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Should you focus on user experience in HRMS?

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We all know how important is User experience (UX) interfaces for a great look and feel of user screens. However, the user experience is not just confined to it. User-friendly, intuitive functionality, welcoming and aesthetic design and screen layouts are key design elements. However, driving up user satisfaction, user adoption relies on more than pretty visuals. This is in the best interest of an organization to bring the best  technological solution to the workplace which is not only user-friendly but caters to the entire needs of users driving maximum user adoption, compute ROI and other measurable benefits.

In today’s high-paced environment, where an employee interacts with screen more often than any other person in detail, HR leaders are emphasizing more on the kind of experience they deliver with HRMS software. UX doesn’t necessarily means pleasing users with great designs and look and feel of screens.  It means applying the best practices and taking care of every possible aspect to make job relatively easy, faster driving engagement and productivity. Hence, identification of the following three components of the UX is extremely crucial for the technology-savvy workforce surrounded by mobile phones, GPS devices, gadgets and social media tools.

Are the needs of an employee met?

The user experience (UX) interfaces has to be designed considering the needs of users. It is evident that if the feature is not useful to an employee, no matter how beautifully it is designed it will solve no purpose.

For example, for a workforce who travels often, geolocation feature would be highly beneficial. If the mobile functionality is designed in such a manner that a field employee is unable to log its attendance from the location, then the system if not meeting its end-objective for which it has been designed.

Have you been overdoing design element?

Usability is always better than being impressive. Fancy visuals, bold colors and images can obscure buttons, links and fields and may divert attention. To keep the interest of the users intact, it is in always best interest to trim away unnecessary links or button which is obscuring attention. Clean and simple design that reflects your branding is the core objective that needs to be taken care of.

Will employee use this product?

Even though your website has the elements of value and usability, there can be issues regarding the adaptability. The solution should be compelling enough for the users so that they are eager to use it.  Good design, relevant content with easy access and hassle-free working are few prerequisites to drive user adoption. An organization might invest into best HR software in India but fail to bring its employees onboard due to lack of these essentials.

In light of the above discussion, it is imperative for HR to understand the importance of user experience (UX) as it should be key considerations in selection and deployment of HRMS solutions.

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