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July 23, 2015

Every once in a while, when everybody is happily working away there comes a pause of few minutes. The employers send in a quick survey for the staff to fill, which the latter quickly finish and get back to their work. The pause seems unnoticeable but it helps the HR department in tremendous ways. Employee surveys are a quick way of understanding the employees well and increase their engagement levels. Additionally, it gives an insight into what the employees want and if they have any concerns that they would like to convey through surveys if they are uncomfortable talking about it in person.

The whole exercise seems simple – company designs a survey, sends it to the employees through HR management software system, they take a few minutes out to fill it up, they send the finished survey which is later analyzed by the concerned team. One question that comes to everyone’s mind during the entire process is – do these employee surveys really work? Well, it depends on two factors: first, how well is the survey designed and secondly, how honestly do employees reply to the survey questions.

As a company, you cannot anticipate the latter but if you take care of designing the survey well, chances of employees giving honest feedback is high. It has been observed that employees give useful information through surveys when they see that concrete action has been taken to address their problems. If they feel that no action is being taken, they would obviously take this important exercise very lightly. The purpose of surveys is to understand the employees better and provide them a better working experience and environment. It is a two way street – they let you know different aspects of the organization through their perspective and you have to respond in the best manner possible. If you take action in response to the survey, then productivity, employee morale and work satisfaction automatically goes up.

A lot depends on the kind of questions presented in the survey; however there are a couple more factors that affect the final result too. Some of them include:

Time and Length: Brevity should be followed while creating a survey. Every employee will not be patient enough to answer every question of the survey if it is really lengthy. Don’t ask too many pointless questions, keep them to the point, give suitable options as answers and keep some open ended questions too. Keep a certain timeline for employees to respond to the survey. Web based HRMS software can send them regular reminders to fill up the survey but ensure that you don’t keep extended deadlines as it would result in a lazy or delayed response.

Genre of questions: You can make dedicated surveys centering on just one aspect such as relationships, personal development, motivation, HR practices, well-being etc. Or it can be a mix of all the different aspects. Based on what you are expecting from your employees, focus on the type and genre of questions. The clearer you are, the results would that useful.

Method of survey completion: Some companies gather their employees and give out survey sheets to be filled. However, the sending out the surveys through mails or on the portal is more effective. It offers privacy and flexibility to employees, encouraging them to give more honest replies.

Communication: Employees respond well if they know the objective of the conducted survey. Give them information why you are sending out this survey, communicate how necessary action would be taken if required. Through the web based HRMS software, the HR team can notify the employees on when to expect the survey, what is expected from them and by when it has to be submitted. Healthy communication will dissolve many frustrating queries.

This exercise does not end with just gathering the data. It has to be evaluated accurately and interpreted in the right manner. HR management software system can help you only so much, but putting a qualified team to make sense of the responses and insights is equally important. When all these factors come together, be assured of getting effective survey results every single time.

Best ways to make employee surveys more effective


By HR-One Team
June 30, 2015

HR department is not just responsible for hiring the best of the best, but they also have to undertake the responsibility of ensuring their morale is kept high. Paint a picture where you the go to the market, spend hours to find the perfect couch for your home but once you bring it home you cover it up, put it in a corner and let it rot. At this point you would wonder why on earth would anyone ever do that.

Apply the same analogy in an HR set-up and it might just hold true, with the couch referring to employees.Companies spend a lot of resources sifting through hundreds of candidates, analyzing desirable traits and qualities in potential employees and making sure that they hire the very best of the lot. However as time passes, if the HR team doesn’t focus on keeping the morale of the same employees up, their work would slowly start showing hints of decay. At that stage, employees just exist within the organizational set-up without doing measurable work and ‘rot’ their skills and talents in a way. With the help of HRMS software in India, this can be prevented. How? Read on to find out.

–          By empowering the employees

There was a time when employees had to go personally to the HR professionals or their managers for every small task, like filing necessary papers, updating information, applying for leaves, filing taxes, logging in attendance etc. Constant interruptions for such tasks can affect their work, performance and eventually hits the morale as well. HR software system simplifies these tasks by giving the power to the employees themselves. They can communicate better and directly with the required departments, get the tasks done themselves on a timely basis. Moreover, it reduces errors and speed up the processes. Empowering employees would automatically lift their morale and enhance their performance.

–          By increasing the accountability

Even superheroes take the quote ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ quite seriously. Imagine, how seriously your employees would take it! Making someone accountable for their responsibilities and tasks gives them more control in their hands. Web based HRMS software provides a platform where responsibilities can be assigned, managed, scheduled and supervised. Once this becomes transparent, the ones who don’t take their responsibility can be picked out, and appreciation can be sent to those who work upto the required standards. It leaves little room for errors and lax work. With these factors eliminated, morale of employees will shoot up significantly and they will be happier doing their work.

–          By reducing the ‘waiting’ time

A lot of information and data is passed across an organization on a daily basis. Waiting for some critical information through manual processes will waste crucial time. Searching for data, or trying to retrieve/recreate lost data will cause further delays. Other tasks including checking tax-filing status, information regarding pay scale or bonuses can also be achieved through HRMS software in India. If small trips to HR department can be avoided, it will add up and save employees their time which can be utilized into doing other productive work. This will boost their performance, thus improving their morale resulting in better results overall.

Companies should make conscious effort to make lives a little easier for their employees, in whichever area it’s possible. Even the HR department is freed up of mundane tasks, thus boosting the functionality of an entire department. It is as simple as introducing web based HRMS software into the organization. Increasing the morale helps in reducing turnover as well. If a software solution impacts so many levels of an organization at once, there should be no second-guessing on its value.

How to Boost up the Morale of Employees?


By HR-One Team
June 28, 2015

HR processes have been the same since decades. Not much has changed with regards to ‘what’ has to be done to complete any task related to employee management, such as uploading/updating required details, managing their leaves etc. However, the approach to ‘how’ has seen tremendous change, the current trends making it more convenient for the employees as well as the HR department.

Imagine the frustration of the HR team who is trying to upload details of hundreds or even thousands of employees, especially when a bunch of new hires join at once. It can be a considered as a waste of precious billable hours that can instead be utilized for developing HR strategies, designing training programs, budget control etc. Next, imagine the annoyance that employees face when they have applied for procession of pay-slips, reimbursements or leaves and there are unavoidable delays from the HR side. HR software’s in India succeeded in addressing such situation by implementing Employee Self Service (ESS) in their HR management solutions.

ESS has helped in simplifying many HR processes and empowers employees and the management team with practical solutions. Employees, while adhering to company policies and other regulations, can execute different HR tasks. Some other benefits include the following:

–          Unparalleled accessibility

Web based HRMS software allows employees to access required information from anywhere, at any time. They can log in to their accounts to update certain information, view notifications, download newsletters, track their payroll data and keep their timesheet updated. It promotes mobility, which is becoming a norm in almost every business. So, even when the employees are on the go, on a business trip or working from home, they will never miss out on keeping their details and important HR processes up to date.

–          Relieve HR from mundane administrative workload

Employees may need to update their contact details, address or bank details. They inform the HR and put in a request for the same. Multiply this by dozens as the HR team can receive multiple requests on any given day. Before one knows, the only work achieved by the HR team at the end of the day will be updating those details as they watch other important work getting piled up, smiling smugly at them. It will be a wasted effort if details get mixed up or have been filled up inaccurately. An ESS portal handles this by transferring the responsibility from the HR team to employees themselves. This greatly reduces HR’s administrative workload and higher level of accuracy is maintained when the staff manages personal details themselves.

–          Highly cost-efficient

The most obvious way to tackle the excess workload is by hiring more number of people. If the administrative work is divided amongst many, then the work might get done quickly thus allowing the team on focus on other important things. ESS module of any web based HRMS software not only allows accurate execution of such tasks but also eliminates the need to hiring extra people to execute the same things. The same amount on money can be spent suitably on better and more important purposes.

–          Reduces paper trail significantly

Encouraging a green environment and sustainability is a must for any organization. If a solution reduces paper trail in any way, it goes without saying that it would be a good idea to adopt it immediately. Since every bit of information is filled and stored online, it eliminates chances of lost memos, pay-slips or any physical damage. If absolutely required, employees can print a statement from the ESS system, but even then the overall carbon footprint left by the company would be minimal.

The advent of technology has enabled the system to be easily integrated with smart-phones and other mobile devices. This has further helped in enhancing the user experience. HR software’s in India support this module and many organizations have greatly benefited from it. If you haven’t already, now might be the right time to do it. Be rest assured that your employees and HR team will (silently) thank you!

4 benefits of Employee Self Service!


By HR-One Team
June 25, 2015

No matter how much you avoid, your employees will quit at some point. It may be just months after their joining or the exit may come after decades. There will be a handful that will stick throughout their career, but quitting is an inevitable thing in any organization. Employees may leave for better opportunities but when a staff member quits it brings in a whole lot on the organization’s plate to handle.

They have to quickly find a replacement, start the hiring process which is followed by on-boarding and training – the usual drill. A person who is considering quitting will start leaving some signs as his exit comes nearer. By identifying those signs and predicting such scenarios, companies can circumvent staffing issues and abrupt halt to work. Another advantage of recognizing such signs is that management can have a personal meeting with such employees, understand why they are considering leaving, and address those issues to prevent them from quitting. This will give a chance for companies to retain their best employees. HR management software system

Web based HRMS software can lend a hand in the same. So, what are the signs to look out for? Read on to find out.

–          Coming late and leaving early

Spending less time in office is one of the biggest indicators that an employee is thinking of quitting. Coming in late or leaving the office early, or stepping outside office for few hours every now and then indicates a lack of interest. They might even be going for interviews in other companies. If such irregularity is observed, managers should try to talk to them to understand the reason. They may indirectly ask them if it’s because of some unavoidable personal issue, some hobby classes they have joined etc. If employees try to dodge the question, it should be considered as a warning sign. Managers can use HR management software system to monitor the time sheets if required. Since time-logs won’t lie, managers can find out if an employee has been more time outside office during working hours.

–          Degradation in the quality of work

If an extremely competent employee starts producing mediocre work, it may again indicate a lack of interest or some other intangible issue. If it’s the latter, talking empathically with employees usually helps. If stress or pressing deadlines are the reason of sloppy work, then appropriate measures should be taken to help him deal with such conditions. One bad day should be excused, and some flexibility should be given so that the employee has time to deal with it and start working better. However, if such reasons are absent, then it is a clear lack of interest or because he doesn’t feel obliged to work as hard since he is about the leave the company.

–          Sudden rise in complaining or a lax attitude

This is a tricky thing to monitor. There will be some employees who complain unnecessarily, all the time. So, managers tend to ignore the petty complaints of such employees and move on to better things. However, if suddenly they stop complaining or display a lax attitude, it is a sign that probably they found a better opportunity and would be quitting soon. On the other hand, if a generally positive employee starts complaining a lot, red flags should go up. There is something bothering him and if it continues, it might compel the employee to quit. HR management software system allows employees to leave concerns, queries, feedback and complaints for their managers to access. Managers should not ignore those comments as they might give them a clue.

These are just some of the obvious signs. There will be more if the management looks closely. Once a company identifies all such signs, they can start the hiring process sooner. Either they can re-group the existing staff to fill up the vacancies or start interviewing new candidates who will be suitable for the required position.Nevertheless, commencing necessary procedures prematurely would ensure that the business runs smoothly, without any road-bumps caused due to the lack of staff. Take the assistance of web based HRMS software for accurate data and act upon it before it too late.

Secret Signs Indicating That an Employee May Resign!


By HR-One Team
June 2, 2015

Companies go through several stages to finally hire the candidates they deem best. During the hiring stage, HR not only looks for qualifications and capabilities but also for those who would want to grow with the company. Candidates who quit within a few weeks of joining are the biggest hiring nightmare. Most candidates make an impulsive decision to take up the joining offer without considering the scope of the opportunity for them.

The reasons why employees quit can be different. Some may not be satisfied with the job description, some do not fit in well with the existing work culture and some may not receive the training they needed to perform the job well. All such factors contribute to low morale and low job satisfaction. With the help of web based HRMS software, these issues can be tackled. Let us see how.

  • Put out a realistic job profile

In the past, companies would put an ad in a newspaper listing out the vacancies. Due to space constraints and limited funds, the description of roles and responsibilities would be ambiguously discussed. Without understanding the actual scope of job position, candidates turned up in high numbers. Eventually they would fall short in capabilities or learn that they got hired for a position they did not want, resulting in low performance. HRMS eliminates this issue by providing a platform where accurate, well-detailed job description could be provided. Once candidates get a clear picture of the job profile, they would apply accordingly and the attrition rate would slide. It is important for candidates to make an informed decision and this solution contributes for the same.

  • Giving a proper orientation

Once the new hires join, the proceeding events should be smooth for them as well as the company. An apt and well-designed orientation program would help in doing the same. The tasks maybe as simple as submitting necessary documents, assigning a work-station to the new employee or understanding the goals and mission of a project they are assigned to. Manually performing either one of the tasks would slow down the pace of the entire process. Taking help of web based HRMS software would speed it up significantly, eliminate any cause of confusion and manual errors. Moreover, it would send reminders to candidates if any orientation steps have been skipped, if submissions of documents are overdue or send important notifications immediately. Once orientation happens smoothly, the succeeding steps become much simpler.

  • Planning and organization training plan

HR department has always maintained that they would prefer enthusiastic and positive people with less experience rather than having qualified individuals lacking interpersonal skills, poor attitude and lackluster personalities. If proper training is provided to the former, they have the potential to work extremely well, whereas nothing much can be done to make changes to the personalities and attitude of the latter which could eventually harm the overall performance. Since proper training can make a drastic difference, adequate time should be spent on planning and organizing training plans. A good HR software in India assists with creating training plans that would enrich the new hires and address the skill-gaps to perform better. Communicating these plans also become very easy through HRMS solution.

  • Constant evaluation of performance

Evaluation involves monitoring the performance, giving suggestions and listening to queries and concerns of new employees. Manually keeping a check can get tedious and mundane, resulting in managers to push this task to ‘some other day’, delaying it indefinitely. With HRMS in place, all the above mentioned tasks become much simpler and can be done on the same platform. With constant evaluation, the performance graph of new hires’ can be examined and appropriate steps can be taken to address any limitations.

Taking small steps go a long way in helping candidates quickly adapt to a new working environment. Managers should take personal interest and put in efforts to welcome the new hires. Software solution would assist in the same but if concerned team-members do not put in the additional effort, then no HR software in India would be able to do justice to the hiring system, in spite of being the best in the market. Companies should understand the solution well and milk its advantages and maximize its functionalities.

What are the on-boarding tips that companies should apply?


By HR-One Team
May 27, 2015

Hiring best employees is just half the job done. Retaining them and keeping them from quitting is the other half of the job that keeps the HR department on toes. Over time some employees prove themselves to be very essential to the company. It would create quite a dent in the employee-pool and replacing those looks next to impossible.

Hiring with the help of any HRMS software isn’t an inexpensive process. Significant amount of time, money and resources have to be spent during the hiring phase to find the right people. On-boarding new employees have their own share of expenses. After the employees get well-settled in their jobs, some go beyond expectations and grow immensely forming crucial links in the enterprise. In a competitive world, companies are keeping a steady eye on their competitors’ key employees. They are not afraid to approach such key employees and try to make them a part of their organization instead. If you don’t have anything significant to offer for them to stay on, you just might lose you best employee to the next lucrative offer.

Once someone quits, the cycle of hiring starts again and it is usually considered as a wasted investment. The worst thing for you as an employer would be to see your most prized employee join forces with your competitors. So if there is someone you would like to keep hidden from the business world and want them all for yourself, the following suggestions may be helpful:

–          Offer the best tools for the employees to use: Employing web based HRMS software takes care of most HR functionalities and offers something for employees as well. When they have extremely efficient tools around them that take care of otherwise mundane, manual work they can strictly focus on doing what they do best – maximizing their skill-sets and contribute extensively to their projects.

–          Be grateful for their contribution: It is true that just one kind and grateful word would drive the most exhausted man to take the next step when he wants to give up. Understand that even the best employees are not cut out from some invincible substance; they do get worn down and might have moments where they start doubting themselves. Don’t be reluctant to shower an appreciative word and gratitude every once in a while. When employees feel appreciated and their work is recognized, they would display loyalty and the thought of quitting would be pushed back to the darkest corners of the mind.

–          Maintain a healthy communication channel with your employees: Expecting employees to respect rules and follow instructions is not wise. Communication is a two-way channel. If you want your employees to hear you, as an employer you should also put in efforts to hear them as well. Listen to what they are saying. Ask for suggestions, give them feedback, be easy to reach and offer a platform where all these are possible. HR-One’s HRMS software is amongst the best to turn to.

–          Take an initiative to fill their skill-gaps: Don’t wait for your employees to approach you and request for training of any kind. Keep their skill sets relevant and in sync with existing technology. This shows that you interested in their growth as much as they are. Any web based HRMS software would help you in addressing any gaps in skill-sets by tracking the existing skills of employees and the ones required to enhance their performance. It further helps in creating training plans to materialize the planned objectives.

–          Deal with stressful environment if there is any: Stress of any kind disrupts smooth functioning of the organization. Keep a check on the same and respond immediately when such situations crop up. Pushing it under the rug would make matters bad, the worst case scenario being employees quitting if they see no end to it. Maintaining a stress-free work culture, despite tight deadlines and other stress-inducing factors would invariably lead to happier employees and giving them another reason to stay with you.

Every single reason counts when it comes to keeping key employees from quitting.If you give them one more reason to stay, it means there is one less reason why they would want to consider opportunities elsewhere. Discuss their career progression within your organization and offer flexibility wherever you can.

How to Keep away key employees from quitting?


By HR-One Team
May 21, 2015

Every company has its own holiday and paid leaves policy. There are mandatory paid leaves for certain amount of days per year and a list of approved holidays. But sickness doesn’t give any warning before striking and more number of unpaid leaves gets added to a month while tending to the illness. With small scale businesses and start-ups redesigning the work rules, many are considering offering paid sick leaves for their employees. It has been debated quite a bit whether it’s a good idea or not, but there are numerous benefits of offering sick leaves. The best HRM software can contribute to make it a reality across organizational campuses.

The concept of paid sick leaves isn’t a common phenomenon as companies fear that employees will misuse the opportunity. Some look it as an additional cost to incur, but these cons can be dwarfed by the pros. Some of them include:

–          Employees will be healthier

When there are no paid sick leaves, employees prefer staying home only when it is physically impossible for them to leave the house. On other occasions, they come to office sick risking the safety of other employees as well. Since they don’t get sufficient rest their recovery period gets prolonged. All these issues can be tackled with offering paid sick leaves. It encourages the employees to stay home when they get sick, get ample rest and recover soon without putting colleagues at risk. Employees will stay healthier and work better.

–          Productivity will increase

The immediate result of healthier employees would be higher productivity. When the employees report to work sick, they automatically become less productive. If they are suffering from a contagious illness, others would fall sick in no time. When a bunch of people fall sick, they might eventually have to take a few days off. This results in decreased productivity, hurting the company. If paid sick leaves are offered, employees would think twice before coming in sick. Web based HRMS software can easily incorporate this offering into its functionalities.

–          Better Perception of the employees and company

You are expecting one of your biggest clients to discuss an important project.You are extremely well-prepared, your team has worked really hard for the big day and everyone is psyched about the meeting. Despite all this the only person that everybody in the room, especially your client, can focus on is the one sniffing, coughing or sneezing away who turned up because he ran out of paid leaves. As annoying as it can be, it unfortunately shows that as a company you don’t care about the well-being of your employees. It would not leave a good impression on the client/visitor that you allowed such a sick employee in the same room as him and risking his health as well. Paid sick leaves encourage employees to take a day off without worrying about salaries getting deducted and this caring attitude may put you in the good books of your clients and well as customers.

–          Employees will display honesty and loyalty

When the employees are given the option of trading a work-day with a rest day while getting paid at the same, they feel cared for and valued by their organization. Chances are that they would not misuse this opportunity and rather be honest about using the paid sick leaves.Web based HRMS software would allow them to mark their absence from the comforts of their home. Any activity that reflects care and concern for employees’ well-being would earn their loyalty as well.

–          Better employee-employer relationship

By offering paid sick leaves, the company demonstrates that it trusts its employees to not abuse that privilege and utilize the leaves appropriately. With this blend of trust, honesty and loyalty,the bond between employers and employees become stronger. When that equation is untainted it promotes a better work culture.

With benefits like these, fears and doubts associated with misuse of paid sick leaves can be put to rest. For managing these leaves some of the best HRM software can be employed. Overall, it’s a win-win situation, which is why more companies should incorporate this offering into their paid leaves/holiday calendar.

What are the benefits of offering paid sick leaves?


By HR-One Team
April 27, 2015

Every company expects their employees to work with them for the longest time possible. But if every story has the same ending, there is a potential of the experience getting stale beyond a point. In other words, it is important for both the employees and the company to have new opportunities to work with. An employee has the right to move on to a different job if that suits him well and having new members on the team keeps the company fresh, dynamic and motivated.

However, the resignation of an employee and induction of a new person is not as easy as one would like it to be. The company needs to make sure the process is smooth for the concerned employees, their teams and the company itself. If you have web based HRMS software, then this job would be a little easier for you. How? Read on to find out.

HRMS Smoothing the Resignation Process

There are multiple stages that a company and the resigning employee must go through and complete certain procedures before the final farewell can be bid. Each of these procedures cannot be skipped and should be followed strictly. Trying to do them manually can be quite a task and can be error prone. The best online HRMS software solution helps you in the following ways:

It tracks the ‘resignation reasons’

Every company wants to understand why an employee chose to resign. They will respect their choice and reasons but no company would want an employee to leave with a bitter taste in their mouths caused due to some negative reasons. Usually, companies conduct an exit interview to understand the reasons why the employee is leaving. This is then analyzed and investigated to understand the various reasons why the employees leave. HRMS helps in providing a more in-depth analysis and narrowing down the reasons. If a similar reason is flagged quite frequently, the company can take appropriate measures in order to retain their employees. Another feature offered by HRMS is a self-service functionality that allows a former employee to finish the exit survey later on. Some employees may provide honest comments and concerns after having left the company.

It can identify the replacement applicants

Once a team member leaves, the company starts looking for suitable candidates to replace the exiting employees. Trying to do that manually can take days. Going through the skill-sets and competency levels of numerous candidates is no mean task and you may even miss out on considering eligible candidates by mistake. HRMS eliminates such possibilities and identifies all the employees who are deemed fit for the job, either from new applications or existing employees from different departments/projects. Comparative analysis can be done based on the required education and skill-sets. New hires can be employed from this analytical study or existing employees can join the new team. It goes a step further and mines the data to identify if there are any ‘hidden’ candidates who would be perfect for the job but the HR team completely missed considering them. Employee turnover becomes a smooth process.

It identifies and bridges the training gaps

It is not possible that the new employee would match up to every single criterion that was held by the previous employee. There will some gaps in the knowledge between the two and this is taken care of by training the new employee. It would not be advisable for the companies to wait until some gap arises during mid-project. The web based HRMS software identifies all such gaps before hand and creates a training plan that can be incorporated before the employee starts working. This prepares the new employee well and he/she can easily slip into the desired role and work in an uninterrupted manner with the team.

The best online HRMS software solution also helps in managing the resources that were used by the former employee. It re-allocates the required resources to the new employee and eliminates any chance of misuse or loss of the resources. Letting go of an employee can be quite saddening but welcoming a new one on the board is always pleasant. Every company should make sure that either phase is smooth for the employees, their teams and the company as a whole.

Handling Resignations


By HR-One Team
March 24, 2015

The business world has seen tremendous changes recently. The way people approach work has changed and practices like ‘flexible working hours’ and ‘working on the go’ are becoming more and more common. While it may benefit the company on many levels when the employees put work before everything else, it has harmful effects on the employees themselves. Working round the clock and putting personal lives on the backburner will eventually make the employees unproductive and they will burn out soon.

While the companies should ensure that work is being done, they should be considerate enough give their employees some time-off once in a while. For most, the idea of vacations is ideal in itself and they wouldn’t think twice of grabbing such opportunities. Although, there are workaholics for whom the idea of taking a vacation equates to losing out on working days, without realizing that they could potentially burn themselves out. The HR department should remind such employees to step out and focus on relaxing for once. Since the HR team cannot keep an eye on the working habits of each employee, they employ HRMS do the same. This practice has been employed by numerous Human Resource Management Software Companies.

HRMS Lends a Helping Hand

These are some ways HRMS helps the companies ensure that their employees take regular breaks and eliminate the risk of being unproductive. Vacations rejuvenate the employees, make them more energetic and help boost their productivity. It is unimportant whether ‘vacation’ means going to an exotic place or just staying in at home, as long as they use that free time to recharge themselves and get back on the creative track.

Every company offers a specified number of paid leaves for their employees. There may be cases when employees forget to keep a track of the number of pending paid leaves. Some projects require the team members to put in extra hours, work on weekends and forget the line between night and day. So, their managers might go a step ahead and reward some of their well-deserving candidates a few days of vacation. HR-One’s HRMS keeps a track all the vacations/paid leaves that are designated to various employees and send them alerts accordingly. It comes as no surprise that workaholics do not bother to check the status of their pending vacations which is why the alerts will keep reminding them.

HRMS does not just remind people to take a few days off, but can also mentions how many days of their paid leaves are left. Managers can automate the reminder process so that the employees get regular updates and alerts. Those who do not keep a track of their vacations, HRMS helps them do that. When people act on those alerts and take some time off, the number of days of their vacation will be calculated by the HRMS. The new figure of pending paid leaves is updated in the system and alerts can be sent again after a few months when the managers think their team members deserve a break. The frequency of alerts can be modified. Different team members based on their position or other factors can receive different alerts or it can be kept same for everyone in the team.

Companies can tie-up with various tour operators and design travel tours and plans for their employees. The HR team can send these plans and itineraries through HR-One HRMS. Instead of just sending reminders of how many vacations can each employee can take, you can now help them in planning their time-off easily. HRMS can alert them of the different deals that the travel agencies have to offer them. HRMS can mail them the travel brochures and it also helps managers keep a track of the number of vacations their teams are taking or have pending.

The ‘Rejuvenated’ Results

There may be few people who find the idea of ‘reminding’ employees to take a break quite absurd, but everyone needs a break. Companies understand that their employees are the biggest assets that they have and their well-being should be prioritized before anything else. Doing so would result in happier, relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired employees, thus increasing their morale and productivity.

Reminding Employees to Take Time-off


By HR-One Team
March 18, 2015

Appraisal period is one of the most anticipated and anxious phases for any company. For employees, it is the time when they get rewarded for their work through either a salary hike or a promotion, for the managers it is the time when they need to evaluate their teams accurately. Appraisals instill accountability and discipline in some sense. Though it is an important step in maintaining the overall efficiency and performance of the company, it is not an easy phase.

The managers need to assess the performance of their teams for the entire year. They should consider all the positives, keep a track of any negatives if there are any and give the appropriate appraisal to the right candidates. There may be more than two candidates who could be eligible for a promotion, it gets extremely crucial that the manager takes in account every tiny aspect of their work and promotes the more deserving candidate. Imagine keeping a track of a lot of employees and their work files of a year. There may be cases of files getting lost or someone can make the mistake of assigning a different grade to an employee who did not deserve it. Appraisals can be stressful and can be prone of unwanted and unexpected mistakes. HR-One’s HRMS ensures that this does not happen.

Importance of Appraisal and HRMS

An appraisal helps in the growth and progress of both the employees and the organization. Employee morale is boosted during appraisal and their performance can be measured accurately. It is not easy to evaluate a number of employees in a short period of time but it is possible to ease up the process of appraisals significantly with the help of best recruitment management software in India. Let us see how HRMS helps an organization in one of the most important steps.

  • It helps the manager in tracking performance accurately: There are certain guidelines and goals that are set for each employee. Some employees fall short, some accomplish their targets and some exceed the expectations. For those who accomplish and exceed their targets, they should be compensated accordingly. Likewise, appropriate action should be taken for those who fail. It is not possible for the managers to overlook all these details at every point of time. Thus, HRMS is employed to assist the managers. The performance automatically gets documented which the manager can use during the evaluations. The automated process measures the performance of individual employees but also notifies the manager when someone over-exceeds the set goals.
  • HRMS ensures that the employees awarded fairly: In the past there have been cases and accusations of favoritism and similar practices. There was no way one could verify such accusations but now, the scenario has changed for the better. HRMS, the best recruitment management software in India, is an objective program which doesn’t understand the concept of favoritism and other practices. It measures and documents every task as performed by the employee that needs to be considered during the appraisal. There won’t be any cases of the manager overlooking that or missing out if the employee slacked in certain aspects. Thus, the employees can be assured of being rewarded fairly for their work and not just because someone has gone extra miles to butter the manager to score that promotion. This ensures that appraisals are transparent and extremely fair.
  • Managing strengths and weaknesses: Every employee has his own share of strengths and weaknesses. The manager needs to assure that their teams’ strengths are honed further and appropriate measures are taken to work on the weaknesses. Keeping an eye everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can get quite taxing. HR-One’s HRMS can automate this and can track the performance of any employee in an efficient manner. It monitors their strengths and weaknesses and sends the reports to the manager who can consider the same during the appraisal process. They can design training programs to help people overcome their weaknesses. So, appraisals are also responsible for training schedules of the employees in a way.

HRMS also provides a platform for giving and receiving feedback. The managers can give objective feedback through HRMS to his/her team at regular intervals. There won’t be any cases of disparity or ambiguity since HRMS records and maintains everything. So, the appraisal gradings can be justified through the feedbacks and other comments.

Automating Appraisals Can make it more accurate & Quick


By HR-One Team
January 22, 2015

In this winter chill one imagine himself at home sipping their special masala tea, when abruptly there are piles of files thrown at you that reminds you of your unaccomplished targets. Such times takes you back to vacation in Bali you last had full of excitement and no paper work to be done.

Sometimes an employee needs to convey to their bosses to upgrade their technologies because the boss is in a bubble and his focus is usually to get his work done with existing equipment and no added cost.

In India such scenarios are common in SMB’s (small medium businesses) as they often take the back door when technology is knocking at their doors. It seems they are ‘OK’ with traditional style of working that consist of long scrutiny, endless paper work and the workplace shouts of unorganized setup.

The need of the hour for such companies has arrived where best online HRMS software solutions are required if they want to stay in the competition and prosper.

Some basic affordable qualities required in best payroll management software are described below:

1). Put those paper into right use and become eco-friendly by automating web based HRMS software such as HR-One practicing many functions like:
• Streamlines processes
• Uses a centralized database
• Improves communication across organization
• Reduces tedious paperwork
• Stores historical data for salaries
• Records performance evaluations
• Speed up transactions

2). HR department’s one of the crucial tasks in a company is to find talented pool of employees and keeping tab on them. With changing work equations
• The new starters are outnumbering the retirees,
• Work life balance is more important than status
• Technology will play crucial role in communicating globally rather than having face-to-face meeting.
• Boom in part-time jobs than full time
• Real time assessment of performance

3). Mobilize your office into your mobile phone and attend meetings, apply for leave and make presentations while you are in a subway, mall or dining with your family.

HR-One, an hrms payroll software solution provider makes it all possible and you can take a carefree vacation and leave rest to this dynamite software called HR-one to take all your stress.

Achieving Work-Life balance with HR-One


By HR-One Team
September 30, 2014

The most recent buzzword for the HR managers is “engagement,” and they are moving up their ‘sleeves to figure out better approaches to perceive employee diligent work assemble association and on occasion arrange a get-together to have a fabulous time.

A latest overview including workforce from commercial enterprises like vitality, assembling and expert administrations discovered more employees are selecting to change occupations. With “Turnover” turning into an essential sympathy toward organizations so questioning the HR Managers to know their strategies for employee engagement was a need. The most pervasive plan was vocation development and opportunity progression and the following was organization society friendship.

HR One HRMS gives you an answer for employee maintenance – the Training Module and Performance Management. As the most well known plan for employee engagement is profession advancement, so at present organizations are laying accentuation on improving employees’ aptitudes through the preparation methods and performance management. HR One Training Administration Module helps to overseeing and streamlining the whole preparing procedure and HR One Performance Management helps in checking their deliberations and squaring it in a fitting way.

The Performance Management System (PMS) Module serves to record the key achievements of the employee as per their formative strategies. These performance records encourage to screen and dissect the performance and are available by both managers and employees. On the premise of the dissection the managers could choose about the approaches to improve the general capacities of an association and employees’. The Training Administration Module is a stage gave to both the manager and employees to addition bits of knowledge into key improvement needs through employee profile reports and scorecards, ability hole investigation could be directed for individual employees engaging ideal use of human capital, more prominent employee engagement and powerful progression arranging.

An alternate mainstream technique was arranging get-togethers, playing back road meet-ups or an occasion party. These not just give employees’ approaches to have a ton of fun and standardize yet about likewise an opportunity to managers to unwind and blend up with the employees’. As it is said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull kid” so a profession improvement alongside some fun is a decent strategy for ’employee engagement’.

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull employee


By HR-One Team