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Best And Worst Ways To Hire Talent

Recruiting the right candidate to work for an organization will either break or make your business. Hiring is a crucial process, which costs time and money. This article talks about three best and three worst ways to hire talent for an organization.

Best Ways:

Have multiple candidates selected for one job. Even if you feel that the individual is suitable for the position, try to interview at least two more candidates. Some companies do not hire a person until they interview at least 10 candidates. Let us put this way, the more candidates you interview, the more options you will have and the possibilities that you will get the right choice will definitely increase.

Interview candidates at different locations. It helps you to judge how their personality changes and adapts to the new environment. Candidates always try to give their best shot in the first meeting but during the subsequent meetings you will get to know their true nature and how much they were pretending in the first meeting.

Interview candidates by at least three different people. The more people interviewing makes a candidate comfortable about the work environment. It also helps the interviewers to understand the nature of the candidate.

Worst Ways:

Don’t focus too much on qualifications and pedigree. It’s good to have candidates who have the maximum overlap of qualifications and come from pedigree colleges. Such candidates are few and not necessarily the right choice for you. Just because of these attributes, it is not a sure that they will have the right attitude or soft skills. If you don’t broaden your horizon, you may be left with difficult options to choose from.

Interviews are not a one-way process. If your entire or majority of interview time is devoted to you asking the questions, then you have overlooked an important aspect of the hiring process i.e. allowing the candidate to ask questions. When a candidate asks questions, it gives you an opportunity to see how the candidate thinks, how he/she perceives about the job they are about to take on, how interested they really are in the organization and the opening, etc. Not allocated sufficient amount of time for candidate to ask questions will leave out critical information that could be key in making a hiring decision.

Keeping candidates in the dark about their interview results. You have candidates lined up for your openings. Many of them don’t fit the profile when you go through the interview process. Do you tell them that you will get back to them but don’t? Do you tell them curtly that they are not selected and just end the conversation?
Remember, word gets around about the hiring process of all organizations, including startups and small ones. Such behavior would convey a negative perception about your organization as too haughty or callous. This may put off potential candidates, who do not want to work in such an environment. It would be better to spend a few minutes explaining to the candidate why they are not selected in the interview and what is the possibility for future interviews in other positions.


Hiring is a two-way process. Not only does it let you know how much of a fit a candidate may be, it also lets the candidate and their social circle know how much of a fit your organization is for them to work with. You need to invest time in interviewing and selecting multiple candidates as well as giving an opportunity for them to learn about your organization and culture, albeit, inconspicuously.

High Impacting HR Best Practices

With the changing business environment, Human Resources too needs to adapt and align itself. Today, it is not enough for HR to just handle administrative tasks and recruitment. HR needs to be more lean and nimble to help organizations in growing at a fast pace. Some of the high impacts changes HR can undertake are given below.

Reducing Administrative effort

The Human Resource team members should have minimum involvement in collecting and managing administrative data. There are efficient Human Resource Management Systems that facilitate that. Freeing up the team members from such mundane tasks allows them to focus on analytical tasks, which are critical for helping the organization thrive.

Effective use of technology in Recruitment Process

Finding right candidates for the opening is critical to an organization’s success and at the same time a daunting challenge. Besides the technical skills, a candidate’s attitude and other soft skills play a significant role. Use of social media to analyze behavioral patterns will be a much more effective mechanism than trying to conduct tests of your own. Use of video based interviews can help free up time for both the candidate and the HR team members.

Create Employee Driven Environments

The HR team should help frame policies that invigorate the employees to drive the organization growth. This will free up critical HR team in enforcing and allow them to focus on analyzing the results of the policies and fine tune them to ensure that the environment motivates employees to drive growth. The other aspect is to provide employees with tools as well as rewards and recognition programs to channelize and fuel such activities.

Contribute towards Governance and Business Strategy

The HR can play a critical role in the company’s growth by contributing to the governance process and building business cases for the company’s strategic direction. This requires cultivating good relationship with the leadership as well as a good understanding of the business itself. Many organizations need support in areas of governance and HR can play a pivotal role here. Another outcome of this is that, due to involvement at this high level, it helps guide the downstream HR strategies and align them to the organization’s business strategies. This becomes more critical in the frequently changing business environment.


In today’s business environment, organizations need to be agile and ready to transform their business with changes in the environment. An HR team cannot afford to play the timeless, but rigid administrative role. It needs to come out of a data collection and tracking model into one where they are more involved in analytical functions with both leadership and employees. They play an essential role in analyzing with both leadership and employees and facilitating growth at all levels.

Money or Memories: What Are The Best Ways to Motivate Employees

If there’re two things that’re both too important and too scarce in supply at workplaces, they’re motivation and productivity. Checkout the Gallup Employee Engagement Report and you’ll get the picture. Per that report, only 13% of employees around the globe say that they’re engaged at work. And since motivation directly affects productivity, this kind of disengagement and un-motivation among employees hurts businesses in a big way.

Now, this is not some hidden wisdom. Most managers understand the importance and scarcity of employee engagement. Yet most of them don’t put up a strategy to maintain motivation among their employees. This is still something limited only to Google-s, Intel-s and Apple-s of the world.

So, the question is how to keep employees motivated? Or it’ll be more apt to put it this way:

 Which motivators should be used to motivate employees?

Well, one motivator is very common: money. It makes sense because most people work to earn money for a living. It’s also the most easily available one (specially in case of large businesses). But what if you’re a small business owner? Moreover, is it the best motivator anymore in this complex world? Let’s figure out.

Is money the best motivator?

According to HR magazine’s survey conducted on 1,000 employees in UK, a mere 13% of employees said that they felt motivated from performance based cash bonuses. A research published in Harvard Business Review paints even more striking picture: it says that there’s little-to-no relation between pay and job satisfaction, and this is true for a wide variety of cultures and economies.

Is there a better way?

Certainly. According to a McKinsey Quarterly study, in contrast to monetary rewards praise and attention from management motivate 67% and 63% of employees respectively. Same applies for future leadership opportunities – they motivate 62% of employees.

What does this mean?

Based on these findings, one thing is clear. When it comes to motivation, memories trump money. Almost all the top motivating factors – whether they’re attention of management, gifts or leadership opportunities – end up lasting for a long time in the memories of employees.

So if you want to motivate your workforce, after hiring the right kind of people the next thing you should do is continuing to provide them memorable events or things in their work lives. You’ll certainly see a positive change in the motivation and engagement levels of your employees.

Choosing an Asset Management Software? Look for these elements before investing…

To be able to grow your business fast, you need to take faster decisions. And to be able to make the right decisions quickly, you need the right asset management software. SO, if you are looking for an asset management/ inventory management system, make sure it covers these points!

  1. Mobility

    The program must provide mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices to make it easier for off-site access of the asset information.

  2. Auditing Options
    Conducting regular audits of fixed asset inventory ensures your company’s asset records are accurate. Some softwares allows you to audit the data from any mode and also helps in limiting the information the user sees when you have more than one user for the auditing process.
  3. Asset Tag Design
    Each asset should have a unique barcode label to make the identification by the machine easy. It is one the basic and important requirements and the system should have the built-in-ability to design them.
  4. Customizing is easy
    These softwares comes with many default categories which might not be your relevance. So make sure that it allows you to customize the pre-existing data fields and also create new ones according to your requirement.
  5. Pro active system
    The system must be user friendly and shall notify the user about any updates of the past information, asset abuse, funding limitations, audit checklists and other issues. It should also be able to schedule and send pre-existing or new reports to the chosen employees.
  6. Cloud based System
    Web has already decreased the intervention of the IT department of a company. Cloud based systems has made the data more secure and can be easily managed. The cloud solutions often prove to be more cost-effective and are automatically updated.
  7. Security
    As the asset data will be accessible by multiple users, make sure that it comes with an option of setting up access categories to give specific access rights (update, edit and set up data administration tools, reports, and modules) to specific access types.
  8. Recovery Option
    There can be a need which can only be satisfied with an unused or old asset which was once sent to the lumber room. Many softwares provides you with option of disposing an asset but it is always better to search for a solution which can activate the old asset numbers and make the recovery easier.
  9. Help Desk
    This system should provide a very easy to access and report help desk to make it simple for employees to raise tickets when technical issues arise.

Asset management tools can surely make your life easier by reducing the chances of errors, but investing in the right choice depends on you. Look for a system with desired features and equal terms of user-friendliness and your business is good to go.

10 Best Quotes Ever on Work-Life Balance

Managing work and life is becoming more challenging with each passing day. Traffic, money, family issues and many other stressors have left us in the middle of the eddy of success.

For those who think success and work-life balance are not the text of the same page, here are some quotes to help you reconsider your views on daily management.

  1. “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.”
    Hillary Clinton
  2. “A man should never neglect his family for business.”
    Walt Disney
  3. “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
    Thomas A. Edison
  4. “You don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful. It’s natural to look back and mythologize the long nights and manic moments of genius, but success isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart.”
    Andrew Wilkinson
  5. “Those who feel satisfied with their personal lives are more satisfied with their careers and perform better.”
    Michael Hyatt
  6. “Don’t take things too seriously. I would never de-value the importance of your business; but it’s not worth sacrificing your life for.”
    Ben Yoskovitz
  7. “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful…that’s what matters to me.”
    Steve Jobs
  8. “You may not believe in something called work-life balance, but your body does. You need to monitor and nurture your body.”
    Vivek Wadhwa
  9. “Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.”
    Betsy Jacobson
  10. “Take care of yourself: When you don’t sleep, eat crap, don’t exercise, and are living off adrenaline for too long, your performance suffers. Your decisions suffer. Your company suffers. Love those close to you: Failure of your company is not failure in life. Failure in your relationship is.”
    Ev Williams

People have different views on attaining a work-life balance, and for many it doesn’t even exist. Having a satisfactory life is the path to a perfect mix of work and life. So find your rhythm and cherish the things that really matter. Because, sometimes, you need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.

Top 10 Resume tips to win a job!

The maximum time an interviewer takes to read a resume is not more than 30 seconds. And the only chance of connecting to the recruiter and convincing him/her to call you for the interview is through your resume.

Here are 10 points to ensure that your resume catches the eye, always

1. Minimum is the new Maximum-
Gone are the days of four to five page detailed resumes. Try keeping it precise and avoid putting irrelevant information, because interviewer only wants to know your skills and abilities, not your lifetime achievements or personal information.

2. Don’t let it grow too long, or cut it too short-
In order to get a single page resume, people often cut the meat out of their resume. A two page resume with required details will do no harm, but don’t add any if only one page can work.

3. Avoid Typos and Grammatical errors-
If the interviewer finds an error in your resume, besides all the enticing skills and qualifications you must have mentioned in your resume, he’s right away going to reach the conclusion.
“This person can’t even write properly!” or “This person doesn’t even care!”

4. Too congested to breathe-
Your resume needs to look very attractive to the eyes. But it doesn’t mean that five different types of fonts are required on a single page, it will only repel the interviewer. Keep it clean and consistent. Check with friends and family and take their feedback. If you do not hear some wows, then something is wrong!

5. Ditch the Objective Statement-
The old statement of objective is now out of fashion. Try using a summary statement instead, which is actually a summary of your skills/ qualifications to give an idea of the value you can add, to the interviewer.

6. Forget ‘one-size fits all’-
Before sending your resume to any company, try modifying it according to the job profile and company requirements. Using proper headings and keywords makes it easier for your resume to reach to the desk of the interviewer from the large resume database.

7. Be organized and logical-
Other than showing off your skill-set, your resume is also going to tell a lot about your personality and your way of thinking. Try avoiding extra spaces, keep it balanced and neat with clearly separate sections, proper bullet points and suitable headings. Use chronological ordering and explain the year gaps, because gaps left unexplained are going to make the interviewer assume.

8. Put the best stuff first-
We often put our educational qualifications at first and our accomplishments later. This is totally wrong! Interviewers are least concerned about your qualifications, what they only care is how much you really know to implement!

9. Always send a PDF-
All your hard work of formatting and arranging the document can get messed up, once, the recruiter opens the .doc document in his/her PC. Better convert it to PDF and then click on ‘send’.

10. Don’t forget to stay updated-
There is no perfect format for a resume, it always keeps on changing. People keep on coming up with different visually attractive resumes. Stay updated with the latest trends, and design your resume accordingly.

Write and Proofread. Avoid the common pitfalls and create a hero resume! Good Luck!

Best HR practices for successful companies

Why are employees in a few organizations blissful to stay with the organization while others search for a change? The reason is that a few organizations know how to take great forethought of their employees and give a working environment that helps them hold their personality, while substantiating themselves and developing alongside the organization.

Here are a few of the best HR practices that assistance in the making of a profoundly fulfilled and inspired work power.

Work Environment

A sheltered and blissful working environment makes the employees like being there. Everyone is given imperativeness and gave the security that provides for them the inspiration and motivator to remain. This is typically accomplished through inner overviews to discover whether they are fulfilled and if not what they think needs to be changed.

Open Management

Employees dislike the inclination of being kept oblivious about what is occurring in the organization. They feel propelled and create energy just when the administration opens up to them and talks about the organization arrangements, deals, customers, contracts, objectives and destinations. This supports participative administration. Approaching them for plans on the most proficient method to enhance will get their innovative juices streaming. Being open about everything identified with the organization will help in building trust and propelling the employees. This open administration strategy could be worked on utilizing a few instruments.

Execution Incentives

Each great execution is acknowledged as a gesture of congratulations, rewards or giving some other payment for an occupation well done. Associations that strive to stay aware of the whittling down rate are generally those that think employees are “simply” doing their occupation. Regardless of the possibility that it is the employee’s occupation, finish in a calculable way calls for a motivator, and this goes far in boosting the staff spirit. These motivating forces could be executed at the single person and in addition the group level and it has been seen that this works ponders in getting the best out of the employees. Anyway it is essential to remember that these rewards ought not be given without a reason, unless it is a guarantee for yearly rewards or some such thing. Doing so will just diminish the apparent estimation of the rewards.

Execution Feedback

This is one the routines that is continuously trailed by numerous associations. Criticism is taken from the supervisor, as well as from different seniors and subordinates. Beforehand, gratefulness was just looked for from the quick supervisor or the administration, yet now associations comprehend the criticalness of gathering execution input from a few quarters. The presumption of everybody matters, particularly for somebody who is in an administration part at any level. Every individual in the group is in charge of giving helpful input. Such types of framework aides in distinguishing individuals, who can perform well as pioneers at more elevated amounts in the association. Indeed the senior level directors can utilize this framework further bolstering their good fortune, as an apparatus to enhance them.

Employee Evaluation

Each organization has an employee assessment framework set up. However, a decent framework joins singular execution to the objectives and necessities of the association. This works well when accomplishments are followed over a year. For a reasonable audit of every employee, the assessment, separated from being carried out by the manager, ought to be carried out by someone else at a more elevated amount, for whom the employee’s commitment is vital. Evaluations can additionally be gotten by different employees. This guarantees a reasonable and precise rating of every single employee.

Imparting of Knowledge

Learning offering is a great methodology that aides in the wellbeing of the employees and their work. Keep all the proficient data in focal databases that could be gotten to by every last employee. Case in point, if an employee is sent on some preparation, the learning that is gained by that employee could be put away in these databases for others to gain from it. Indeed imaginative plans that the administration considers fit for employees to see, might be put away here for all to see.

Expose Good Performances

Each organization has a few employees who beat others. Such exhibitions ought to be highlighted and showed where different employees can take a gander at them, for example, on the showcase sheets and intranet and so on. This will urge others to give their best. A legitimate framework ought to be set up to make an arrangement of high exhibitions at particular times in a year.


Effective associations sustain thoughts and they comprehend that employees who are really meeting expectations and know the business can give the best plans. The administration ought to have discourses with employees to get these thoughts out of them. There can additionally be recommendation boxes to catch these thoughts. Through this framework, supervisors can discover skilled employees and create them.


While distinguishing of ability is very vital and must be brought about a noticeable improvement path than holding services and affirming to the entire world (the employees), the accomplishments of a kindred employee. There might be nothing preferable for an employee over the potent feeling from a resonating praise.

The Surprise Factor

Who doesn’t like amazement? Surprise meriting employees – when they are slightest expecting it. It could be a blessing testament or a little remunerate or something to that affect. This astonishment doesn’t need to be restricted to the best entertainers, yet it could be arbitrarily given to others as a propelling variable as well. Anybody could be given this shock reward.

HR-One HR Management Software developers suggest that these sound HR practices support the development of the association as employees after all assume a real part in the prosperity of an organization. Making an employee feel like a million dollars pays as the achievement of an association.