payroll and Statutory: Payroll and compliance are big pain areas for the HR. Tedious paper work and complex procedures make it extremely difficult to process payroll manually. A human resource management system with payroll ensures that all your data is tracked and that the processing is error free. It also ensures that tax and other statutory compliances are met for all roles across the organization. This module automates the entire payroll process and makes it extremely simple, quick and accurate.

Database: How many of your struggle with heaps of files to maintain employee records? How safe is your data? An HRMS maintains your complete database in a secure way. All of employees’ details and activities from hire to retire can be tracked easily.

Reimbursements: A robust human resource management software would also take care of all reimbursements and expenses incurred by any employee or organization. From travel bills to issue of assets, everything is visible in a single click.

Performance Management: Performance management is a tricky space as it has a direct impact on people. A good human resource management system makes the whole review and performance tracking system transparent and simple. With clear goals and metrics defined for each employee, it becomes easy for the employee and the managers to keep a track on progress and ratings. This helps in avoiding any year end surprises and also paves a clear progress path for the employees.

Does your HRM has these 5 things?


By HR-One Team
July 28, 2014

To help gainfulness and benefit of a business organization, its human asset department needs to be redesigned actually. On the off chance that it gets specialized points of interest, it might have the capacity to convey more key yields than at any time in the past, can upgrade worker engagement and hold top entertainers of the client organization. HR department ought to work towards attaining them.

With attaining them, it can enhance the gainfulness and benefit of the organization and, in the meantime, it can supplant the traditional paper-based, time-taking and failure prone manual HR management systems. Utilization of an online HRMS can update the HR department considerably and help produce educated business decisions significantly.

Actually exceptional human asset department of a business organization can deal with its exercises perfectly. A right decision of a decent HRMS solution can make this conceivable and fulfill everyday HR functions rapidly and immaculately, with substantially less conveying sagacious business sagacity. Nowadays, organizations are seen turning to online HRMS solutions to overcome numerous business challenges, economic dimensions, and strategic issues. At the same time, settling on a right decision is truly troublesome in light of the accessibility of their numerous sorts. Notwithstanding, while wanting to purchase such a solution, verify, to the point that the solution has these beneath expressed gimmicks.


Regarding the matter of dealing with workers’ profiles, you need to ensure them by all methods. Settling on a decision of a framework that can secure workers’ profiles completely is extremely essential, in light of the fact that such imperative database ought not be permitted to get abused or misused. Indeed, it is the inclination of security as one of the primary reasons that you pick a solution that can secure the database completely.


An organization ought to pick such a framework, to the point that is accessible to use adjust the clock. Case in point, the framework ought to have an office to get to its database from anyplace, whenever, much after the business hours. This office can permit the workers of the client organizations to know of their pay history, time off, contact information, timing and a lot of people more. With utilizing it, they can additionally send change solicitation to the HR department to roll out improvement of any transferred information. For doing these, they don’t need to sit tight for someone from the HR department to help them with routine appeals. Additionally, an alternate essential part of a dependable HR Management Solution is its capability to meet your record-keeping necessities, and rapidly get to that database to stay in agreeability with workforce regulations.

Single Employee Record:

With having more than one installations of HRM programming, clients discover overseeing worker database and synchronizing exercises of a few departments troublesome. Yet, it gets to be less demanding with having a framework that can bring together database consistently. Such an incorporated framework can offer a solitary source to payroll, examination, administration, worker life-cycle management and other discriminating representative information. Also, it can bring about consistent, dependable information that your whole organization depends on.


Office of having consistent communication with workers guarantees that things accomplish legitimately. Each representative of your organization ought to be mindful of the objectives of your organization so they progress in the direction of them successfully. Yet, to guarantee their responsibility, a great HRM framework needs to be utilized. With having such a framework, you can advise your workers, supervisors, HR staffs, and payroll staffs when something needs their attention. Once more, to improve the HR functions, a quick framework needs to be utilized to get auto-produced email cautions about numerous things, for instance looming representative certification recharging dates, and so on. A framework that has coordinated administration toward oneself module could be useful for the HR chiefs to correspond all the more adequately with the workers by permitting them to effortlessly recover information. On the off chance that a framework has these solutions, it can dispense with the issues that beforehand existed and brought about noncompliance danger, missed plan numbers, or confusion over attained profits. A decent HR framework produces reports effectively and flawlessly.

Return on Employee Investment (ROEI):

Secure, solid, faultless report generation and compelling communication are the end results of a successful HRMS. Yet, what use improves it have unless profit and full worker engagement are guaranteed? This angle is paramount for an organization, in light of the fact that evaluation of representative exhibitions is done all the more viably by a framework that has got this peculiarity incorporated into it. Truth be told, a business organization means to attain the worth for the money it has used on its representatives and representative management setups. This is the thing that ROEI need to educate all regarding!

In this aggressive business world, attaining the business objectives for a business organization is getting to be very troublesome, however it is simple when it utilizes HRMS solutions that help them take control of HR information and mechanize key techniques. In the event that a business organization can guarantee security, unwavering quality, a solitary worker record, viable communication and a robust ROEI, it will have the capacity to create the best values. Furthermore, its HR department can convey shrewd business insights furthermore will have the capacity to help the client organization overcome numerous difficulties related with human asset and economic weights confronted consistently.

What are the Features to be consider while buying HRMS software?


By HR-One Team