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Stepping in a New Digital Way of Work

We’ve entered a new digital world of work, a world which is focused on simplicty, agility, learning, employee engagement and putting a lot of effort to reorganize to help make work easier. Adding to these changes are a new set of innovative technologies, tools and systems for HR. In an era where the talent has gone mainstream and young, innovative and creative professionals are entering senior roles in HR, this is the time for valiant decisions, new strategies and to introduce an advance tools for these professionals.

These changes, which impact organizations in every country, are coupled with a new workforce which is increasingly diverse, demanding and mobile. Let’s quickly drill down how we can navigate smoothly in future and step in a new digital way of work.

The role of HR is undergoing a phenomenal change

Thanks to the modern HRMS entering the space. You can buy easy to use cloud-based HRMS for payroll, recruitment, performance, talent, expense and helpdesk, management.  Bringing enterprise-class features and functionality to market, HRMS is a great tool used by business professionals around the world.

Replacement of dated HR technology will accelerate

As with many business processes, a large part of the HR function is a compilation of records, performing data entry and creating reports.  Without an integrated HR system in place, one has to probably face complexity to extract data from several places which is wearisome. This is the time that HR personnel or other professionals can best use on making strategic decisions. An advanced HRMS once configured will make it easier to generate reports in a fraction of time. Since a huge chunk of daily tasks can be automated, there is no reason why we should not replace dated over advanced technology.

Information sharing and colloboration will go through a major revolution 

HR is a central to any business and HR personnel needs to collaborate seamlessly and share information whenever necessary. Without HRMS, this may mean you need to dig out deeper to find relevant insights. With HR-One HRMS, you can store the data in a central location and pull out that data whenever needed in a timely fashion. This also ensures that the right data is shared at the right time, leading to happier workplaces and great collaboration.

Data-driven decisions will go mainstream

It can be peculiarly challenging to gain a clear picture of your employee resources. With HRMS, you can easily monitor the performance of an employee, constantly keep a tab on employees who are absent or coming late every other day and monitor attrition rates easily.

The new digital world of work is here. It’s a time of exciting change, innovation and uncovering the best stored for HR, admin, finance and other professionals. So, head on to make your work life easier with HR-One HRMS software and take a free demo.

Best HR Practices for you organization

HR holds a very important role in promoting the internal and external activities of any business. With pre-defined roles taught in B-Schools, most HR practitioners are often unable to identify the most effective HR practices in and outside their organizations. It is important that you understand the importance of some commonly ignored HR practices for the growth of your employees and resources who in return contribute to the business development. Let us understand a few of the top HR practices that would be useful in a long run.

First Impression on a prospective employee.

The Human Resource Department is the foremost link between a new hire and the existing staff of the company. Thus, it is important that the HR is cordial with them and help them capture all that the company can offer. Never assume the new hires to know what your organization expects them to do as the policies which you feel are simple may appear complex to them. Develop a basic and uncomplicated handbook for the employees stating the job descriptions, attendance policies, leave rules, payment modes, etc.

Motivational Strategy.

Adopt a motivational strategy to keep your workers enthused. Researches indicate that employees have three major requirements: exciting work, appreciation for a good task and involvement in the company practices. However, it is not necessary to provide financial rewards every-time. A daily inspirational mail, monthly get-together, mentorship programmes, etc. can be taken up for keeping employees motivated.

HR Automation.

Modernize the HR processes by installing HRMS and Payroll solution. This not only improves interpersonal communication and accessibility but also saves time. This software are a single solution to manage all aspects of employee engagement with complete efficiency, convenience and transparency.

The basic aim of Human Resource Management should not be to keep things veiled under terms and conditions but to keep a selective transparency between the employer and the employees. Always remember that employee engagement is the skill of engaging individuals in reliable connections with the organization to leverage work into development.