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Secret Signs Indicating That an Employee May Resign!

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No matter how much you avoid, your employees will quit at some point. It may be just months after their joining or the exit may come after decades. There will be a handful that will stick throughout their career, but quitting is an inevitable thing in any organization. Employees may leave for better opportunities but when a staff member quits it brings in a whole lot on the organization’s plate to handle.

They have to quickly find a replacement, start the hiring process which is followed by on-boarding and training – the usual drill. A person who is considering quitting will start leaving some signs as his exit comes nearer. By identifying those signs and predicting such scenarios, companies can circumvent staffing issues and abrupt halt to work. Another advantage of recognizing such signs is that management can have a personal meeting with such employees, understand why they are considering leaving, and address those issues to prevent them from quitting. This will give a chance for companies to retain their best employees. HR management software system

Web based HRMS software can lend a hand in the same. So, what are the signs to look out for? Read on to find out.

–          Coming late and leaving early

Spending less time in office is one of the biggest indicators that an employee is thinking of quitting. Coming in late or leaving the office early, or stepping outside office for few hours every now and then indicates a lack of interest. They might even be going for interviews in other companies. If such irregularity is observed, managers should try to talk to them to understand the reason. They may indirectly ask them if it’s because of some unavoidable personal issue, some hobby classes they have joined etc. If employees try to dodge the question, it should be considered as a warning sign. Managers can use HR management software system to monitor the time sheets if required. Since time-logs won’t lie, managers can find out if an employee has been more time outside office during working hours.

–          Degradation in the quality of work

If an extremely competent employee starts producing mediocre work, it may again indicate a lack of interest or some other intangible issue. If it’s the latter, talking empathically with employees usually helps. If stress or pressing deadlines are the reason of sloppy work, then appropriate measures should be taken to help him deal with such conditions. One bad day should be excused, and some flexibility should be given so that the employee has time to deal with it and start working better. However, if such reasons are absent, then it is a clear lack of interest or because he doesn’t feel obliged to work as hard since he is about the leave the company.

–          Sudden rise in complaining or a lax attitude

This is a tricky thing to monitor. There will be some employees who complain unnecessarily, all the time. So, managers tend to ignore the petty complaints of such employees and move on to better things. However, if suddenly they stop complaining or display a lax attitude, it is a sign that probably they found a better opportunity and would be quitting soon. On the other hand, if a generally positive employee starts complaining a lot, red flags should go up. There is something bothering him and if it continues, it might compel the employee to quit. HR management software system allows employees to leave concerns, queries, feedback and complaints for their managers to access. Managers should not ignore those comments as they might give them a clue.

These are just some of the obvious signs. There will be more if the management looks closely. Once a company identifies all such signs, they can start the hiring process sooner. Either they can re-group the existing staff to fill up the vacancies or start interviewing new candidates who will be suitable for the required position.Nevertheless, commencing necessary procedures prematurely would ensure that the business runs smoothly, without any road-bumps caused due to the lack of staff. Take the assistance of web based HRMS software for accurate data and act upon it before it too late.

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