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April 15, 2016

Recently the internet has been flooded with articles around managing millennials – the ‘tough’ employees. Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, form a substantial part of the present day work force. Labelled as “demanding” and “difficult” – this generation has been under a lot of speculation.Here are some quick facts about millennials that would give you a fresh perspective about them:

Expert Multitaskers: Millennials can handle a lot more than what you can imagine. They can juggle many responsibilities in a go and yet do justice to all.  This also means that they can be easily distracted by a tweet or a text. The best way to utilize their potential at work is to keep them engaged with variety and timelines.

Tech Savvy & Aware: From social media to latest technology, millennials are geeks of sorts. Don’t be surprised if they shun you for your lack of social awareness. In whatever role they are, millennials can contribute well in defining a communication strategy, especially digitally.

Love Appreciation: They are hardworking, no doubt, but they need quick recognition and appreciation.  A quick email or a small announcement on floor can do wonders to their motivation and keep them upbeat, even for some of the most daunting tasks at work.

Don’t live to Work: Work is important for them, but work-life balance is even more important. You would rarely see a millennial spending long hours at work unnecessarily. They admire flexibility at wok as this helps them maintain a balanced lifestyle. In return, you get an extremely sincere and dedicated millennial.

They Believe in Team Work: Millennials are great team players and leaders. They totally love collaborating with others and brainstorming.

Transparency: You can’t fool them by pushing things under the rug. Millennials demand clear and transparent communication. They follow the same principal with their team and expect the management to be transparent with them too.

With new set of millennials ready to throng workplaces, it’s important for organizations to know how they can leverage unique skills of millennials. How do you plan to handle them?

6 habits of millenials that you’d totally love at work!


By HR-One Team
January 14, 2016

It is probably the most desirous thing amongst the HRs these days. A simple, lean, easy to use human resource management system (HRMS) is the new hottie in the HR circles. Here’s why.

Like any other industry, disruptive technology has changed the way organizations managed their employees. Manual registers gave way to sleek punch in systems long back, and written applications for almost everything, is now a thing of the past. Despite being around for almost seven years, HR technology continues to remain a heartthrob and sees a strong increase in demand, year on year.

Here are some reasons that drive this strong growth of HR technology:

Old is not gold: Legacy systems (read initial systems that came into market 7-10 years ago), are losing their charm. With new generation employees coming in, HRs need systems that are as smart and fast. This keeps the hunt for a good web based HRMS always on!

Cloud is SO reachable: Well, almost everything is on cloud these days and so are most of the HRMS tools. Being on cloud, makes these web based HRMS tools a lot more simple, scalable and less frustrating for the HR!

Simple is the new bold: To keep up the interaction and employee engagement, it is important for HRs to keep updating the interface of their HRMS. Clean dashboards, bright colours, engaging graphs are some of the elements of a web based HRMS tool that help in keeping employees hooked. There is a lot of emphasis on user interface and usability in the new age systems.

Go Mobile, Tab and more! With the world getting even closer, what do you do when more than 50% of your workforce keeps travelling? Take your HRMs to mobile, simple! The anytime, anywhere access freedom that comes with web based systems is one of the key factors behind higher HRMS adoption and usage amongst employees.

Smart, quick analytics: Creating accurate reports has been a pain area for HR departments. HRMS tools make their life easy by generating custom reports for everything (hire to retire). Be it employee movement, department level analytics or organizational data, HR managers can now create quick reports for complex operations like performance, talent management, reimbursements, payroll and more.

So stop thinking and go take a bite of the pie now!

What Makes HR-Technology as Lovable as Cupcakes?


By HR-One Team
December 17, 2015

Well, there’s this super crazy rush in the HR fraternity to move their legacy systems to chic web apps and with most of your peers already flaunting their cloud apps, it becomes quite a pressure! So while you get ready for your sprint to a web based HRMS, here is some fuel, to add more fire to your HRMS hunt.

Here are five reasons why you should run to a web based HRMS right away!

Save time and money: Of course, this is the biggest bet. Switching to a web based HRMS software can save your time and costs by at least 50%, if not more. A web based HRMS also lowers your equipment and maintenance cost in terms of servers and IT staffing.

High on efficiency: Automating processes through a web based HRMS means that a single system can cater to multiple requests simultaneously. You can do a lot more with a single system, instead of running multiple standalone apps. Since the system requires minimal time to run requests, HR teams get more time at hand to deal with other important aspects of people management.

Fast and Flexible:Web based applications make processing of complex data simple and faster. Lengthy tasks like compensation planning, pay roll, reimbursements, trainings and more can be completed quickly and accurately. Also, the system gives you the flexibility to give users access per their defined roles. It can be customized to meet specific user roles and their requirements.

Anytime, anywhere: From mobile to all other gadgets like iPads and tablets, web based HRMS solutions can run from anywhere. This means you can look at all important reports and updates, right from your mobile, anywhere, anytime.

Consistency and Accuracy: Having information in one place means that there is no discrepancy in information communicated to employees. Everyone looks at the same documents and policies. This also helps in building transparency and trust. Moreover, since all requests like leave, attendance, payroll etc. are automated, the reports created are 100 % accurate and error free.

HR is a sensitive operation. Apart from dealing with processes that impact people directly, they also deal with employee expectations. Having a web based system in place gives them more freedom to pay attention to people management and create a happier work place. So get ready, and take the leap towards a faster, better and more friendly HR management with a web based HRMS software.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Web Based HRMS Right Away!


By HR-One Team
October 27, 2015

HRIS implementation can result in significant savings in money and time for your company. Primarily, it will help you get rid of all calculation errors, payroll data entry errors, and addressing fair pay rules for all employees. HRIS or HRMS systems provide organizations with a high tech online service centers to manage all kinds of human resource activities. HRMS systems will also be a significant part of your PEO benefits.

Globally, online HRMS systems have been helping several top end businesses with compensation management, benefits administration, company report writing, information analysis, and other HR processes. Though the type of system varies between companies, one of the common and most important features is automation technology. Automation makes HR responsibilities punctual, simpler, and fast. An average HRMS system is programmed to provide the following services:

  • Payroll administration / monetary allocation system
  • Accounting management and conclusions
  • In depth reporting
  • Electronic maintenance of books of account
  • Master employee information database
  • Integration of benefits programs, payroll updates, direct deposits, PTO status and others
  • Security, encryption, password protection and top end firewall

How does an HRMS system help and organization grow?

Regardless of how big or small a business is and what industries it belongs to, HRMS systems come with several advantages.

  1. Access employee database anytime and anywhereHRMS databases hosted in online cloud servers allow managers to access the information from anywhere and at any time of the hour. Highly encrypted, these servers will allow easy but secure access. Thus strategizing HR functions can now be done from anywhere.
  2. Simplifying HR tasksWith employee information being managed electronically, the HRs desks will be cleaner and more organized. Switching from paper files to digital entries also streamlines the whole HR process.
  3. AutomationAutomation in HRMs systems can mean a lot of things. Most importantly, however, automation lets organizations enable customized programs and access specifications. This further facilitates regularized updates allowing managers to feel more confident of their internal policies and HR strategies.
  4. Reporting and data analysisHRMS Software systems make it a whole lot easier when it comes to analyzing and making reports on employee information and feedbacks.
  5. Reduce fraud

    With the ‘human hand’ playing a minimum role in information feed and reporting, there would be fewer chances of doctoring and fraud. Things like attendance would be regularized and highly accurate.

Here’s why HRMS is important for growing businesses


By HR-One Team
June 28, 2015

HR processes have been the same since decades. Not much has changed with regards to ‘what’ has to be done to complete any task related to employee management, such as uploading/updating required details, managing their leaves etc. However, the approach to ‘how’ has seen tremendous change, the current trends making it more convenient for the employees as well as the HR department.

Imagine the frustration of the HR team who is trying to upload details of hundreds or even thousands of employees, especially when a bunch of new hires join at once. It can be a considered as a waste of precious billable hours that can instead be utilized for developing HR strategies, designing training programs, budget control etc. Next, imagine the annoyance that employees face when they have applied for procession of pay-slips, reimbursements or leaves and there are unavoidable delays from the HR side. HR software’s in India succeeded in addressing such situation by implementing Employee Self Service (ESS) in their HR management solutions.

ESS has helped in simplifying many HR processes and empowers employees and the management team with practical solutions. Employees, while adhering to company policies and other regulations, can execute different HR tasks. Some other benefits include the following:

–          Unparalleled accessibility

Web based HRMS software allows employees to access required information from anywhere, at any time. They can log in to their accounts to update certain information, view notifications, download newsletters, track their payroll data and keep their timesheet updated. It promotes mobility, which is becoming a norm in almost every business. So, even when the employees are on the go, on a business trip or working from home, they will never miss out on keeping their details and important HR processes up to date.

–          Relieve HR from mundane administrative workload

Employees may need to update their contact details, address or bank details. They inform the HR and put in a request for the same. Multiply this by dozens as the HR team can receive multiple requests on any given day. Before one knows, the only work achieved by the HR team at the end of the day will be updating those details as they watch other important work getting piled up, smiling smugly at them. It will be a wasted effort if details get mixed up or have been filled up inaccurately. An ESS portal handles this by transferring the responsibility from the HR team to employees themselves. This greatly reduces HR’s administrative workload and higher level of accuracy is maintained when the staff manages personal details themselves.

–          Highly cost-efficient

The most obvious way to tackle the excess workload is by hiring more number of people. If the administrative work is divided amongst many, then the work might get done quickly thus allowing the team on focus on other important things. ESS module of any web based HRMS software not only allows accurate execution of such tasks but also eliminates the need to hiring extra people to execute the same things. The same amount on money can be spent suitably on better and more important purposes.

–          Reduces paper trail significantly

Encouraging a green environment and sustainability is a must for any organization. If a solution reduces paper trail in any way, it goes without saying that it would be a good idea to adopt it immediately. Since every bit of information is filled and stored online, it eliminates chances of lost memos, pay-slips or any physical damage. If absolutely required, employees can print a statement from the ESS system, but even then the overall carbon footprint left by the company would be minimal.

The advent of technology has enabled the system to be easily integrated with smart-phones and other mobile devices. This has further helped in enhancing the user experience. HR software’s in India support this module and many organizations have greatly benefited from it. If you haven’t already, now might be the right time to do it. Be rest assured that your employees and HR team will (silently) thank you!

4 benefits of Employee Self Service!


By HR-One Team
May 21, 2015

Every company has its own holiday and paid leaves policy. There are mandatory paid leaves for certain amount of days per year and a list of approved holidays. But sickness doesn’t give any warning before striking and more number of unpaid leaves gets added to a month while tending to the illness. With small scale businesses and start-ups redesigning the work rules, many are considering offering paid sick leaves for their employees. It has been debated quite a bit whether it’s a good idea or not, but there are numerous benefits of offering sick leaves. The best HRM software can contribute to make it a reality across organizational campuses.

The concept of paid sick leaves isn’t a common phenomenon as companies fear that employees will misuse the opportunity. Some look it as an additional cost to incur, but these cons can be dwarfed by the pros. Some of them include:

–          Employees will be healthier

When there are no paid sick leaves, employees prefer staying home only when it is physically impossible for them to leave the house. On other occasions, they come to office sick risking the safety of other employees as well. Since they don’t get sufficient rest their recovery period gets prolonged. All these issues can be tackled with offering paid sick leaves. It encourages the employees to stay home when they get sick, get ample rest and recover soon without putting colleagues at risk. Employees will stay healthier and work better.

–          Productivity will increase

The immediate result of healthier employees would be higher productivity. When the employees report to work sick, they automatically become less productive. If they are suffering from a contagious illness, others would fall sick in no time. When a bunch of people fall sick, they might eventually have to take a few days off. This results in decreased productivity, hurting the company. If paid sick leaves are offered, employees would think twice before coming in sick. Web based HRMS software can easily incorporate this offering into its functionalities.

–          Better Perception of the employees and company

You are expecting one of your biggest clients to discuss an important project.You are extremely well-prepared, your team has worked really hard for the big day and everyone is psyched about the meeting. Despite all this the only person that everybody in the room, especially your client, can focus on is the one sniffing, coughing or sneezing away who turned up because he ran out of paid leaves. As annoying as it can be, it unfortunately shows that as a company you don’t care about the well-being of your employees. It would not leave a good impression on the client/visitor that you allowed such a sick employee in the same room as him and risking his health as well. Paid sick leaves encourage employees to take a day off without worrying about salaries getting deducted and this caring attitude may put you in the good books of your clients and well as customers.

–          Employees will display honesty and loyalty

When the employees are given the option of trading a work-day with a rest day while getting paid at the same, they feel cared for and valued by their organization. Chances are that they would not misuse this opportunity and rather be honest about using the paid sick leaves.Web based HRMS software would allow them to mark their absence from the comforts of their home. Any activity that reflects care and concern for employees’ well-being would earn their loyalty as well.

–          Better employee-employer relationship

By offering paid sick leaves, the company demonstrates that it trusts its employees to not abuse that privilege and utilize the leaves appropriately. With this blend of trust, honesty and loyalty,the bond between employers and employees become stronger. When that equation is untainted it promotes a better work culture.

With benefits like these, fears and doubts associated with misuse of paid sick leaves can be put to rest. For managing these leaves some of the best HRM software can be employed. Overall, it’s a win-win situation, which is why more companies should incorporate this offering into their paid leaves/holiday calendar.

What are the benefits of offering paid sick leaves?


By HR-One Team
March 31, 2015

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent times. Its contribution to the business world has proven to be unparalleled. One of the latest avenues that is enjoying the fruits of technology is the HR department. Rewind a few years and you could see the HR professionals behind a piles of papers, putting in their best efforts to ensure smooth functioning of the HR processes. Communication was done in person, through memos. Slowly internet came into place, tasks and communication got leaner, faster and smoother. Then came the age of social media and everything changed overnight.

The term ‘Love it or hate it but you definitely can’t ignore it’ can’t be more accurate when it comes to social media. It has become the pivotal cog in the wheel, without which the ride could be quite bumpy. And of course, no one likes a rough ride. Human Resources has gained significantly with the boom of social media and it has transpired into HRMS as well. The best payroll management software has embraced social media and the results are nothing but favourable. Let us see some of them.

What does Social HRMS Bring to the Table?

A major transformation has been experienced in the field of communication. Social HRMS has brought in a layer of the much needed transparency as well. Recruitment has received a major transformation. Read on to know more.

–          Social HRMS has encouraged one to explored unknown avenues for recruiting: There was a time when job posting were advertised in newspapers or the existing employees intimated the news to their friends and family. The aspirants would walk in with paper resumes and the succeeding processes were dependent on paper too. HR-One’s social HRMS has changed this greatly. Today, employers can post recruiting details not just on their website but on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It is not only faster but doesn’t cost a thing. A larger pool of people can be reached through these platforms and the chances of hiring the right person increases. Since the interaction starts through social platforms, you can be assured the candidate is familiar with the world of social media which is a must these days. You get exposed to great candidates and the hiring process becomes a breeze.

–          It has empowered the employees and given a voice: Companies are making their presence felt globally. Effective communication plays a major role in bridging the gaps that can be caused by global barriers. However, communication should not be limited to just the managerial positions. Through social HRMS, the employees get an opportunity to voice their opinions, queries and suggestions. It is possible to brainstorm, gather suggestions and put out questions on social platforms and forums and everybody can contribute to it. There is no limit to the number of people who can participate in such social interactions. When you empower the employees, you increase their morale and encourage them to collaborate with each other and produce great results every single time.

–          Information can be shared in real time: A couple of years back sharing information was not a fast process. Either the information was sent personally to the concerned people or the notification would be put out where people could come and read. There was a significant time gap between the information being put out and reaching people. Then slowly the information got shared through mails, thus increasing the pace. However, the best payroll management software brought an entirely different pace through social HRMS.

All the necessary information can be shared through multiple social platforms, thus reaching a large group of people at once. The notification alerts would ensure that the information in real time. If you want to share the experience of an event you are attending with your colleagues, you can put real time updates on platforms such as Twitter and numerous people can benefit from the real time information without being present in the event.

What are benefits of Social HRMS?


By HR-One Team
February 18, 2015

There was a time when a lot of organizations blocked social media websites, fearing a loss of productivity. Fast forward a few years and you will find people glued to their smart-phones. At this very moment, turn to your left or right and you will find just a handful of people who don’t have their blue screens staring right back at them. Maybe even you are also reading this post on a mobile device. So, what happened in the last few years that has people hooked onto to their mobile phone? Social media happened. And the impact it created has left quite a significant impression on the business world as well. Integrating social media has become quite a common practice in all the companies. Various softwares have more promise than ever due to the face-lift of the technology. HR-One’s HRMS is such solution.

The Latest Integration

HRMS softwares in India have turned a new leaf with the integration of social media. The HR department has oodles to gain with social media by their side. The primary task of the HR team, i.e., hiring people has gained a new medium to recruit the best talent. Companies used to put up job postings on their website but social media has allowed them to search for the best people within 140 characters or a simple update on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The importance of networking cannot be emphasized more for any professional. By integrating HRMS with social media, this task is made easier as sitting in front of the computer screen and connecting to people across the world. No more awkward conversation in cafés or conferences or cringing at the thought of spending an entire day with random people just to interact with two people with whom you can have a symbiotic relationship. Just start that computer, look for people who would add value to the organization and connect with them with just a click of the button.

HR-One offers several functionalities that allow the employees to integrate their personal social media profiles with their HRMS profiles. This helps them in connecting with people within the company and maintain a healthy relationship with their peers. In fact, the employees can recommend their team-mates or endorse them on the platform. This helps the managers in gauging the overall performance of the employees, while taking in feedback from the rest of the team. All the required data is easily available on HRMS.

Yin and Yang of the Integration

Social media is all around us and it would be a wise decision to blend HRMS and social media. The list of positives it can add to the company is a huge one. Sadly, every yin has a yang and this much talked about integration is no different. Social media means putting out something personal onto a digital space that can be viewed by anyone. There can be a fear of loss of an intellectual property, defamation, threat to the company brand or even lawsuits against the company or its employee due to the way certain issue is portrayed through the social media.

Fortunately, these fears can be negated through some measures. HRMS softwares in India are tackling these issues with forming stringent policies for using the social media. It is obvious that the employees of the company will be active on social media beyond the company premises or would quit at some point. It becomes necessary to implementing policies to ensure that such conditions do not affect the company in any way. Policies can include deciding how the employees can use the company’s name on their profile or how portable would the accounts be once the relationship between the company and employee is terminated.

Depending on the way it is used, this integration can either prove to be a great friend to join hands with or a foe that you need to completely avoid. Make it a friend and you won’t ever regret it. It is advisable for the HR team to encourage its employees to use the integration in the best manner possible. So the next time you see one your employees logging onto Facebook or Twitter in office, mostly they are benefiting the company in some way or the other, besides changing their profile pictures and checking how many likes and comments they got!

Social Employees means more productive employees


By HR-One Team
February 4, 2015

A lot has been said about the benefits that HRMS can offer to various organizations. Significant changes can be instantly noticed in areas such as attendance management, payroll, leave requests etc. Though it may sound insignificant, it helps the company in great stretches. When the overall effect on the company is taken into consideration, the impact is massive. However, the HRMS payroll software solution providers in India insist that the solution can go a step further. It can, in fact, turn any business around. If you are experiencing turbulent times with uncertain results, HRMS can be trusted to bring you out of it. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it! At the same time, it just might sound a little hard to believe.

Small Yet Giant Steps

HR-One’s HRMS solution offers three major benefits that have the potential to turn around the way your business functions. These might seem small on an individual level, but when all these benefits are combined, the company has the ability to take giant strides towards success and growth.

– A Platform of Automation: One of the first things that HRMS brings to the table is automation. Once the trivial functions are automated, time and effort of the employees are automatically saved. No more manual tracking of attendance or wasting time on calculating each employee’s salary. Let the software take care of it. You can be free to focus on the area of the company is lagging behind and tackle all the problem areas head on.

– Efficient Organization: Remember those times when all the documentations were organized into folders, tucked safely behind the cabinets. It brought the issue of security, loss and theft to the fore in addition to a lot of time and energy being wasted by the employees to maintain the same! HRMS tackles this issue by providing great features which help in organizing all the required files and documents. All this can be done with just a click and the chances of loss are minimized. Even the aspect of security is covered. This simple change can bring a massive impact to your business, so much so that it can turn your business around. After all, effective organizing practices go a long way.

– Accurate Measurement of Performance: HRMS has several features that makes measuring employees’ performance a simpler process. It brings about a lot of transparency too. If someone’s performance is hurting the company, necessary action can be taken immediately. HRMS provides a platform for the teams to interact and improve the overall performance. This again has the potential to help the business take a positive turn.

So now that you know that HR-One’s HRMS solutions can indeed help you greatly, especially at times when your business is experiencing rough times, it would be wise to invest in HRMS and see the changes in a very short period of time. Almost all the HRMS payroll software solution providers in India would nod their heads in approval. So, don’t waste any more time and make HRMS an integral part of your business!

How HRMS can turn your business around?


By HR-One Team
January 12, 2015

There are some processes in every organization that are repeatable. Performing these tasks and processes time and again can prove to be quite cumbersome and can be a wastage of time. There will be times when these tasks will be unaccounted for or even untracked. Most of the times, these tasks are executed by one department specifically or even by one person in the department. When performed repeatedly, there are chances of errors caused by human error or there may be a few cases of inconsistencies. These errors and inconsistencies may put the organization at risk and may, directly or indirectly, affect the business. Making web based HRMS software a part of your organization may help you prevent this. Let us see how.

HRMS is used for streamlining processes that are managed by the Human Resources (HR) department. One of the crucial tasks that this department overlooks is the hiring and induction of new talent. Usually, a sequential process is followed when a new employee is hired. Some of the tasks maybe in the following sequence:

–          The employee is given a brief introduction

–          All the required forms are given to the new employee to be filled

–          Assign the work location

–          Introduce the employee to their senior or reporting manager

–          Order his or her business cards

–          Start assigning work

Every time a new employee is hired, these tasks have to be executed. If the hiring process is quite frequent, depending on the growth and requirement of the company, then there has to be a dedicated staff to ensure these processes are carried out efficiently. However, it may be easier if a web based HRMS software is implemented. There are various features and functionalities in HRMS that will assist the HR team in performing these tasks. For example, the workflow management helps in performing the above mentioned tasks in an efficient manner and minimizes errors. It ensures that the required sequences of various tasks are followed correctly. Moreover, the tasks can be automated and can be triggered by the occurrence of different events. Thus scheduling can be done, saving a lot of time, resources and energy. Like workflow management, there are other functionalities that focus on payroll, inventory to name a few. All these add great value to any organization.

Some of the advantages of having web based HRMS software are:

  • Increased efficiency of the overall
  • Ability to standardize different working methodologies
  • Streamlining tasks
  • Tracking employee performance

These are some of the benefits that can change the way an organization operates and performs. The roles and responsibilities are defined clearly through HRMS. All these benefits and functionalities of HRMS add value to your business. HRMS is not restricted to any specific industry or its size.

How can HRMS add Value to your Business?


By HR-One Team
January 5, 2015

A lot has been spoken about how implementing payroll management software benefits any organization. Right from saving time, minimising errors, increasing productivity and making the process faster are amongst the positive things that feature on the list of benefits. The employers and higher managements will surely recommend payroll management software, but the good news is that even the employees will benefit from it. As they truly say, technology doesn’t differentiate between people. So, read on to know how some of best payroll management software companies in Delhi believe that the employees will benefit from the implementation of Payroll Management Software.

Employees at a Benefit

Empowering the employees is one of the best things any organization could do. Keeping things transparent and enabling the employees to do certain things will go a long way in keeping the employees happy and in turn can help in retaining talent. One area where this can be achieved is the payroll management. These are some of the ways employees will benefit greatly, along with the employers.

1)      High Confidentiality Factor

Any detail related to payroll and other monetary related information can now be accessed by the employees directly. There is extreme confidentiality in maintaining the records. Only the concerned employee, their manager and the concerned official at the Payroll department will have the authorization to access the details. There is no fear of unknown people stumbling upon the details or viewing one’s personal payroll records. There is no need to take special permission from anyone to access any information.

2)      Availability at all times

The information can be accessed by the employee at all times. This is beneficial for those who work in different shifts and whose shift alignment doesn’t match with the payroll office’s timings. Holidays, weekends or leaves do not come in the way of viewing the payroll details. In fact, it is possible for the employees to access any details even when they are travelling or are on the move. The 24 X 7 availability of any payroll information relieves the employees’ dependence on the payroll department, thus making the employees independent.

3)      Check on Working Hours

Payroll allows the employees to keep a check on their billable working hours. The regular working hours can be tracked easily but at times employees do put in extra hours. Keeping a manual tab can take a toll on the employees and there are high chances of making some error. According to the best payroll management software companies, the employees can keep a track of their over-hours, comp-offs, extra rosters etc through the software. There is no need for them to worry about keeping a track of all that and they can be sure of getting paid of extra billable hours. If there is any mistake, it can be brought to the notice of the concerned official immediately so that there is no inaccuracy in the issued pay check.

4)      Easy Connectivity with the Payroll team

There was a time when an employee had to physically get in touch with the payroll team in case of any confusion, discrepancy or error. They had to coordinate with the payroll team and meet to discuss further. It resulted in wastage of a lot of time. If the payroll was busy, the employee’s grievances just got postponed further. With the payroll software in place, the employee can just contact the payroll team directly through the software. The process is faster and really simple. The employee can send in any request or query at any time without the need of taking an appointment with the payroll team. They can access the response when they want, irrespective of the location. There is a level of transparency too, which builds a strong sense of trust between the company and the employees.

Keeping the employees happy has to be a priority in any organization. When the source of happiness comes from the freedom they get to monitor their payroll details, there is nothing better than that. Give them the transparency and independence they deserve, you will automatically see a rise in morale, efficiency and productivity. Companies like HR-One can help you get more details about the same.

How does Payroll Management Software benefit the employees?


By HR-One Team
June 12, 2014

Human Resource is a company’s most significant asset,a catalyst behind its success. That’s why the role of HR department is so crucial for the success of an organization. An HR practitioner has the key responsibility of managing a company’s employees according to organizational policies while keeping the employees happy and motivated by rewarding them to the maximum. Over the past few decades, HR activities have become highly tedious and have involved large volumes of paperwork and brainstorming, including Recruitment, Personnel Management, Payroll, Human Resource Development, Organization Structure, Records of Attendance and other duties.

Flowing with the trend

With cut-throat business competition, it is important that companies develop externally. However, an organization occupied with internal mismanagement can never be able to handle industry challenges. It is important that the internal processes are streamlined at first to focus completely on business challenges. Modern HR professionals need to adopt a strategic outlook to work simpler and better.This is when arises a need for quality Human Resource Management System, commonly known as HRMS solutions.

How is HRMS advantageous?

  • Every organization has its defined functions. It is essential to plan and execute these primary functions and activities of the organization. In such a scenario, an HRMS solution is helpful in accomplishing these tasks both efficiently as well as economically. HRMS software help in automating the core functions.
  • Another important HR task is Recruitment. Selection of aspirants, conducting interviews, scheduling meetings and so on were hectic before the introduction of HRMS solution.Nowadays, smarter businesses install HRMS solutions which assist an HR in selection, sorting and finalizing suitable candidates. Scheduling of job interviews, conducting online tests, sorting the selected candidates and many other manual jobs can be automated through an effective HRMS solution. The budgeting of the recruitment process can be also supported through the solution. Apart from this, the effectiveness of recruitment can be calculated through HRMS software.
  • After recruitment process ends, there comes the need of training the new and existing employees. An HRMS helps to discover the training requirements of different employees to enhance their skills and make them familiar with latest industry practices. Training helps in boosting employee satisfaction and imparts them professional expertise. Thus, a motivated worker will definitely dedicate the complete skill in draining the best out of him. Hence, the organization gets the best of human talent.
  • Evaluation of employee performance at different hierarchy and examining the number of productive hours has become much easier with HRMS solution. Performance management tools help in providing an overall assessment of employee activity.
  • Payroll calculations, attendance management, leave records and holiday planner is another interlinked profile an HR needs to work upon. HRMS solution not only assists but independently handles the payroll for employees with greater accuracy and efficacy. Thus, the tiresome practice of data entry and endless paperwork becomes obsolete, thereby, minimizing time-usage.
  • Maintaining employee records and updating them is another ease factor an HRMS solution can provide to HR practitioners. Tools like employee self service provides access to employees who can make changes in their records and update it with the relevant information. Thus, the headache of updating employee records personally and doing it with precision has become a task of by-gone days.
  • Compliance policies are another important task for HR that is to be accomplished without failure. It is essential for organizations to submit statutory reports to government authorities within the defined deadline. HRMS softwares have pre-installed formats that are widely accepted by authorities. It becomes easy to download these formats and implement it to design the specific reports to be submitted for legal and statutory purposes.

HRMS consultation

It is important to choose the right HRMS solution for your organization that may best suit your industry trends. It is highly necessary that your HRMS solution assists in combating the challenges of your domain. A solution is useless if it is unable to satiate your regularly changing industry challenges. Thus, analyze the market properly before choosing the right vendor for obtaining the perfect HR Management Solution.

Why You Need an HRMS Right NOW!


By HR-One Team