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November 30, 2016

If there’re two things that’re both too important and too scarce in supply at workplaces, they’re motivation and productivity. Checkout the Gallup Employee Engagement Report and you’ll get the picture. Per that report, only 13% of employees around the globe say that they’re engaged at work. And since motivation directly affects productivity, this kind of disengagement and un-motivation among employees hurts businesses in a big way.

Now, this is not some hidden wisdom. Most managers understand the importance and scarcity of employee engagement. Yet most of them don’t put up a strategy to maintain motivation among their employees. This is still something limited only to Google-s, Intel-s and Apple-s of the world.

So, the question is how to keep employees motivated? Or it’ll be more apt to put it this way:

 Which motivators should be used to motivate employees?

Well, one motivator is very common: money. It makes sense because most people work to earn money for a living. It’s also the most easily available one (specially in case of large businesses). But what if you’re a small business owner? Moreover, is it the best motivator anymore in this complex world? Let’s figure out.

Is money the best motivator?

According to HR magazine’s survey conducted on 1,000 employees in UK, a mere 13% of employees said that they felt motivated from performance based cash bonuses. A research published in Harvard Business Review paints even more striking picture: it says that there’s little-to-no relation between pay and job satisfaction, and this is true for a wide variety of cultures and economies.

Is there a better way?

Certainly. According to a McKinsey Quarterly study, in contrast to monetary rewards praise and attention from management motivate 67% and 63% of employees respectively. Same applies for future leadership opportunities – they motivate 62% of employees.

What does this mean?

Based on these findings, one thing is clear. When it comes to motivation, memories trump money. Almost all the top motivating factors – whether they’re attention of management, gifts or leadership opportunities – end up lasting for a long time in the memories of employees.

So if you want to motivate your workforce, after hiring the right kind of people the next thing you should do is continuing to provide them memorable events or things in their work lives. You’ll certainly see a positive change in the motivation and engagement levels of your employees.

Money or Memories: What Are The Best Ways to Motivate Employees


By HR-One Team
June 30, 2016

Just implementing a HRMS software is not the end of the story. It is the beginning, in fact.  The real success of a product is determined by the happiness of its users. Here are 5 questions every HR MUST ask its employees to check user acceptance and success of their HRMS software.

  • Do you think installation of HRMS has made your life easier? Is it simple to use?
    The sole job of the HRMS is to make the work-life easier for each employee. The menial and manual tasks of recording and reporting must be simplified. No one other than the user of the software knows about the bugs in the system. Ask your employees how it has helped them abridge the gaps in their daily operations?
  • How do you like being able to track you attendance, leaves and more through the software?
    HRMS allows the employees to keep a track of their attendance, holidays taken as well as their salary slip. It also helps them get a response to a leave request easily without any rush and push to the HR department. Ask them if they like the new way!
  • Is it easy for you to know about the upcoming company events and get a quicker response to your tickets through HRMS?
    There could have been many events which the employees must have missed only because they forgot to check the notice board. Has the system helped reduce this communication gap? Do their queries to the support team get prompt response now?  Ask your employees if the virtual helpdesk has helped reduce their headache for small things
  • Has it improved your connections with the fellow employees?
    HRM softwares often come with the features of showing the upcoming birthdays/ anniversaries of the fellow employees on the dashboard, allowing the user to send a wish. Also, every employee can know about the new recruitment made in any department of the company, making it easier to connect with the newbies. Ask if this has helped in breaking the barriers of communication.
  • Is your paper work reduced after the installation of the HRMS?
    HRM software must introduce your employees to new technology. If they are still working with same paper load than earlier, then it’s time to know that something is wrong!

Are Your Employees Happy with Your HRMS? 5 basic questions every HR should ask!


By HR-One Team
March 3, 2016

Which one have you used the most

Recently there have been a lot of reports about how people who come late to work are more creative and optimistic. While the bosses can fret over these reports, we bring to you a list of some of the common, funny and weird excuses that people have used for being late to work.

Coming up with the perfect late for work excuses is a skill people use quite liberally and this list of excuses perfectly testifies this!

  • I got late because my dog refused to wake up! Now ain’t that cute!

I got late because my dog refused to wake up

  • I was stuck in lift. And how hard we tried to open it

I was stuck in lift. And how hard we tried to open it

  • The radio delayed its announcement of traffic jam. I was stuck in there already!

The radio delayed its announcement of traffic jam

  • The alarm didn’t ring: Oh yeah! Why, because my dog ate the clock!

The alarm didn’t ring

  • Tried taking a short cut, got stuck in wrong way.

Tried taking a short cut, got stuck in wrong way

  • Wore wrong shoes. Realized when was half way through L

Wore wrong shoes. Realized when was half way through L

  • Locked the car keys inside the car.

Locked the car keys inside the car

  • Had a flat tyre (again!) It was the left one this time.

Had a flat tyre

  • My kid locked the room from outside and refused to open it. Had to snuggle out of the window

My kid locked the room from outside and refused to open it

Have you used a unique excuse for getting late at work? Tell us about it!

Best Excuses for Coming Late to Work: Which One do You Use ;)


By HR-One Team
July 15, 2015

Businesses have witnessed tremendous changes in the past few years, right from technological changes, new strategies and HR practices. One of the most popular ones amongst the industries is remote hiring. Companies can now hire qualified people from any corner of the world, without having them on the regular payroll. Remote hiring can be done on a project basis or on a fixed salary for a certain period of time. They do come with a plethora of advantages, both for the employers and employees, but they have their own set of challenges as well. Hiring, managing and retaining some can be a mean task for the HR department to do manually. Web based HRMS software can step in to save the day.

Remote working offers tempting benefits that result in higher productivity. One of the biggest advantages is the absence of meetings through the day, constant interruptions and unnecessary breaks. This automatically allows people to focus more on the work at hand. Quality of work improves significantly and precious time is also saved. But how can HR department tackle this business development to its benefit?

HR software in India can help the HR department with remote hiring in the following ways?

–          Providing a platform to connect

HRMS offers a platform where companies can contact with potential remote workers and vice versa. Companies can put up vacancies and requirements on the portal which can be easily accessed by aspiring freelancers/remote workers. Any queries and concerns can be put across on the platform aiding in smooth communication. It eliminates the need of constantly checking up on status, constant follow-up calls etc. Companies can get in touch with exactly the candidate they are looking for, busting the restrictions put up by geographic locations.

–          Face-to-face interviews

There are some HR practices that cannot be replaced, like face-to-face interviews. However, they can be given a new spin to keep up with the latest technological changes. One of the recent techniques has been online video interviewing. After the online resumes have been sorted, shortlisted candidates can be interviewed through video chat to evaluate them further. It saves a lot of time for both the employer and potential remote workers. A virtual, face-to-face interview helps both the parties understand each other better so that employment period remains a breeze for them.

–          Skill set database

Just like regular employees, HR software in India enables companies to maintain a database of all the skill sets that remote workers possess. Once you maintain a log, you can approach them as and when the requirements crop up. A dedicated log just for remote workers can be maintained to avoid any mix up between full-time employees and remote workers. All their skills can be assessed accurately in order to determine which candidate you would want to work with. Consider candidates with immense experience and references as you need remote workers who can get the job done without constant follow-ups, supervision or reminders, otherwise the whole point of having remote employees is lost.

–          Payroll convenience

If you are assuming that paying all the remote workers, from different corners of the world is going to be a nightmare you are wrong. But only if you have web based HRMS software by your side. If you are trying to manage it manually, it would be worse than a nightmare! This software helps in maintaining payroll details accurately. It is important to remember that every remote worker will be compensated differently from each other and inaccurate logs would cause tremendous confusion with the payments of one reaching worker reaching the other. Adopt HRMS software and bid adieu to such problems.

Companies should never shy from investing in technology that assures an improved, better HR processes. Opt for the system that stores personal details, payroll details, log of tasks and responsibilities in an accurate and secure manner. At the same time, it should comply with organizational regulations and other similar factors that might be applicable for the remote workers. Even though they are working remotely, they are a part of your organization so it is imperative for you to manage them effectively.

4 ways HRMS helps in remote hiring


By HR-One Team
March 5, 2015

They say that if you have lost everything but your health, you can always start over and achieve whatever you want. This statement holds true cent percent which is why this aspect is given prime importance even by the business organizations. Healthcare is one of the basic benefits that every company is offering its employees. After all, every company wants to have a workforce that is healthy and fit. Probably there are employees who secretly wish to get sick every once in a while just to take a break from work. You as a company can step in and ruin those plans by shortening their hospital trips with your healthcare plans. Therefore, many companies are stepping into the healthcare realm themselves and ensuring that they are by their employees’ side if and when they face health issues.

Managing healthcare on an organizational level can be quite daunting, especially if the size of the organization is big. There are numerous policies and healthcare plans that need to be monitored and tracked. Different employees may need different plans and policies. The healthcare benefits need to keep in mind the labor law as well. There is one solution that may help you in automating this process. Yes, you guessed it right, it is HR-One’s HRMS. If you are wondering how in the world the best HR payroll management software solutions manages to tackle the healthcare issues as well, then read on.

Challenges of Healthcare That are Addressed by HRMS

Heavy hospital bills can drive away your employees from seeking the best treatment. You can help them out by devising smart healthcare policies so that they can seek the best healthcare services. While doing so, you might come across some of the following challenges. Let us see how HRMS can step in to save the day.

Challenge 1: Healthcare is a very complex arena which gets reflected while devising suitable plans for the employees

While most companies decide on a fixed amount of health insurance for each employee, there are some who go a step further to make it personalized for different categories of employees. Based on the age group, the company may decide on a different healthcare plan for the twenties who are single and minus any dependant family members for health insurance. Then there are employees who have families and have a kids and a spouse dependent on them for healthcare. The senior employees may need a plan that cover the illnesses that they are most prone to once they cross a particular age. Just imagine how complex it can get just to devise these policies, let alone manage them! HRMS automates the process and thus monitoring these plans get much simpler, faster and easier. One can track who opted for which plan and how many people are using a particular healthcare plan. It will be easier for HRMS to switch the plans as the employees grow within the company too. HRMS significantly simplifies this complex process.

Challenge 2: Maintaining Compliance with the healthcare regulations

There are rules and regulations that need to be complied with in the healthcare field. If these regulations are not taken seriously, companies have to pay heavy penalties. Companies should avoid legal hassles and any potential issues that may arise due to lack of compliance. HRMS keeps the healthcare system up to date and notifies every time there is an update in compliance. It creates and sends necessary reports and these timely updates ease the administration’s work.

Challenge 3: Hiring staff that are well versed with this aspect

Healthcare is something that needs people who know everything about this sector. You cannot make healthcare plans for your employees with people who are clueless about the same. So hiring them seems the most logical option. However, HRMS negates this necessity. You can source the suitable HRMS package from the vendor instead of increasing your staff unnecessarily.

HR-One offers one of the best HR payroll management software solutions in addition to the healthcare services. The employees can enjoy easy and clear communication too. They can put forward their queries through the FAQs tab, forums and other digital channels of the company. So now that you have one more reason to adopt HRMS into your organization, it would be wise if you do it fast!

Devise a better Health Care Plan for your employees with HRMS


By HR-One Team
January 5, 2015

A lot has been spoken about how implementing payroll management software benefits any organization. Right from saving time, minimising errors, increasing productivity and making the process faster are amongst the positive things that feature on the list of benefits. The employers and higher managements will surely recommend payroll management software, but the good news is that even the employees will benefit from it. As they truly say, technology doesn’t differentiate between people. So, read on to know how some of best payroll management software companies in Delhi believe that the employees will benefit from the implementation of Payroll Management Software.

Employees at a Benefit

Empowering the employees is one of the best things any organization could do. Keeping things transparent and enabling the employees to do certain things will go a long way in keeping the employees happy and in turn can help in retaining talent. One area where this can be achieved is the payroll management. These are some of the ways employees will benefit greatly, along with the employers.

1)      High Confidentiality Factor

Any detail related to payroll and other monetary related information can now be accessed by the employees directly. There is extreme confidentiality in maintaining the records. Only the concerned employee, their manager and the concerned official at the Payroll department will have the authorization to access the details. There is no fear of unknown people stumbling upon the details or viewing one’s personal payroll records. There is no need to take special permission from anyone to access any information.

2)      Availability at all times

The information can be accessed by the employee at all times. This is beneficial for those who work in different shifts and whose shift alignment doesn’t match with the payroll office’s timings. Holidays, weekends or leaves do not come in the way of viewing the payroll details. In fact, it is possible for the employees to access any details even when they are travelling or are on the move. The 24 X 7 availability of any payroll information relieves the employees’ dependence on the payroll department, thus making the employees independent.

3)      Check on Working Hours

Payroll allows the employees to keep a check on their billable working hours. The regular working hours can be tracked easily but at times employees do put in extra hours. Keeping a manual tab can take a toll on the employees and there are high chances of making some error. According to the best payroll management software companies, the employees can keep a track of their over-hours, comp-offs, extra rosters etc through the software. There is no need for them to worry about keeping a track of all that and they can be sure of getting paid of extra billable hours. If there is any mistake, it can be brought to the notice of the concerned official immediately so that there is no inaccuracy in the issued pay check.

4)      Easy Connectivity with the Payroll team

There was a time when an employee had to physically get in touch with the payroll team in case of any confusion, discrepancy or error. They had to coordinate with the payroll team and meet to discuss further. It resulted in wastage of a lot of time. If the payroll was busy, the employee’s grievances just got postponed further. With the payroll software in place, the employee can just contact the payroll team directly through the software. The process is faster and really simple. The employee can send in any request or query at any time without the need of taking an appointment with the payroll team. They can access the response when they want, irrespective of the location. There is a level of transparency too, which builds a strong sense of trust between the company and the employees.

Keeping the employees happy has to be a priority in any organization. When the source of happiness comes from the freedom they get to monitor their payroll details, there is nothing better than that. Give them the transparency and independence they deserve, you will automatically see a rise in morale, efficiency and productivity. Companies like HR-One can help you get more details about the same.

How does Payroll Management Software benefit the employees?


By HR-One Team