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February 9, 2018

Human Resources faces the challenge of keeping up with a constantly evolving business landscape. Gone are the days when HR leaders were responsible for heavy paperwork, resume sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, and other legal issues. Today, with a millenial workforce, HR managers are called upon to perform strategically and to move from administration to making strategic decisions. With a dynamic workplace and high expectations, the HR department is aspired to do more with less. The question is, how?

If you are still carrying out your major task and relying heavily on spreadsheets and manual inputs, it might be that your company may need to move fast in this progressive world. Below are some of the clues that your legacy practice is getting dysfunctional.

  • You feel that you are always packed with herculean tasks
  • You need more hands to ease out your HR work
  • You’re not sure of your employee’s confidential information
  • You think you are not gaining insights from spreadsheets and excel sheets
  • You are not able to set a position budget with legacy system
  • You’re reimbursing more because your system doesn’t indicate duplicates.

If you’re facing above symptoms, you”ll probably want to know the way out to tackle the situation.  Well, this is where automation and digitization comes to your rescue. Here are 5 best HR tasks you can look forward to automate to ease out HR herculean tasks.

Automate Time Tracking with Timesheet Management Software

Manual time tracking can be one of the most tedious jobs for a manager, and one of the most essential parts of a manager to accomplish. Imagine managers have to spend so much time tracking their employees’ work time that they can’t focus on the big picture. An automated tool such as HR-One can easily create multiple projects and tasks for your team.  Using the Time Sheet HRMS software in HR-One, you can easily save time, money, and resources and get a more accurate picture of critical time spent.

Organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing with Payroll software

Now it’s easy to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes in a simple way. With HR-One HRMS, you can effortlessly keep track of hours, calculate wages, withhold taxes and deductions. Precisely, HR-One payroll software helps you to process payroll which is a very typical and time consuming activity for any business.

Manage the complete recruitment function with the Recruitment management software

HR-One Recruitment Management Software helps you manage the complete recruitment function. It makes recruitment faster and more effective, while reducing costs and the impact of employee turnover. The comprehensive web based recruitment software helps in making the hiring process transparent, faster and paperless. The recruitment management software comes with custom dashboards for hiring managers, recruitment managers and recruiters that makes this module extremely simple to use for each user.

Automate the complete process of travel booking with Travel management software

Travel can involve all kind of hassles from defining travel plans, to listing preference, to approvals and reimbursements. Inaccuracies and inconsistencies often aggravate issues and conflicts. Automated travel and expense requests create hassle-free communication and tracking. The travel management software in HR-One automates the complete process of travel bookings and approvals. From defining travel plans, to listing preferences and submitting booking requests, you can do all this and more in this powerful module.

To summarize, what value do we get by automating the above HR tasks. Here are the 5 important benefits of HR automation.

  • Helps HR manager focus on strategic tasks
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce human errors and security issues
  • Keep cost down by boosting productivity with automated system
  • Keep a good track of your HR tasks
  • Increase HR managers’ efficiency and productivity

HR teams need an enterprise-ready software that works well with their workflows and expectations. With the right software solution, you can ensure you’re making work and lives of your HR people easier; supporting existing work-culture, and  moving forward into the digital world.  

Automate your Herculean HR tasks with HRMS Software


By HR-One Team
January 3, 2018

2018 is almost here and we’re pretty excited about this year as well. All set to embrace 2018 with new hopes and aspirations we hope to make our life easier by digitally empowering our organization, especially the most critical, sensitive and pillar of any organization- the HR team.

However, HR department has changed dramatically in recent years as behind every successful business is an effective Human Resource department. They ensure your strategic goals are met by engaging your company’s most valuable asset – your People! The HR staff is largely focused on on day-to-day responsibilities such as hiring the right candidate, managing employee details,  employee benefits and much much more. So, If you run a small or medium sized business, the use of an HR software to automate all these activities might seem expensive. In reality, it’s not at all expensive and time-consuming rather automating your HR functions can help you save your critical time and effort.

As we look forward to 2018, there are a few key areas we can focus on to automate our HR functions.


Having an automated HR system can give you an unprecedented insight into your recruitment functions. It allows you to plan new positions on a specific budget, monitor filled and open positions, and monitor strict control over the assigned budget and evaluate if it exceeds the said limit. Together with this, you can drill down into areas for improvement and keep a close watch on the standard of your workforce going forward.

Onboarding- First impression counts

Often, onboarding seems more complicated and critical that involves the signing of many forms, induction programs, contracts, orientation, IT system allocations, training and all the other basic functions that is really intensive. With automation, you can structure workflows to trigger multiple actions. For instance, you can automatically send out requests to the admin team to provide necessary stationary. Alternatively, you can raise request to the IT department to issue laptop, ID cards and other valuable assets. This streamlines the flow of onboarding and take away the  unnecessary burden off the shoulder.

Timesheet tracking

Tracking and updating timesheets is a highly-consuming task. Automated timesheets remove the need for manual tracking and reduce the chances of errors, miscalculated hours and the need of close monitoring. Further, it also empowers employees to track their time from any locations, giving them great flexibility to access data the way they want.

Automate Leave Requests

When employees submit leave requests for maternity, casual sick leaves, floating leaves or for any other reason, it becomes difficult for the HR team to process the request and approve them on time. By automating the HR process, employees can secure leaves faster and HR team can update their leave records accordingly. A streamlined process helps HR members to manage, track and keep a close tab on leaves more efficiently.

Safely Record Employees Data

Eliminate the need to manage multiple, paper based copies of documents. Reduce associated costs and process delays as you safely maintain employee data up-to-date. With HRMS, entry of this data becomes effortless and manual errors are substantially reduced. This allows HR personnel to have all employee data on their fingertips and reduces the chances of process delays and data loss.

It’s easy to gauge why HR automation can greatly improve the efficiency of HR departments as well as the entire company. From recruiting and hiring the best candidates to managing leave requests, expense claims, training requests, performance appraisal process to maintaining compliance, it is critical to invest in a robust, scalable and enterprise-ready HRMS software such as HR-One.

5 Best Reasons to Automate Your HR Functions in 2018


By HR-One Team
March 18, 2015

Appraisal period is one of the most anticipated and anxious phases for any company. For employees, it is the time when they get rewarded for their work through either a salary hike or a promotion, for the managers it is the time when they need to evaluate their teams accurately. Appraisals instill accountability and discipline in some sense. Though it is an important step in maintaining the overall efficiency and performance of the company, it is not an easy phase.

The managers need to assess the performance of their teams for the entire year. They should consider all the positives, keep a track of any negatives if there are any and give the appropriate appraisal to the right candidates. There may be more than two candidates who could be eligible for a promotion, it gets extremely crucial that the manager takes in account every tiny aspect of their work and promotes the more deserving candidate. Imagine keeping a track of a lot of employees and their work files of a year. There may be cases of files getting lost or someone can make the mistake of assigning a different grade to an employee who did not deserve it. Appraisals can be stressful and can be prone of unwanted and unexpected mistakes. HR-One’s HRMS ensures that this does not happen.

Importance of Appraisal and HRMS

An appraisal helps in the growth and progress of both the employees and the organization. Employee morale is boosted during appraisal and their performance can be measured accurately. It is not easy to evaluate a number of employees in a short period of time but it is possible to ease up the process of appraisals significantly with the help of best recruitment management software in India. Let us see how HRMS helps an organization in one of the most important steps.

  • It helps the manager in tracking performance accurately: There are certain guidelines and goals that are set for each employee. Some employees fall short, some accomplish their targets and some exceed the expectations. For those who accomplish and exceed their targets, they should be compensated accordingly. Likewise, appropriate action should be taken for those who fail. It is not possible for the managers to overlook all these details at every point of time. Thus, HRMS is employed to assist the managers. The performance automatically gets documented which the manager can use during the evaluations. The automated process measures the performance of individual employees but also notifies the manager when someone over-exceeds the set goals.
  • HRMS ensures that the employees awarded fairly: In the past there have been cases and accusations of favoritism and similar practices. There was no way one could verify such accusations but now, the scenario has changed for the better. HRMS, the best recruitment management software in India, is an objective program which doesn’t understand the concept of favoritism and other practices. It measures and documents every task as performed by the employee that needs to be considered during the appraisal. There won’t be any cases of the manager overlooking that or missing out if the employee slacked in certain aspects. Thus, the employees can be assured of being rewarded fairly for their work and not just because someone has gone extra miles to butter the manager to score that promotion. This ensures that appraisals are transparent and extremely fair.
  • Managing strengths and weaknesses: Every employee has his own share of strengths and weaknesses. The manager needs to assure that their teams’ strengths are honed further and appropriate measures are taken to work on the weaknesses. Keeping an eye everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can get quite taxing. HR-One’s HRMS can automate this and can track the performance of any employee in an efficient manner. It monitors their strengths and weaknesses and sends the reports to the manager who can consider the same during the appraisal process. They can design training programs to help people overcome their weaknesses. So, appraisals are also responsible for training schedules of the employees in a way.

HRMS also provides a platform for giving and receiving feedback. The managers can give objective feedback through HRMS to his/her team at regular intervals. There won’t be any cases of disparity or ambiguity since HRMS records and maintains everything. So, the appraisal gradings can be justified through the feedbacks and other comments.

Automating Appraisals Can make it more accurate & Quick


By HR-One Team