Revealing Insights on Emerging Trends in HR
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Revealing Insights on Emerging Trends in HR

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While most HR professionals would already be  informed of emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics and cognitive computing in human resource, the advancement in technology means it’s critical to stay informed what’s trending and what are the new ways to manage an increasing dynamic workforce. To navigate the best way forward, it’s imperative to stay on top of the emerging trends in HR.

So, here are some of the trends that every HR manager should know.

People Analytics The Next Big Thing in HR

In recent years, there has been a striking shift in people analytics. The focus has been shifted from understanding employee performance to building a more relevant and effective HR strategy to utilizing the data for predictive modelling.  In every sense, the percentage of companies using predictive modeling has grown to double over a couple of years.

Digitization Has Enabled New-Age Recruiting

Digitization has made the talent acquisition process almost effortless. The use of the social media, job portals, professional network platforms are some of the methods that has eased down the way recruitment agencies or head-hunters work. With this smart technology, HR professionals are taking full advantage to refine their recruitment workflow and to bring in the best candidate.

Digital HR

Digital HR is the foundation for organisational change to achieve business outcomes and to make it future-ready. Thanks to the advanced technology, HR processes can be automated in a different way. Digital HR can improve employee performance, automate manual tasks, and manage the occasional crisis or conflicts.

Fostering a Work-Life Balance Culture

Technology is making things simpler by which we can provide flexibility to the employees. By creating the right-work life balance and giving the options of flexi time and time away from work are some of the benefits that HR personnel are offering it to the next-generation employees. The use of technology is helping HR in a big way to  build a positive ambiance, keep the workforce motivated, foster positive vibes and team bonding.

Employer Branding Through Social Media

Millennial and Generation Z job seekers are digitally savvy and never far from social media. In this context, HR personnel can make most out of social media to reach the right people and create an employer branding for their organization as one of the great places to work for. HR can use social platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook to organize their branding activities and develop strategies for each platform.  So, if you want to build a strong talent pipeline and hire the best candidate among all, employer branding is non-negotiable.

The way we manage, converse, and organize ourselves is undergoing a seismic change. This new digital era is forcing us to rethink and reimagine HR from top to bottom. Interested to share some more new trends in HR with us, let’s connect.

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